10 songs from Japan(第3回3国合同ねとらじ)



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10 songs from Japan

日本語ページ: 日本の10曲  /  ハンガリーの10曲  /  台湾の10曲
English Page: Japan 10 songs  /  Hungary 10 songs  / Taiwan 10 songs

  1. KOKORO ODORU / nobodyknows+
  2. Sobakasu(Freckle) / JUDY AND MARY
  3. Tentai-Kansoku(Star-gazing) / BUMP OF CHICKEN
  4. Mikumiku ni shite ageru(I will miku you) / Hatsune Miku
  5. Sohran-Bushi / Traditional
  6. you / from "Higurashi no naku koro ni"
  7. ultrasoul / B'z
  8. Chiristmas Eve / Yamashita Tatsurou
  9. Chijou no Hoshi(Stars on the ground) /
  10. Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara(If enveloped in tenderness) / Matsutouya Yumi

KOKORO ODORU(heart dancing) nobodyknows+

nobodyknows+ is hiphop group that debuted in 2003.
The 5 members are all born in Toukai region and the group consists of 4MC and 1DJ.
The various voices and emotional musics catches many youngs' hearts and they took part in NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (red-white singing competition) in 2004.

"KOKORO ODORU" is the peg for their success. Their 1st album includes this got the 1st place on Oricon chart for 2 weeks.
There are a lot of positive phrase, "enjoy music!". It makes us dance.
It is always used at ksk radio for clickers.

ksk:"accelerate" in vip slang

Sobakasu(Freckles) -- JUDY AND MARY

"JUDY AND MARY" (known as Judi Mari / JAM) is rock band with 4 members, having made its debut in 1993 and broke up in 2001.
The vocalist, Yuki, has distinctive characteristic of cute feminine singing voice, influencing tremendously on rock bands' female vocalists.
In the early days of "JUDY AND MARY", punk rock was their style, but gradually transfered to pop music with emphasis on "pop style", "cuteness", and "mysteriousness".

This song, "Sobakasu", is the 9th single. It became a hit when used for opening theme song for anime "Ruroni Kenshin" on TV, but eventually marked their biggest hit.
The song starts with lyrics, "I hate my freckles, but pat it once, and sigh once", implying depressed feeling of a broken hearted girl.
The freckles is stressed here because the idea of this song came from an old anime "Candy Candy" (Candy is the heroine terribly distressed with her freckles.)

Tentai-Kansoku (Star-gazing)  BUMP OF CHICKEN

"BUMP OF CHICKEN" is a japan rock band which debuted in 2000. Alias BUMP.
All the 4 members were born in 1970 and they are childhood friends from kindergarten.
The feature of their tunes is what they are mostly made of half down tuning.
According to the Oricon ranking of some generations in 2006, BUMP was chosen as the most favorite artist between teens.

Their 3rd single "Tentai-Kansoku(Star-gazing)" which released in 2001 was sold more than 550,000.
At the introduction, loud sounds of 8 guiters are played to express the shooting star.
Whether the person whom "I" imagine in lyrics is a friend or a lover is not understood.

In 2002 a TV drama "Tentai-Kansoku" which was inspired from the song was broadcasted.
And some computer games such as Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko master) pick it up.
The single CD's total time is 20 minutes and 01 second including silence tracks, because there is the meaning of 2001 year.
They give some meanings to their CD with the play time.

Mikumiku ni shite ageru(I will miku you) Hatsune Miku

The machine sings, is not a dream no more.

"Hatsune Miku" is a one of the series of "VOCALOID", music making softwere
which Cripton-Future-Media in Sapporo sells.
It can mix sampled female vocal and music you made, based on Yamaha's technology.

It's just booming on in Japanese internet community, especially in "Niconico Douga(video portal website like Youtube)".
One reason why "Hatsune Miku" booming on is, she is a cute gynoid.
But the most important factor is that she widened the range of computer music.

Amateur musicians, who could only release instrumental musics before, but now they can release musics with vocal easily,
Therefore, many amateur musics are made and become popular in Japanese net community.

This song is one of the most famous song, sang by Hatsune Miku.
Pop tune and lyric about Hatsune Miku's character are feature point.

Sohran-Bushi traditional folk song

This traditional folk song, Sohran-Bushi, is the song of herring fishermen at Northern Japan, Hokkaido Oshima Peninsula.
In another name, it is "Fish Unloading Chorus".
Years ago, fishermen used to come back with a large catch of herring from a deep-sea fishery, chasing a shoal of herring.

In the freezing days of winter, fishermen sing "sohran sohran" to try to overcome sleepiness and tiredness at the port.
As lyrics, we hear words like;
"yahren sohran...",
"hai hai...",
"choi yasa...",
"een yann sano...",
"dok-koi sho...",
but any of those does not have much meanings.

