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Lessons In Soapland
"Career Bubble Girl's DVD Shares Sudsy Secrets Of Soapland Sex Shops!"
Asuka Sawamoto Most Hated Person In Akihabara
"'Multi-sexy' Akiba idol Asuka Sawamoto climbs up by flashing the top of the mountain"
Selling Sex In Japan
"How to sell sex in Japan without falling foul of the 'law'"
New Try Before You Buy Brothels In Japan
"Naughty Nagoya shop offers oral hors d'ouvres before serving the main course"
Japans New Railway Fetish Restaurant
"Rival Geek Schools Let Off Steam At Akiba's New Trainspotter Paradise"
Sinful Secret Skinflicks
"Hikaru Kawamura Strives To Stop Secret Skinflick From Seeing The Light Of Day"
Kabukicho Welcomes 2008
"Despite Kabukicho's Sex Trade Going Limp, Love Hotels Start 2008 With A Bang"
Japanese Campus Beaver
"Campus Confidential: Co-Eds Collect Currency Conducting Extracurricular Coitus"
Japans DIY Porno Reform
"Pornographers Plead To Police: Don't Be A Stick Flick In The Mud!"


Cosplay Office Xmas Parties
"Deck The Boss In Cosplay Folly For A Good Old Christmas Roast"
Rigging The AV Open Awards
"Rotten SOD Stoops To Dirty Tricks To Pull Off Porn Prizes"
Japans Panty Bars
"Offbeat 'Panty Bar' Offers Uninhibited Lust With The Improper Stranger"
Anna Tsuchiya Fesses Up
"Anna Tsuchiya Fesses Up To Underage Boozing, Sends NHK Haring Into Damage Control Mode"
Nana Natsume Offers Free Advice
"Nose Hairs, Bad Breath ... Porn Queen Fingers Filthy Turn-Offs"
Japanese School Girls Selling Panties
"Panty Sellers Roll In The Cash By Rolling Off Their Soiled Skimpies In Disabled Toilets"
Leah Dizon Naked?
"Leah Dizon naked: Catching a glimpse of the real thing, and an eyeful of the fake thing"
Naughty Japanese Bus Guides
"Bouncy Bus Beauties Ensure Enjoyable Excursions Culminate In A Carefree Climax"
Peep Shows At Love Hotels
"Jeepers Creepers, Your Love Hotel Might Be Crawling With Peepers"
Sayuri Takamine AV Debut
"Athletic Waseda Co-Ed Arouses School Spirit (and Classmates' Libidos) in Sensual DVD"


Japanese Women Turn Tricks To Feel Wanted
"More gals turning backs on career jobs to feel 'wanted' turning tricks"
Playing Cops and Hookers
"Lonely Lawmen Hooked On Hookers"
Ai Iijima Craves Sex!
"Sex Camel Ai Iijima Whines About Dry Spell Despite Cosy Link With Ni-Chaneru Boss"
Japan Goes Crazy Over Butt-Biting Bug
"Butt-Biting Bug Munches On Japanese Tush In A Quest For The Golden Behind"
Japanese Porn For Charity
"24-Hour Paradise TV Porn Spree Lets Viewers Get Their Rocks Off For A Better Cause"
Has Yuri "Ebichan" Ebihara Lost Her Appeal?
"Queen Of The Cover Girls Asked To Turn Over A New Leaf"
Locals Slam Miss Universe Riyo Mori
"Arrogant and Dumb: Local Celeb Hacks Slam Miss Universe Riyo Mori"
Seiko Matsuda Is Back, Or Is She?
"Seiko Matsuda: Finding Success In All The Wrong Places"
Adult Treasure Expo 2007
"GPod Vibrator Hits High Note with Japanese Women"
No More Floppies We Like It Hard
"Floppy Disk Inventor Says Love Jet Breaks 3.5 inch Barrier"
Japans SnowBoarding Hooker
"Olympic Snowboard Starlet Turning Tricks On A Downhill Run"
Riyo Mori - Miss Universe
"Arrogant and Dumb: Local Celeb Hacks Slam Miss Universe Riyo Mori"
Japans FaceMask Fetish
"Baby, Take Off Your Dress, But You Can Leave Your Facemask On!"
Rei Kikukawa - Boobs And Brains
"Thinking Man's Idol Rei Kikukawa Shows Off The Boobs As Well As The Brains"
Adult Industry Goes West
"Sex Shops Add Touch Of Pink To Fading Rural Shopping Streets"
Free Condoms...The Thicker The Better
"Beat The Quickness With A Wrapper Of Thickness, Says Condom Maker"
Getting Enough Sex?
"Sexless Couples Seek Ways To Make Do"
Never To Old
"Old Dog Picks Up New Trick"


