lyrics - Stay with me (Extended Version)



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だれでも歓迎! 編集
Stay with me (Extended Version) [3:21]
COmposed & Arranged by Ruby Tuesday
Lyrics by LEAH
Sung by LEAH

The story started a year ago
We fell in love, we had our moment
Why did you not let your feelings show
I thout that we had the perfect romance

Turn around Don't leave me waiting in the "lost and found" come back for me
Turn around, turn around
No body else can make me feel this way, night and day

You are the love of my life

Stay beside me, stay with me forever
You know there's nothing that I wouldn't do
Say you love me, say we'll be together
You know that I love you
Keep believing, dreaming of tomorrow
You know that we can make it all come true
Trust the feeling, deep with in your heart
Don't you ever let it go, then time will show that it was true

The second chapter has just begun
I know you think the story's over
Though you could be with anyone
I cannot be with any other


You are the sun in my sky


Don't let it go, then you will know, that it was true