"From 日系 to Nikkei: Searching for New Approaches to Studying 'Nikkeijin'" is a workshop for students (both undergraduate and graduate), researchers and anyone else who is interested in 'Nikkeijin' studies. While most studies on Nikkeijin—that is, Japanese immigrants and their descendants—tend to focus on the various host countries where Japanese migrants settled, globalization and the increasing mobility of people in recent years has compelled us to re-think the very definition of the term 'Nikkeijin'. This workshop will take into account these recent developments and is designed to approach Nikkeijin studies from a global and interdisciplinary perspective. In the course of this workshop, seven researchers (graduates and post-doctrals) will present their own interpretation of how the definition of 'Nikkeijin' is changing and the implication this has on the development of Nikkei studies going forward. These scholars represent a variety of academic fields and have employed distinctive methodological approaches to their case studies. After the presentations, there will be a 'networking panel' in which everyone is invited to share information on issues such as research methodology, job-hunting, and study abroad opportunities. Anybody who is interested in Nikkeijin studies or interdisciplinary/area studies is welcome to attend, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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