Center for Luso-Brazilian Studies at Sophia University

DVD Screening: Permanência: Staying in this country

A documentary about second- and third-generation Japanese-Brazilians
In Portuguese with Japanese subtitles

In the age of globalization, a large number of people are crossing borders for many reasons. Today, the group of f migrants most familiar to many Japanese might be Japanese-Brazilians whose ancestors crossed the Pacific to Brazil. Japanese in Brazil, Brazilians in Japan -- both of them have establshed their lives in the places where they have lived, but continually questioning who they are. It is not an issue that affects only Brazilians in Japan.
There are now ever-increasing opportunities for Japanese to cross borders and experience living in other countries. Through this film, we hope that you will experience what it means to live across national boundaries.
Director: Hélio Ishii
Co-Producer/Photography: Yumi Garcia

Date: March 31 (Monday) Doors open at 17:30, screening starts at 18:00
Place: Sophia University Central Library 8th Floor, Conference Room L-821
Admission free, no registration required

Contact: Center for Luso-Brazilian Studies at Sophia University
Tel/Fax 03-3238-3536
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