Ru-Ru-Ru/Sis Bond Chit

tiptoe swinging
in the broiler

was sorry
was sally

wont to keep him & lock it

have get in the freezer
no no no no! tell no other
like a secret kept forever

peg def pegs

swarms of suckling

ororo you arara
eyes turns jam

stay the mare sleeping
may hacking him
whisper into my cerebrum

spread jam on my tiptoe

the highest high
bopeep bopeep

im a peg
she's there
drag drag
drag her out

put me inside
help me mama
tig calling tyu ru ru!!
(YES!? eek eek)

by there screwing nails
jam on the face
funny funny
the jam in the face

is up in the freezer
there is a peg
am up in the broiler
hanging off a peg

so funny