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 **This is comma-plus project page
 -"comma plus" is the temporary name of a project by Ayumi KIZUKA and Kazuki MATSUMOTO. We have started this project from April 2010.
 -This page is used to review the progress.
 -If you have any message or question, please visit [[here>Message or Question]].
 -Products of This project is open-source software. SVN repository is [[here>http://code.google.com/p/comma-plus/]]
 **New ★★ (5 to 23 Nov. 2011)
 -We'll exhibit &bold(){Bird Platform (tentatively name)} in Machinaka Art Gallery 2011.11.5(sat),23(wed) at Hakata-Station. 
 -Link: [[http://tenjin.jp/mag/>http://tenjin.jp/mag/]]
 -[[This page>mag01]] allow sharing of information among us. (with using password)
 **New ★ (14 to 15 May. 2011)
+#image(devol33.JPG,title=Design Festa vol.33)
 -We Exhibited &bold(){Torikage / Mebuki} in Design Festa vol.33 2011.5.14(sat),15(sun) at Tokyo-Bigsight. (It's a international art event.) 
 -Thanks for your coming!  Then, artists from various countries brought their works, putting them on display or sell.
 #center(){#image(s_P1010222.jpg,title=Design Festa 01,center)
 #image(s_P1010229.jpg,title=Design Festa 02,center)
 #image(s_P1010230.jpg,title=Design Festa 03,center)
 -&bold(){Torikage / Mebuki} used a white board.  First, an audience uses a pen.  Second, he or she should wait.  Three, some birds may come flying, and some buds may come out and bloom trees, flowers, or berry.  If you block light from a projector, the birds would flied off and the botanical would sporulate toward fall leaves.  Many guests tried and enjoyed &bold(){Torikage / Mebuki}.  Some people have been amazing.
 **We have finished this work "Mebuki" or "Torikage", and have exhibited !!
 -But, we'll developing &bold(){Mebuki} continuously, thanks.
 -The full work photos are here [[Finished]].
 -Sample Movie is here [[Prototype Movie]].
 #right(){"torikage" performance, at Ishibashi Museum of Art 1F, July 2009.}
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