The emperor: Excellent. Load Vader was a broken shadow of his former self. I knew that one day, you would replace him. You have just one final test. Destroy your ties to the Jedi, and at last you will be a Sith load.
  • すばらしい。ヴェイダー卿は、以前の彼の亡霊のようなものだったのだ。いつの日か、お前がヴェイダーに取って代わると分かっていたぞ。さあ、最後のテストだ。ジェダイとの繋がりを断ち切り、シス卿になるのだ!

The emperor: You have betrayed your master and your allies both. I knew that you would betray me as well. And now, you have doomed yourself and your friends.
  • 貴様は師と仲間と、両方を裏切っている。余をも裏切ることは容易に想像できた。これで貴様と仲間の運命は決まったな。

The emperor: You had such promise. You could have been my successor, my equal. But now... But I may still have some small use for you. I still have enemies to find and destroy. You will do my bidding, until I find a new apprentice. And then, like Vader, you will be cast aside. Finish him.
  • 余の後継者になりえたものを…。しかしまだ少しは役に立つだろう。未だ滅ぼすべき敵がいるからな。新しい弟子を見つけるまで、余の命令を聞いてもらうぞ。そして…ヴェイダーのように使い捨ててやる。仕上げにかかれ。

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