South Gate Station(サウスゲート駅)


Retrieve Kohlmeier's lucky knife • Southern fishing tour • Save Jenny • Info for Abram → Abram's bug → Free Maura

Black Eels(黒ウナギ)

Collect Grover's debt → Retrieve the lost cargo → Find Blaine → Get support for Black Eels → Rig the cavern → Gang showdown


Get Elwood's key → Find the mysterious disk → Black Eels' route to Old Junkyard • Kill Blaine

Camp Hathor(キャンプ・ハトホル)

Burrower emergency → Kill the Rathound King • Kidnap Sarine

Rail Crossing(レイル・クロッシング)

Get rid of the Faceless • Save Buzzer • Find EMP device • Train heist • Catch the med thief • Dude's vision


Foundry murders • Assassinate Olivia/Nicolas • Kill Balor • Faceless recon • Faceless' stolen object • Study the rock creatures → Fix Gloria → Kill the Beast
→Become the Invictus • Run the Gauntlet • Find Abram • Meet Gorsky → Recover tunneler and rob Protectorate warehouse → Retake outpost for Gorsky

Core City(コア・シティ)


Find Raul → Retrieve ICPD → Defend warehouse → Seek Acid Hunters → Research facility


Find Bogdan → Disable warehouse security → Escort Vivian → Seek Acid Hunters → Research facility

Praetorian Security(近衛警備)

Kill Joe De Pacino → Sewers generator → Clear warehouse → Seek Acid Hunters → Research facility
→Return the Reaching Man → Praepostor interview • Strange tremors

Institute of Tchort(チョルト協会)


Secure Utility Station 7 → Find missing combat unit in west wing → Track down Rassophore Nevil


Find Rassophore Pavel → Deploy T-ray emitter #1 → Deploy T-ray emitter #2 • Field test XAL-001 & HRO protein research → Drink sampling • Pacify Psycho → Disease-resistant DNA & Forsaken Island Behemoth

Deep Caverns(深い洞窟)

Get into Cytosine Outpost • Scout Faceless positions • Liberate rassophores • Find Leo's knife • Repair the gate mechanism • Restore Arke powergrid • Open the gate leading to Tchort • Mutagen Puzzle • Destroy Tchort


Join the Protectorate → Renegade soldiers • Epione Lab investigation → Find Hephaestus Research → Gas the drones

Free Drones(フリー・ドローンズ)

Join the Free Drones → Lurker escape • Get equipment from Junkyard → Sabotage elevator → SRO assault • Reveal spy

Jack Quicksilver(ジャック・クイックシルバー)

Everard's assignment, Meet Lenox Pierce and Meet Ohad Xander → Meet Azif


Old man Nosek


Tracker necklace • Milton's Key



Tutorial(チュートリアル) →

  • Talk to Councilor Tanner in his office in the commons (level three).
 議員のTannerと話す。彼のオフィスは共有地(Level 3)にある。
  • Talk to Pasquale on the medical level.
 医療(Level 6)のPasqualeと話す
  • Talk to Gorsky at the shooting range and have a practice session.
 射撃場(Level 2)のGorskyと話して、実践訓練を受ける。
  • Start the practice session at the shooting range, score ten hits, end the session and report to Tanner.
  • Return to Tanner and let him know you've done some target practice.

Retake the outposts(前哨地を取り戻せ) →

  • Talk to Harold on the engineering level to find out how to reactivate the power generator in the outposts to the north.
 工学(Level 7)のHaroldと話し、前哨地(Level 1 電子ゲート先)の電力発生器を復活させる方法を見つけるために(前哨地の)北へ向かう。
  • Reactivate the power generator and retake the outposts in the cave tunnels to the north. There are total of five outposts, and you'll need to activate at least three of them.

Hopper round up and Find Newton(ホッパーを駆り集めろとニュートンを見つけろ) →

  • Talk to Bret at the agronomy concerning his 'hopper round up'.
 農業経済学(Level 8)のBretと'ホッパーを駆り集めろ'に関して話す。
  • Capture three cave hoppers for Big Bret.
 Big Bretのためにcave hopperを3匹捕獲する。
  • Complete tasks Bret gives you and return to Tanner.

  • A young man named Newton was sent by Big Bret to catch cave hoppers in the Mushroom cove, but he hasn't returned yet. See what's taking him so long.
 Newtonという名の青年を、cave hopper捕獲にマッシュルーム入江に行かせました、しかし、まだ戻っていません。長い間何をしているのか見に行く。
  • Complete tasks Bret gives you and return to Tanner.

