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だれでも歓迎! 編集


  • 各所にて着替える事ができる


  • 頭部
Beard - Found in ground floor hairdressers in the Royal Plaza Mall
Swat helmet
Russian Hat
show girl head piece
flower head piece
Bald No Hair
Hair Pink
Hair Grey
Hair Blue
Wild Frontier hat
Baseball Cap TIR
Baseball Cap Sport
Knit Hat
white cowboy hat
black cowboy hat
football helmet
dealer visor
tourist boat hat
tennis head band
american showman helmet
ladies hat
zombie mask
lizard mask
servbot mask
Goblin mask
black rimmed glasses
yellow tinted glasses
dark aviator glasses
kids super hero mask
novelty glasses
full beard moustache
sports glasses
rockers glasses
Hygine Mask

army jacket pants
Casual Beachware
yellow track suit
hip hop outfit
football uniform
baseball uniform
basketball uniform
swat outfit
sporty tracksuit
blue oyster biker outfit
one piece pajama
tube top mini skirt
fishnet shirt white pants
hula dress
knotted top cutoffs
banana hammock
summer dress
kids superhero costume

Toddler outfit
Hawaiian holiday gear
Boardwalk Apparel
Loud Summer Special
Dealer outfit
White cowboy
black cowboy
white leisure suit
american showman
collegiate Ensemble
tennis outfit
blue grey work overalls
surf wetsuit
Business Casual
polo shirt jeans
TIR Outfit (Blue Shirt)
fortune City grey shirt
fortune City red shirt
plaid suit
tan jacket
Skater outfit
Mid Length Tshirt jeans (Tape it or Die Basement)

bare feet
yellow sneakers
basketball high tops
black canvas
white low heels
Go Go boots
sandals white socks
superhero boots
bunny slippers
knight boots - purchased from pawn shop for $2 million!!!
flip flops
black military boots
black dress shoes
white cowboy boots
black cowboy boots
white tennis shoes/socks


  • 実績解除・トロフィー獲得には含まれないもの(予定)
Mall patrol (unlocked) - save 50 survivors
Knight Helmet (unlocked) - beat Jack in ante up mission
Hockey mask (unlocked) - use all melee weapons on zombies
Tattered clothes (unlocked via 1000 hand to hand kills)
Orange prison outfit (kill 10 Psychos)
Knight Armour - Beat the game (S ending).
TIR Helmet - earn $1 million in TIR online
TIR Outfit - earn $5 million in TIR online
Champions Jacket (come first in a TIR event)
Bowling shirt jeans - import
diner waitress - import
greasy overalls plaid shirt - import
hunting jacket - import