Nowadays, people sometimes dance with this song at seasonal festivals.
The dance spread among elementary schools across nation as numbers of students dance all together. The song is from Northern part of Japan, but its dance is very common almost anywhere in Japan.
The choreography is pulling and hauling up the fishing net, then throwing herrings back of the fisherman to his ship.

Herrings once used to be an ordinary fish that can be caught way too many, but became rare in 1950's like some sort of illusion. Nowadays, herrings is a luxury fish.

you -- from "Higurashi no naku koro ni(When they cry)"

"Higurashi no naku koro ni" is a coterie novel game released from 2002 to 2006.
Suspense horror scenes on small village on countryside at 1983.
It's theme is mystery of serial mysterious death and people's madness, blighted love, friendship.
"Higurashi" was unprecedently successed which made by only few amateur staffs, and series of animation works were made too.

"you" is one of the BGM of this game, and win much popularity with fans.
The some phrase of "you" is used several times in the work,
so it can be said main theme of "Higurashi".
This is a vocal version of "you", which singing about a girl's pathetic feeling about a disappeared boy.

ultra soul   B'z

"B'z" is the rock duo composed of the two of vocal Inaba Koushi and guiter Matsumoto Takahiro.
When they debuted in 1988 their sound was degital synthesized sound, but then it gradually became rocks and now they stand as the greatest rock duo of Japan.
They have lots of records such as the total sales 76,050,000 (1st in history),
total single sales 1st, total album sales 1st, the most counts of million seller.

"ultra soul" is 31st single that B'z released in 2001.
Altogether the tune has techno impression due to many synthesizers and it is like Latin sounds as well.
It was used for the official theme song of 2001 World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka.
In the PV the two of B'z are playing on the water.
Nowadays it becomes a standard number which is sang every live performances.

In 2007 they entered the temple of "Hollywood's RockWalk" 20th years since their debut.
It is first splendid achivement among Asia musicians.

Christmas Eve  Yamashita Tatsurou

Yamashita Tatsurou made a great hit by his album "RIDE ON TIME" in 1980,
and keeps being the important one of Japanese POP scene since then.
He is a pioneer of "A cappella" of Japan, an arranger, and producer, and he gives songs to other artists and TV commercial.
His three belief is "Not hold concert in Nippon Budoukan", "Not appear on TV" ,and "Not publish book", therefore he rarely appears on the media.

"Christmas Eve" is one of his masterpiece which became the hit song in 1986.
Since then, it has been standard Xmas song every winter.
It was used on commercial jingle of Tokaido Shinkansen in 1992, and got the 1st place of Oricon chart even though 6 years had taken.

Wikipedia - Yamashita Tatsurou

Chijou no Hoshi(stars on the ground)  Nakajima Miyuki

Nakajima Miyuki is woman singer-songwriter who acts since 1975.
She is the only one who got the 1st place at all single chart of 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's as solo artist.

On 2nd show her early masterpiece "Jidai(The Time)" was introduced,
and this time we introduce "Chijou no Hoshi(stars on the ground)", the hit song in 2000.
It was made for the theme song of TV program "Project X -challengers-" broadcasted by NHK, a Japan TV station.

Project X is documentary program that introduces movingly how various projects of japan after WWII overcame problems and lead to success.
The principals are nameless technicians and labors who have supported Japan high economical growth after WWII. Project X took up the challenges and efforts of them who hardly are held in the spotlight till then.
This program encouraged Japan in Heisei Recession about 2000 and widely appreciated mainly from middle age.

A ClickJapan ad movie parodies Project X

"Chijou no Hoshi" sings like this.
"Pleiad in the wind, galaxy in tha sand, where all of them have gone? Without seeing off"
"Nobody remembers the stars on the ground. Everybody sees only the sky"
"Swallow, please tell me where they are from the high sky.
Swallow, please tell me where they are now."

It compares people who has been left in the time without known to the stars on the ground,
and supposes that beautiful lights exict not only in bright place but also in dark ground.

Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara (If enveloped in tenderness)  Matsutouya Yumi

Matsutouya Yumi (maiden name:Arai Yumi), nicknamed "Yuming", is a singer-songwriter,
who is one of the significant figure of the 1970's music and continues to work and makes a lot of hits still now.
She established many records such as "17 consecutive 1st place of Oricon album chart", "8 consecutive million seller".

"Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara" is her early age's song released in 1974.
It was made as commercial jingle of sweet "Fujiya Soft Eclair" at first.
It was used for ending theme song of Miyazaki Hayao's anime movie "Majo no Takkyubin (Kiki's Delivery Service)" and became the revival hit.
Similarly, her song "Message of Rouge" is used in the same anime.

"Majo no Takkyubin (Kiki's Delivery Service)" is the anime movie in 1989 which originated from same title juvenile literature.
Kiki, who is the 13 years old witch girl, leaves her home and begins to live with only a black cat Jiji for training to be a full-fledged witch. It is the story that she grow up through mistakes and failures, and helps from people in unfamiliar town.

The lyrics of this song at the last of this movie express the growth of her.