Image of Swifter Swifter at 05:10 PM on 07/21/08
The made up stories are always the best ones anyway.

Image of shamusjack shamusjack at 05:12 PM on 07/21/08
We became more and more suspicious after the last article involved a donkey blowing santa with a banana stripping to jon denver songs.

Image of Randall Tex Cobb Randall Tex Cobb at 05:13 PM on 07/21/08
Next you're going to tell me the Penthouse Forum letters are made up too.

Image of belltolls belltolls at 05:13 PM on 07/21/08
Next you are going to say the Penthouse and Hustler letters were written by starving novelists and screenwriters who later went on to great success using their real names.

Image of RonMwangaguhunga RonMwangaguhunga at 05:15 PM on 07/21/08
There goes my pet theory about the repression of Japanese businessmen and sexual perversity. Though the theory still holds remarkably well when applied to i-banker douchebags.

Image of quinticire quinticire at 05:19 PM on 07/21/08
When will Penthouse Forum be admitting to the same thing as the Mainichi Daily News just did.

Image of mitchel_stevens mitchel_stevens at 05:20 PM on 07/21/08
wow, cultural racism isn't true?
wait till spiegelman hears about this bombshell.

Image of it takes a lot to laugh it takes a lot to laugh at 05:22 PM on 07/21/08
Just cause they made it up doesn't mean it's not true.

Image of EleanorRigby EleanorRigby at 05:27 PM on 07/21/08
Michael Weiss! Where have you been hiding lately? Sometimes I fear the NY Mag Sex Diaries are guilty of this crime (or, at the very least, some heavy editing), too.
ミハエル・ワイス! 最近どこに隠れていますか? 'NY Mag Sex Diaries'も同罪(あるいは、控えめにいっても大きく編集されている)ではないかと恐れています。
(下に'NY Mag Sex Diaries'の説明あり)

Image of Gregoire Gregoire at 05:32 PM on 07/21/08
Is Two Girls and a Cup also made up?
'Two Girls and a Cup'も捏造なの?

Image of if_i_only_had_a_heart if_i_only_had_a_heart at 05:34 PM on 07/21/08
but it still has truthiness

Image of RonMwangaguhunga RonMwangaguhunga at 05:38 PM on 07/21/08
@Gregoire: If Two Girls and a Cup is made up, then the special effects guy needs a Webby.
もし'Two Girls and a Cup'が捏造なら、特殊効果の奴らにウェビー賞をあげないとね。

Image of metropolitan metropolitan at 05:40 PM on 07/21/08
damn, i guess i'll have to go back to the onion to get the real facts on japanese sex stories.

Image of Clarence Rosario Clarence Rosario at 05:44 PM on 07/21/08
From the country that gave us hentai tentacle porn? Impossible!
変態触手ポルノを発信している国が? ありえない!

Image of Helman Helman at 05:48 PM on 07/21/08
Wait, what? They don't sell used girls' underwear from vending machines in the subway?!?!?

Image of DanLar75 DanLar75 at 05:51 PM on 07/21/08
It's still all happening even if THESE instances were made up. Trust me, people are very inventive and the Japanese takes the cake!

Image of raincoaster raincoaster at 07:23 PM on 07/21/08
Okay, fine. But I'm not taking down that story about the sailors using a school of stingray as a floating brothel.

Image of miss_msry miss_msry at 07:40 PM on 07/21/08
So I can't go to Tokyo on my next servicey, sexicey vacation? Just as well, the dollar doesn't quite buy what it once did.
次の休暇は東京でエッチ&セクシーに楽しもうと思っていたんだけど無理ってこと? 昔と違って今はドル安だし。

Image of t2urner t2urner at 08:15 PM on 07/21/08
They're covering this "controversy" now to distract us from discovering that the English version of Japan's Three Non-Nuclear Principles was also a mistranslation.

Image of SlickaNicka SlickaNicka at 10:44 PM on 07/21/08
All I know is they have a word in Japanese that means "guy who gropes women on the subway." This happens often enough on the packed trains to merit a word. My Japanese friend, who lived for a while in the U.S., called out guys for attempting to grope her, which was against the norm since most Japanese girls are too demure and shy to stand up for themselves in those circumstances.

Oh, there's also the Japanese comic "Rape Man." I don't see why they have to stretch the truth to uncover seedy sex habits over there, they seem pretty transparent.

Image of BeRightBack BeRightBack at 11:21 PM on 07/21/08
@SlickaNicka: Far be it from me to try to somehow defend an entire culture as being without perversions or misogyny (you're right! They both exist in Japan!), but the word you're thinking of is 痴漢 ("chikan"), which means "molester/molestation [context gives you the part of speech]," though it has taken on the connotation of "groping on trains." If America used crowded trains to the extent that Japan does, my guess is that we'd have a word that referred to this specific behavior as well. After all, we have the expression "road rage," right?
日本文化が、変態と女性嫌悪をまったく持っていないと弁護するわけじゃない(確かに、どっちも実際に存在するからね)。でも、君が考えているのは「痴漢」(もとの意味はmolester/molestationだ)という単語でしょ。これは確かに「電車内でまさぐる」って意味を持っている。でも、もしアメリカにも日本みたいに込んでいる電車があるんだったら、こういう行動を指す単語を持つようになったと思うよ。結局、僕たちは「road rage(渋滞でブチ切れる)」っていう表現を持っているわけだし。

And "Rapeman" is a comic that caused a scandal in the 1980s when it came out and is pretty much out of print and hard to find now; the scandal has fed a subculture of masturbating misogynist maniacs who think it's "hilarious" and have created a kind of mythology of its greatness; they comprise enough of market segment that a series of cheaply produced animated versions of it came out in the 1990s. I'm not sure that this constitutes proof of widespread and tolerated "seedy sex habits."

