cosmos memo是一個主要由中國jubeat玩家Sirius建立的jubeat譜面資料wiki,目前主要由Sirius和Paracel管理。

與已經建立多年的jubeat memo不同的是,cosmos memo的多數譜面是通過解碼jubeat街機HDD或ipad譜面數據文件,之後由程式直接轉換得到的。

有一部分新曲的memo是人工獲得的,在這種情況下,譜面會標記 不確定度:1或2。
對memo有修正意見可以通過新浪微博 Sirius , Twitter:@cosmos_memo 以及email: isaaxwind(at) 来報告。

其他谱面贡献者(排名不分先後):Fay, Procyon, K.W-INK, MMMMMM, 3SAGIRI, SONIC-Y, CORBY.QS, N&F.Y96L


cosmos memo is a jubeat pattern database built by Chinese jubeat player Sirius, now running by Sirius and Paracel.

This site is different from the current popular "jubeat memo" because the pattern data in this site is made by extraction of iPad / arcade HDD data, followed by decoding with the help of our own program.

Pattern data extracted this way is guaranteed to be 100% the same as the intention of official Konami pattern composers. With the help of these pattern data, players may feel easier dealing with special beats or note combinations.

However, memo of latest songs are still made by manual work (unless that song is already published on jubeat plus). Mistakes may occur in this case. If you would like to report mistakes in any memo, please feel free to contact Twitter:@cosmos_memo or email:isaaxwind(at)

Memo also contributed by(not in specific order): Fay, Procyon, K.W-INK, MMMMMM, 3SAGIRI, SONIC-Y, CORBY.QS, N&F.Y96L

We appreciate your frequent visit and support.


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