6 songs from Japan(English)



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6 songs from Japan(English)

日本の6曲 台灣の6曲 ハンガリーの6曲
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"Natsu Maturi(Summer festival)" by Whiteberry

Whiteberry is a girls band by 5 girls from Hokkaido.
They formed in 1994 which they were 3-4 grade in elementary school, they came out in 1998 which have came 15-16 years old, they dispersed at the time of the graduation from high school in 2004.
"Natsu matsuri" (Aug. 2000), their 3rd single, is the cover song of the same name song which JITTERIN'JINN released in 1990, and it became the greatest hit song for Whiteberry.

This music is used as music which heaps up games in a professional baseball team "Tokyo Yakult Swallows", "Fukuoka Daiei Hawks", and "Yomiuri Giants",
and it is also used for the rooter's song of high-school baseball, so it is a song with deep familiarity in baseball fans, too.

The words of the song are recollecting a summer festival spent with a lover at the young time of being now separated.
The place where the good melody of riding put together with ska beat changes to lining by climax is impressive.

"Music hour" by PornoGraffitti

PornoGraffiti is a rock band made of two persons, Akihito Okano and Haruichi Shindo. Abbreviated name is "Porno."
In order to make the name into a name with impact, it is what was taken from the album name of the 2nd work of extreme, and spelling also follows it.

The debut single "Apollo" released in 1999 made a long hit, and it is one of the popular bands by the melodious pop lock number still now.
While the songs are kind of a rock, the words of Japanese of a friendly colloquial style are characteristic.
"Music hour", their 3rd single, is made of the unique lyrics that DJ of radio answers to the postcard of the love consultation which arrived from listeners. It was used for TVCM of the drink "POCARI SWEAT" in 2000. With its bright music tone, now, it is one of the time-tested music of summer.

"Touch" from TV Animation "Touch"

'Touch' is boys' comics that is serialized in the magazine 'Sunday' between 1981 and 1986,
and is broadcasted the TV animation program between 1985 and 1987, and made explosive booms.
It's baseball comic story that twin brothers and their childhood friend's girl get over the death of the twin younger brother, and they aim at the Koshien participation to realize his dream.
At the same time,It's a love story that drew the love of the heroine and the hero.
Mituru Adachi's 'not passionate' hero , detached tone ,and Story that makes 'love' the main theme...
In boys' comics market witch 'Nekketu-Supokon'(Story of this genre is roughly that A passionate hero improves the skill of sports by spirit.) was the main genre that time,his expression looked fresh for reader,and was supported by not only the boy but also a woman and a wide generation.

Baseball was the most popular sports in Japan for years.
And the occupation of the yearning for boys was a professional baseball player for years.
All-Japan Senior High School Baseball Championship Tournament have held from 1915, and the game is reported by the national newspaper and is broadcast the TV.
It is one of the interesting, Non-official national events every year for a lot of baseball nuts.
Though 20 years or more passed after broadcasting ends, 'Touch' is well-known still now.
The theme song of 'Touch' is used frequently for the assistance song of each school in high school baseball, and is now one of the standard tunes.
singer 'Yoshimi Iwazaki' sang seven of nine songs used for ED&OP in TV animated cartoon "Touch".
Her singing voice also contributed very well to make animated cartoon "Touch" to popular.

"Sunny Day Sunday" by SENTIMENTAL:BUS

'SENTIMENTAL:BUS' is a music unit by two of vo.Natuyo Akabane and key.Aki Suzuki.
alias 'SENTIBA'.
"Sunny Day Sunday" released in 1999 samples a lot of sound effects of TV animation 'Kyojin-no-Hoshi(Giant's star)', and the theme of this PV is assistance of baseball.
It was used for CM of sports drink "Pokari", and it is one of the standard tunes of assistance by each school in summer All-Japan Senior High School Baseball Championship Tournament now.


"PRINCESS PRINCESS" is a rock band that consists of five women, and they acted from 1983 to 1996.
They were nicknamed "PURI PURI".
They were the first rock band to succeed on the world of Japanese pops where the women's rock bands had had difficulty in success.
And they have had many hit-songs.

"Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu" is their second single, but it scarcely sold because they had been not popular.
After they became popular in 1989, it was revalued because it had sold again.
And it won first prize in the Oricon Chart Ranking.

The song is taking root among people as one of the standard song of summer at present.

"Natsu Iro (Color of summer)" by Yuzu

"Yuzu"(the citrus fruits yuzu orange) is folk duo of two men.
Twin vocal & twin guitar is their styles, and Harmony of them is excellent.
they who were the classmates in the junior high school started the music activity on the road together when becoming a high school student , and they became popular as gathering of about 7500 people on the last live on road done in 1998, and achieved the independent music debut in 1997.
1st album "Yuzu no moto"(Source of the yuzu orange) was recorded all tunes on the road.
"Natsu Iro (Color of summer)" is 1st singles of them released in 1998.
The hit of this tune became the chance of the fork revival of Japan that declined after the 70's, and they established new genre that was called "Neo fork".
This tune is loved as a standard tune of summer by a lot of young japanese people now.