We are having our first Nikkei Kenkyu meeting on 24 May 2008 (Sat.) at Sophia University, Tokyo. Our presentator is Dr Alberto Fonseca Sakai (Assistant Professor at Josai International University) and he is presenting a paper on the current Nikkei-Latino community in Japan. He examines the community's complicated identities--Nikkeijin, immigrants, and Spanish natives--from the perspective of ethnic newspapers.

The presetation will be given in Japanese, but we will also provide English powerpoint slides. He will accept questions in Spanish and Portuguese during the discussion time.
We all look forward to seeing you there!

Speaker: Alerto Fonseca Sakai
Title:Tangled Nikkei and Latino Identities: Examining a Latin American Community in Japan through Ethnic Newspapers
Date:16:30-18:00, 24 May 2008
Venue: Room 921, 9F at Main Library, Sophia University
Pre-registration is not required.
For further information or inquires, please email to the following address: miijimasophia@yahoo.co.jp

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