boku no



boku no

Living the rich life on 80,000 yen a month
Girls get misty-eyed over bespectacled blokes
The dark side of baseball's brightest star
'Otaku' nerd booms blows breath of fresh air into flirtatious Marilyn Monroe cafe
Busty shogi queen helps pad Japanese chess fan base
Swinging teen golfers under fire for rough play
Capsule hotels move up-market with 'VIP rooms'
Aichi won't panda to woman's unbearable wishes
100 yen shops give you more than your money's worth
Yoga purists bent out of shape over trendy twisted poses
Lady bosses setting young guys' hearts a-flutter
More gals look to untie men's marriage knots for no-strings-attached flings
Gal geeks jump aboard 'hip to be square' boom
Sweaty, smelly, cramped commuters squashed into state of rail rage
Tokyo terrorized by Sept.11 threat
Japan's biggest all-boy band tipped to go it alone
Wartime images of Germany and Japan a study in contrast
Frog in the throat no bull this time
Not-so-lonely single lasses turned off by pressure to turn on
Cardboard robots wrestle into the hearts of fanatical fans
Gals swoon over Boy's Love media boom
Doctors driving patients to drink
Otaku outraged over cracks in make-up of maids at sexy servant hotel
Jo no Kyoshitsu: Sponsors feel the wrath of cruel TV drama
Snotty schools see measly manga in new light
Longful lasses nurture nerds in bid to wean them off wackiness
Bon-odori: Innocent dance or raunchy bop?
Single gals fret over life's uncertainties
Japan's most desirable divorcee gets herself a toy boy
Controversial comic puts bitter touch to Korean craving
Lonely lasses double as own make-believe friends to portray popularity
eisty fogeys fight it out in World Oyaji Battle
Densha Otoko: Japan recruits romantic otaku geeks to revive economy
"Japan recruits romantic otaku geeks to revive economy"
Shock resignation turns Japan's underworld upside down
Fallen-idol Beckham's spitting spat leaves gossip rags drooling




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