GMS expedition(GMS遠征) →

  • Travel to GMS compound and talk to Gorsky. (Essie at the Lower Underrail exit can instruct you on how to get there)
 GMSコンパウンドへ行き、Gorskyと話してください。(Lower Underrail出口のEssieはGMSへの行き方を教えてくれる)
  • Find a way to open the sealed door in the GMS compound.
  • Complete tasks Gorsky gives you and return to Tanner.

Find the drill parts(ドリルパーツを見つけろ) →

  • Travel to Junkyard and search for Armadillo class drill rotor circuit board. (one of the merchants might have it or know where to find it)

Assist Rail Crossing(Rail Crossingを助けろ) →

  • Tanner wants you to find out what is happening in Rail Crossing and assist them with their problem.
 TannerはRail Crossingに何が起こっているか、問題を見つけ援助することを望んでいる。
  • Find out what the Faceless are searching for.

Look for Cornell(コーネルを探せ) →

  • Look for Cornell and his Acid Hunters gang in the Core City and report your findings to Tanner.
 Core CityでCornellと彼のAcid Hunters gangを探し、調査結果をTannerに報告する。

Infiltrate Tchortist ranks(Tchortistの集団に潜入せよ) →

  • Find out where the Tchortists have taken the cube and find a way to infiltrate their ranks.

Retrieve the cube(キューブを回収せよ) →

  • Find the mysterious cube the Faceless are looking for and return it to Tanner.
 Facelessが探しているmysterious cubeを見つけ、Tannerに持ち帰る。

Epilogue(エピローグ) →

  • Return to South Gate Station and talk to the councillors about Tanner.
  • Search Tanner's room for clues. Talk to Ezra about unlocking the room for you.
  • Talk to Vera or take the train to North Underrail.
外交官のVeraと話すか、電車をNorth Underrailへ持って行く。

South Gate Station(サウスゲート駅)

Jack's delivery job(Jackからの配達依頼)

  • Retrieve the package from the barracks at SGS station platform near the tunnel and take it to the warehouse south of GMS compound.

Tissue sample collection(組織サンプル収集)

  • Shoot a rathound with a bolt Quinton gave you and collect a tissue sample.

Find Old Jonas's watch(Old Jonasの腕時計を見つけろ)

  • Find Old Jonas's watch in the caves north of South Gate Station.
 Old Jonasの腕時計をサウスゲート駅の洞穴北で見つけてください。

Hungry Eels(空腹のウナギ)

  • Get some raw meat for Mordre at the Mushroom Cove.

Trade document delivery(取引文書の配送)

  • Deliver trading documents to the United Stations ambassador in Junkyard.
 JunkyardのUnited Stations大使に取引文書を届けてください。

Check on Camp Hathor(Camp Hathorの確認)

  • Big Bret told you that SGS has lost contact with Camp Hathor after the earthquake, he wants you to go there and see what's happening. It's located in the caves east of SGS.
 Big BretはSGSが地震の後、Camp Hathorと連絡が途絶えたと話し、様子を見てきてください。何が起こったか見て来てください。SGSの洞穴東から向かって下さい。

Battery trouble(バッテリー問題)

  • Harold wants you to check out an old battery recycling plant located in the caves, straight to the east from SGS. See if you can find some optoelectric nuclear cells, related equipment, blueprints or similar and bring it to him.
 HaroldはSGSから東へまっすぐ行った洞穴にある、古いバッテリーリサイクル施設をチェックし、optoelectric nuclear cellsの、関連した器材か、blueprintsか類似物を見つけ持って来てください。

Meet Gorsky in Core City(Core CityでGorskyに会う)

  • Meet Gorsky in the Core City. Look for him in the Hardcore City Bar.
 Core CityでGorskyに会ってください。Hardcore City Barで彼を探してください。

Missing merchants(行方不明の商人)

  • Vera wants you to find out what happened to merchants Terry and Lora Baker (They were last heard from when they were in Core City and might have stopped by Rail Crossing later).
 商人テリーとローラ・ベーカー(Core市にいて、後でRail Crossingによって立ち止まったかもしれない時から、彼らは最後に聞こえました)に、何が起こったかについて知ることを、ヴェラはあなたが望みます。