6 songs from Japan(4th)



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6 songs from Japan(4th)

  1. Tank! / THE SEATBELTS From "Cowboy Bebop"
  2. MELT / Hatsune Miku(VOCALOID)
  4. Hana (Frowers) -Flowers to all person's minds- /Kina Shokichi
  5. Jonetsu-Tairiku (Zeal continent) / Hakase Taro & Komatsu Ryota
  6. TSUNAMI / Southern All Stars

Tank! / THE SEATBELTS From "Cowboy Bebop"

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Cowboy Bebop is Japanese anime broadcasted in April, 1998.
When it was aired at first time, only a half of episodes were broadcasted by circumstance.
Afterwards it was broadcasted with whole episodes on satellite television and got many fans, and it became so popular that became into a movie.
On the other hand, the anime is thought as "obscure masterpiece" which makes new fans even now.
The jazzy sounds are also appreciated and the anime wins the Animation Album Of The Year of the 13th Japan Gold Disc Award.

"Tank!" is the opening theme song of Cowboy Bebop and recognized so cool by the fans.
The anime's story is that of bounty hunters called "cowboy" and the mafia, and this song represents such hard-boiled story.
Kanno Youko, the composer and the sound staff of the anime, also works in musics for other anime, game, movie, and TV spots and she is admired for "Ghost in the Shell" and "Genesis of Aquarion".
She plays the keyboard in the acts of the band, THE SEATBELTS.

In addtion, this song is known well among Japan clickers because our DJ Kondo play it again and again in his radio.

MELT / Hatsune Miku(VOCALOID)

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"VOCALOID 2 Hatsune Miku" - A human voice synthesizer for PC that was released last year in Japan.

This software has become so popular in Japan that many amateur songwriters make Miku sing, and release his/her original songs at the video shareing websites or other place.
MELT is especially popular song of those.
This song sings complicated love feeling of teenager girl with pop music and catches everybody's hearts.
It is typical Miku song that was released on December 7 in nicovideo, the biggest video sharing website in Japan, and now played over 2.6 million times. (This is the 3rd place of nicovideo view ranking)

If you want to listen, click here.
Miku's original "MELT" with English lyric


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TRUTH is a work of T-SQUARE, the group that represents Japanese jazz fusion.
T-SQUARE debuted in 1978, and led the fusion scene in Japan from 80's to 90's together with CASIOPEA.
Their features are the sound with the saxophone and the EWI, and the style that inserts a long ad-lib part between main themes in the first and tha last of the song.

TRUTH is their most major song that was adopted for the theme song of Formula One racing relay and became famous.
In the latter half of 1980's in Japan, the F1 boom springed up by the activities of racing drivers such as Nakajima Satoru and Ayrton Senna, the prosperity of HONDA and holding Japan GP.
A lot of people became F1 fan and they came to watch the worldwide racings on TV.
At the beginning of the relay broadcast, this song was played with the movie of the race, and its speedy melody gripped peoples's heart, so the song was supported not only by fusion fan but widely.
Since then, it is established not only as the theme song of F1, but also various motor sports among Japanese.

Hana (Frowers) -Flowers to all person's minds- /Kina Shokichi

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KINA Shokichi is a male singer-songwriter from Okinawa, the southern islands of Japan.
He is also a antiwar activist, and a politician as well.
This song had stayed not very famous long after 1980 when it's released, however
in 1990 the song became major since it is used for a commercial-clip of camera on TV.
Today, the song is one of the most famous song representing Okinawa.
Not only in Japan, the song is covered also in Taiwan, Thainald, Vietname and Argentine,
as well as more than 60 countries in the World, and is favoured internationally.

"The river flows to where? People ,too, flows to where?
In the place where the flows end, I hope they bloom as flowers, as flowers...
Better to cry. Better to laugh. Some time, Some time, Let's make the flower bloom."

In this lyrics, word "flower" does not means a real flowerm,
but the moment you bloom in your lifetime.
"Let's accept everything in your lifetime, happy things and unhappy things as well",
"Every single life is equally wonderful"
It's a moving music on a unique melody based on Okinawa folk music,
the messages of the song touches the heart of listeners.

Jonetsu-Tairiku (Zeal continent) / Hakase Taro & Komatsu Ryota

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This is a music by a violinist Hakase Taro, and a bandoneon player Komatsu Ryota.
Hakase Taro gains reputation as a composer and as a violinist as well.
He plays not only classics and pops but also jazz and bossa nova, Latin, and the ethno music, etc..

Komatsu Ryota's parents are the tango players and he also has led the tango scene in Japan.
He have collaborated with many other artists.

This tune is used as a theme song of TV program "Jonetsu-Tairiku (Zeal continent)" of the same name.
It's a documentary program that spotlights people in Japan (incl. foreigners in Japan sometime)
who is on the front front line on a specific field such sh sports, the play, music, and science, etc.
and approaches the person's attractivenesses and real face.

Let's get into the unique rhythm of Latin of this music and let's have a passion also on clicking.!

TSUNAMI / Southern All Stars

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Southern All Stars is Japanese band that has vocalist Kuwata Keisuke as the leader. It is called "Southern".
It is giant band that keeps making a lot of hits for 30 years, since it was formed by university classmates and debuted in 1978.
Southern suddenly declared the indefinite activity break after 2009 in May this year, and gave a big impact to the japanese music world.
They play any music such as rock, ballade, folk, techno, and digital rock, they sing any theme such as love, sex, humour, social satire, and they are loved by the old and the young, by men and women.

This tune was made for a theme song in the love project corner of a popular TV program in 1999, and became a marvelous smash hit in Japanese music history, which records the 1st place of the Oricon single CD chart now.
Southern has made many hits of the summer and the sea ever, and this tune sings up a love of boy and girl in only one summer, too.
"TSUNAMI" is used as the word that represents a boy's heart that is waved by love in the lyrics.