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だれでも歓迎! 編集

■Thanks for checking this site

 This page will explain about fuck'n player "Sonicflash" 
 on Ifrit server.He came from Ramuh server because He commited
 many crimes. He had to moved to a new server where he is able to 
 play this game. already, Ramuh server's many players ignored him.
 He was renamed to "Sonicflash" from "Tatsuya".
 but He doesn't have relationship "Tatsuya" of Ifirt server at all. 
 You can understand why he ignored from many players when you finished
 read this blog,I hope..
         **- What did Sonicflash do? 
         **- What is hage-festival? 
         **- Who are "Thefool" and "Sonictatsuya?" 
         **- Why we understood Ramuh's "Tatsuya" and "Sonicflash"
          are same player? 
         **- His behavior after move to Ifrit server from Ramuh server. 
         **- Especially, there is no wrong now. 
            Is there a wrong if he still keep in touch Ifrit Server?
         **- Can I help something to do? 

- What did Sonicflash do?

   * He was stalking many players,and others mental abuses 
    by fabrication in "2ch"."2ch" is really large BBS in Japan.
   * He was writing many suck comment his Linkshell(LS) 
    member's blog.after that, He was forbidden to access from 
    that blog site by administrator.
   * He was threat his LS members on LS BBS, LS leader 
    was kicked him from LS when The LS leader known about it.
   * He was executed writing many lies in the BBS. 
   * He tried to embezzlement of the capital of Dynamis-LS.
    don't worry,LS member found his plan and they asked about
    it to him(Sonicflash), he returned that capital to LS member,
    then He was kicked from Dynamis-LS.. 
   * He said "I can delete your character easier,
     because I have friend great GameMaster"
    (but GameMaster said us "We don't know him and actually 
     we can't accept his request..)
   * He can't access 4 or 5th BBS site because he was forbidden 
    from BBS administrator.
   * He recommend show one of site but It was adulty!
     he made that hyperlink on his Final Fantasy fan site.
     (These site are really cheap!)

please check below site if you want to know more detail about him..

- What is hage-festival?

They tring signature activity quit Sonicflash in Ifrit.
and protest to him too, if he still in this server.
many peoples are hate him for his cheat,lie,fear(because
he's really crazy)..etc. Also,Japanese peoples makes character
for baldness Galka character for protest activity,because
that character have a impact!

- Who are "Thefool" and "Sonictatsuya?"

They are key person for this festival.
They trying to warning for everything without Sonicflash. "He is too bad!"
These people have Linkshell names "SonicTatsuyaTeam(STT)"
please cheering them if you want!(Don't misunderstand! they don't want to get donation, just warning about Sonicflash)

- Why we understood Ramuh's "Tatsuya" and "Sonicflash" are same player?

He have some of personality(like a habit),someone found him
after his move only 3 days by his fuck'n search comment.

If you can read Japanese language,please check bellow site too.

That site gives you clearly answer about Sonicflash,actually.

- His behavior after move to Ifrit server from Ramuh server.

He have enjoying lier life on Ifrit as same as before(Ramuh).
and He don't want to apologies everyone,why reason?
He said

"I don't think I must apologies in this time, why should I?"

I'm sure he isn't seems to reflection now...

- Especially, there is no wrong now.Is there a wrong if he still keep in touch Ifrit Server?

sound good.please keep in check his action for a while.
Be careful! and don't forget! He's crazy person.

- Can I help something to do?

please tells your friend about Sonicflash.
Japanese player already check his action and discuss each other.

If you have Japanese friend ask your friend about him
and bellow Japanese site.


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