6songs from Taiwan(5th)



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6songs from Taiwan (5th)

日本の6曲 台灣の6曲 ハンガリーの6曲
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TW01 陳建年《海洋》/ "Ocean" by Pau-dull

Pau-dull, from the Puyuma Tribe in Taitung, is a police officer, and also an aboriginal singer/songwriter of the tribe. He lives in a simple nature way, and plays folk music that expresses the beauty of the mountains and ocean of his ancestral homeland.

This song "Ocean" is from his first album, "Ho-Hai-Yan Ocean". Without any complicated sound effects or stunning performance, Pau-dull plays guitar and sings near the ocean. Close your eyes and listen to this song, you could easily image that you are swimming freely in the beautiful blue ocean.

TW02 脫拉庫《我愛夏天》/ "I Love Summer" by TOLAKU

The year 1999 was the time of pop music band boom. Many underground bands turned to the embrace of commercial recording companies, "TOLAKU"(from Japanese "トラック", "truck" in English) was one of them.

"I love summer" is the signature song of TOLAKU from the their first album "Welcome TOLAKU". Because the members have their own dreams, they split up right after publishing the next album.

The vocal, Chang Kou-hsi(張國璽) had created another band "MOJO", and published an album called "Allegro No.1"(快歌一號), then they also split up for he was admitted to China Airlines as a pilot.

The lyrics of "I love summer" is easy and catchy. The song is relaxing, and the melody is simple. On the stage, the guitar play can race speed with one another. Below the stage, the audience can be cheered up quite easily because of the simple melody and catchy lyrics. Therefore, in the "Hohaiyan Rock Festival" of Taiwan, this song can usually be heard:

"I~ I love summer~ there are~ pretty girls~"
"I~ I love summer~ because~ What they wear are pleasing to the eye~"

TW03 元衛覺醒《夏天的風》/ "Winds of Summer" by Awaking

Awaking(元衛覺醒) is a Taiwanese male music group created by Jay Shih(是元介) and Wesley Chia(衛斯理). Except for the group name was from their names, "元" and "衛", it has the same pronunciation with "原味", the original flavor, which also represents that their creation is an original new flavor of music. And the "覺醒", awaking, signifies that they chose music creation as a decision of new way of their own lives in the future.

"Winds of Summer" is from the album "Happiness Download" by Awaking. The song begins with a rhyme of wind, which reminds people of the most beautiful memory in the summer. The soft, gentle and touching voice of Awaking had moved people at every corner in 2006. And now, let us reminisce, the soft winds of that summer.

Awaking was nominated as the "Best Singing Group" in the 17th Golden Melody Awards with the album "Happiness Download" in 2006.

The Original Narration from the MV Version of "Winds of Summer"
The sunshine resides in the photograph from that summer.
Raising my head and watching the sky,
drawing the smile of your face with my finger,
I close my eyes, feeling the sea winds with white salt.
Your smell is still lingering in the triangular rice balls.
I Step on the waves,
reminiscing the rhythm belongs to us.
Maybe all will be gone some day, but don't be sad.
We may be in different places in the future,
we can still share the same winds of summer.
Always remember, remember...

An Adapted Version by JJLi for All Clickers
The sunshine is displayed in the image of that summer.
Watching the sky,
we click the mouses and the L line represents our achievement,
resting the finger and feeling the sky in the dark midsummer night,
the sweat voices in the radio still linger in our ears.
Hugging with Vippers and Huppers,
We reminisce the rhythm belongs to us.
Even if all will be forgotten some day, but don't feel bad.
We may be in anywhere in the future,
we can still share the same winds of summer.
Always remember, remember...

We present this song to all the friends in the past, at present, in the future, remaining in the world, who love the clickgame in that summer.


TW04 旺福《迷你裙》/ "Mini-skirt" by Wonfu

Wonfu is a Taiwan music band formed in 1998. After performing in many music festivals and live shows, they become more popular with their happy melody and funny lyrics. Wonfu's music would always bring everyone joy and good mood.

This song "Mini-skirt" is from their second album "Won Fu". You could easily shake your body with the lively tune and the crazy "Mini Mini Mi-Mini Mini". Let's enjoy the summer!

TW05 紀曉君《野火》/ "Wild Fire" by Samingad

Samingad, whose name means "unique" in her native language , is an aboriginal singer from the Puyuma tribe in Taitung County.

She was born in a family with rich musical tradition. Her grandmother is an important person in keeping traditional Puyuma music alive and taught Samingad these beautiful songs of the Puyuma tribe. Her uncle Pau-dull and many other relatives also contribute a lot to the Puyuma and Taiwan music.

This traditional Puyuma song "Wild Fire" is from her second album "Wild Fire, Spring Wind". At the night of the Hunting Festival, young Puyuma warriors would visit all the tribe families and sing this song to inform everyone the good news.

And now, with Samingad's powerful voice, we could also feel the joy and happy mood at those celebrating moments.

TW06 動力火車《繼續轉動》/ "Moving On" by Power Station

The passion of summer has been passed on year by year, and it has never stopped. The baseball players on the ball fields are always keep fighting. If they fail, they would just stand up again; If they win, they would work harder towards a higher level in the next year. From the Koshien high school baseball tournament in Japan to the Chinese Professional Baseball League(CPBL) in Taiwan, or even as far as Williamsport in the U.S., where the Little League Baseball is held. No matter what stages they are on, they all share the same persistence towards their goals.

The passion has also infected the people by the side of the field, even everyone around it. As for those people who withdrew from the battle fields they were fighting on, they still keep the spirits of "never-give-up" in other territories.

Let us shout out loud with cheering sounds. Even though the glory never seem to exist, still, the passion deep inside our hearts cannot wait to burst out. No matter what's going on, don't let our vigor be extinguished, always keep our passion "moving on".

Power Station is a rock band formed by two vocals, Yen Chi-lin(顏志琳) and Yu Chiu-hsin(尤秋興). Both of them are tribesmen of Paiwan, an aboriginal tribe in Taiwan.

The members of Power Station love baseball very much, and finally, their wishes were fulfilled. After "Open Sky"(打開天空) was officially designated as the fight song for the Chinese Taipei Baseball Team in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, the Power Station recieved another chance to perform the theme song for the 20th anniversary of the CPBL in 2009. So they wrote the song "Moving On"(繼續轉動, literally "keep spinning"). Hopefully, the passion will still "moving on" after the CPBL reduced to only four teams as the same scale of the first-year CPBL . In the lyrics, Power Station expressed their passion of baseball to both the fans of their music and baseball. At the same time, they published their latest album since four years ago.