I mean, it's fun to think of an entire country as populated by sweaty, perverted salarymen molesting silent girls, and it's not like that fantasy doesn't expose its own kind of truth (much like The Clockwork Orange does for America), but I'm not sure calling it "knowledge about Japan" is quite called for. As I said, misogyny is quite present there, and you could even be justified in calling it a rape culture. But you could say the same thing about America, and for similar reasons.

I'm sorry if I seem humorless or ridiculously PC on this issue. I'm not usually (I linked to a picture of Kubota Shigeko painting with her vagina just today!). But I've reached my 'other cultures are gross and weird' limit for the day and ended up taking it out on you. I don't think less of you, but I just wanted to address these issues.
僕が、ユーモアが分んなかったり、PC (Politically Correct)過ぎるなら謝るよ。普段はこうじゃないんだ(今日もクボタシゲコが自分で女性器に色を塗った写真をリンクしたばかりだし)。でも「異文化ってグロくて、面白いよね」っていうのの自分なりの限界に達してしまって、君にあたるみたいになっちゃったんだ。君の事を見損なったわけじゃなくて、ただこのことを言っておきたかったんだ。

Image of mitchel_stevens mitchel_stevens at 11:56 PM on 07/21/08
@BeRightBack: also, is "rapeman" anything like that shocking manga "yu-gi-oh!" which told me i could battle demons using a children's card game?
BeRightBackへ: 遊戯王は、僕でも子供のカードゲームを使って悪魔と戦えるということを教えてくれた衝撃的な漫画だよ。「レイプマン」も同じようなものじゃないのかい?

or is it more like sailor moon, which convinced me that young girls wear short skirts, fight demons and twirl a lot to show off their panties? because i totally believe all forms of animation and comic panel as "god given truth."
それともセーラームーンみたいなものかな? あれは日本の若い女の子は彼女らのパンティを見せびらかすために、短いスカートをはいて盛大に動き回りながら悪魔と戦うってことを僕に確信させたよ。なぜって、僕はアニメやマンガで示されているものは全部「神から与えられた真実」だと完全に信じているからね。

Image of mitchel_stevens mitchel_stevens at 11:58 PM on 07/21/08
and you.
maybe you missed it, but rape isn't a big deal. the jezzies said so! get to williamsburg and grind up on the next Karen O-ish NYU sophomore you can find. it's cool!
why? because "rapeman" is a goddamn comic/cartoon. whose plot is so incredibly stupid that those who take it as "TRUTH" have real problems.
and seriously, character designs rip off ninja gaiden.
多分君は分かってないと思うけど、レイプは大きな問題じゃないんだよ。jazziesもそう言ってるよ! ???
なぜって? 理由は'レイプマン'がひどい漫画で、中身も信じられないくらいまぬけだってことだ。これを「真実」だと受け取る人間がいたらそれこそ問題だよ。

Image of mitchel_stevens mitchel_stevens at 11:59 PM on 07/21/08
also. i'm incredibly trashed on bourbon. now is the time i wish to engage in debates about cultural fetishism and "new rape media."

Image of BeRightBack BeRightBack at 12:15 AM
@mitchel_stevens: Oh, come on. I don't think either of us was saying that comics are documentaries. But pretending that fictions don't have social meanings (or that only documentaries do?) is equally dumb.
mitchel_stevensへ: どうぞ、歓迎しますよ。僕は、漫画がドキュメンタリーであると主張する人なんていないと思ってる。でも、フィクションには社会的な意味が全く無い(ドキュメンタリーだけがそうなの?)と主張するのも同じくらいバカげたことだよ。

And I'm sorry that Rapeman failed to live up to your exacting standards for mimesis, but you're not going to get me to say that it doesn't represent a misogynist fantasy at least to a certain extent, even though it's been seen by some as ironic or a "gag" comic.

My point is that extrapolating from one sensationalized text to an entire culture is a bad idea, which I think you'd agree with me on, somewhere under all the bourbon and the otaku-ish wishes for comics (and therefore your own engagement with them) to be somehow beyond interpretation.

Image of SlickaNicka SlickaNicka at 11:08 AM Reply by Email *
@BeRightBack: Well, I didn't mean to slam an entire civilization, or to even imply that wacko sexual behavior is widespread in Japan. Guess that came out wrong. I was more trying to say that there are enough oddball examples (the two things I said) that you don't have to fictionalize anything to find it if you are looking for it. Just like you wouldn't have to do that here, either, for that matter (two girls and a cup? ahem).

However, I do believe that women in Japan have historically been more shy (culturally) about standing up for themselves in regard to abuse. That's just from my personal experience with my friend.

My apologies to Japan for implying you are all sex fiends! (Except to the ones who are.)



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