Three-Way Play
"Call Girl Service Sticks Out From The Crowd By Offering Nipple-Nuzzling Threeway"
Penis Mud Packs
"Wine Bath For The Nads, Mud Pack For The Sack Pledges Heavenly Pleasure"
No More Relief
"High-class hooker service goes down hard"
Japans Blow Up Brides
"Blow Up Love-Doll Business Puts Boom Into Boom-Boom"
AV Idol Ai Iijima Announces Retirement
"From AV to TV Ai Iijima Faces The Final Curtain After Doing It 'Her Way'"
Clean Your Ears Japanese Style
"Cosplaying Akihabara Girls Have Their Eyes On Your Wallets (and ear wax)"
Rinko Misses Out On Oscar but...
"No Oscar For Rinko Kikuchi But... She Is Set To Snag Some Golden Contracts"
Would You Give Up Porn For Farming?
"Japan's King Of Porn Gets His Hands Dirty Once Again -- On The Farm"
Kano Sister Vanishes
"500 million yen, Foreign Lover All Part Of The Mystery Over The Disappearance Of Third Kano Sister"
No Need To Hurry In A Love Hotel
"'Slow sex' expert says no short cut to good love hotel hanky-panky"
Soapland Brothels For Women
"Frisky Femmes Frolic In Fukuoka Foam"
No Cunnilingus For Japanese Women
"Why Japanese guys don't go down - here's the 'science'"
Aussie Invade Niseko
"Hokkaido Locals Want Their Own Slice Of Secret Aussie Winter Wonderland At Niseko"
Can Boobs Be Too Big?
"Gigantic J-cup model left lopsided after breast implosion"
Bonking Buddies
"More Young People Seeing The Charms of 'Friends with Benefits'"
Forget Ping Pong Balls
"Stripper's blazing performance makes fans shout 'fire' in a crowded theater"
I'm gumming!
"Hillbilly Hookers Redefine Pillow Talk"
Just A Japanese Gigolo
"No Sex Please At This Rent-A-Gigolo Service"
Simply Strip For Success
"Sinking Starlets Strip To Save Career"
Naked Japanese Waitresses
"Japan's Mouth-Watering Way To Denude Workplace Of Sexual Harassment"
Japanese School Girls Wear Skimpiest Skirts
"Shiga Prefecture's schoolgirls boast of skimpiest skirts in Japan"
Japans Fetish Of Cameras And Sex
"Millions Eager To Star In Japan's Filthiest Home Videos"


Race Queens Too Racey?
"Glamorous Race Queens Fess Up to Off-Track Shenanigans"
Leah Dizon: no Paris Hilton
"Internet leak of Personal Pics Strips Teaser of Privacy"
How Big Is Your Penis?
"Rising up in protest over the long and short of penis size"
Japans AV Industry
"Porno world speads its legs and shoots out a few secrets"
Wakatsuki Says Boobs Arent Delicious
"Cheeky Chinatsu worried sick over Japan's big breast obsession"
Pensioner Porn Petering?
"Healthy Dirty Mind Prevents Pensioner Porn Star from Petering Out"
Kakure Kyonyu Takes Over Japan
"Japan's latest titillating trend Hiding those huge hooters!"
Japan Fights For Their Rite
"Daring director uses fake groping case to take a crack at Japan's legal vultures"
Clubs Clean Up
"Host clubs bond together to clean up soiled image"
Cherry Poppin
"Elite Todai co-ed gets cherry popped on camera"
Increase In Kiss Disease
"Increasing incidence of 'Kiss Disease' blamed on hyper-hygienic parents"
Geeks Study Hard
"Geeks can't get enough of genitalia picture book"
Cum Cum Disease Strikes Japanese Women
"Deadly 'iku iku byo' reaches a climax"


Japans Sky Rocketing STD Problem
"Crackdown On Sex Industry Drives STDs Through The Roof"
Data Entry Or Flesh Flicks?
"Take that job and shove it!"
Miss Japans XXX Past
"Hisako Shirata Sheds Sexy Celluloid Stardom For Beauty Queen Future"
Love Chairs For Couples
"Adventurous couples thrust Dream Love Chairs into overdrive"
Super Model or Super Woman?
"Supermodel suffers slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"
Booty Camp
"Three-week boot camp whips humped-out hookers back into shape"
Model Teachers
"English teaching DVDs get low down and dirty"
Waiting For The Climax?
"Four lusty lasses share their lives without climax"
Free Love For All
"Japan's concept of Free Love lost in translation"
Kansais Oldest Profession
"Kansai's red lights still glowing strong"
Japan Swaps SNS for S.E.X.
"Japan's online communities turning from SNS to S.E.X."


Secret Sex Club
"Pampered pro concubines pursue a well-paid double life"
Art for Porn sake
"Exposed genitalia on Japan's silver screens"
Who WIll Be J-Pop Queen?
"J-Pop princesses in dirty duel for chart queen crown"
Titilating Tales
"Read your gal a titillating tale"
Lesbian Girlfriend? No Problem
"Sex Change Blog True or False?"


Neo-Nudism in Japan
"Stripping back to bare facts and naked truths about neo-nudism in Japan"
Miss Japans Other Job
"Kurara's one little miss who doesn't miss a trick"
Japans Professional Mistresses
"Life of a professional mistress not always a fistful of yen"
Shibuyas Sleazy Bars
"Chaotic, erotic action at bargain prices"
Natsumi Abe and the Turtle Scandal
"Turtle travail leaves Natsumi Abe fuming"
Secret Slang of Tokyo Call Girls
"Just between us girls -- the secret slang splurted in the ejaculation industry"
Japans Desperate Housewives
"Hungry housewives make a bit on the side through amateur porn"
Rip-and-run camera crews feed the DVD market
"Panty Pulling Pandemonium Hits Japan"
Secret Japanese Womens Business
"For today's lewd lassies, the good vibes just keep on coming"




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