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Date is the Vancouver BC time.(UTC/GMT-8)

[Before the Vancouver Olympics]

[During the Olympic Games]

[24/Feb/2010] The jewelry company J.ESITNA promoted the products online claiming that Kim Yu-Na actually wore them in the Olympic Games.
J.ESTINA Kim Yu-Na Jewelry Earrings
Yu-Na Tiara Collection.
The same model that Kim Yu-Na wore in the Winter Olympic Games .

[25/Feb/2010] J.ESTINA posted photographs from the Short Program in the Olympic on the company website.

These earrings and J.ESTINA are reported in Korean news websites.
   "These earrings are specially made for the Olympic Games.
   This company had a special sale DURING the Olympics and got 20% more sales than usual."
The earrings that Kim Yu-Na wore on 24th were produced by J-estina, which is known for "Kim Yu-Na Jewelry."
It took a while to make those earrings which are specially made ONLY for Vancouver Olympic Games.
J-estina had a special sale from Feb 26 to Mar 1, appealing the earrings that Kim Yu-Na wore in Vancouver Olympic Games.
According to the report on 25th from Lotte Department Store, J-estina, which has a contract with Kim Yu-Na,
got sales 20% more at the stores all over Korea.
Especially After 24th 1pm, when she performed in Women’s Singles Short Program, they became 25% more than usual.

This company doesn’t seem to be an Official Supporter or Partner of International Olympic Committee or Korean Olympic Committee. (There is no logo of this company on IOC/KOC website)

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