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  • About KDW

It is the abbreviation of Known Dlls Wrapper, the following function is offered
by installing to Windows 2000. Alias XP API Support Tool for Win2K.

1.The API for Windows XP is offered and application stabilizes is operated.
2.Emulating the version of Windows freely, supporting the operation and installation of
9x/Me/XP/Vista private application.
3.Turning the server mode of Windows 2000 Server to a OFF, Server installation impossible application
is made installation possible. (With this, NTSwitch unnecessary! )
4.Bilingual of Japanese /English
5.fcwin which is Support soft, you can also use on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7

  • Caution

+It is not recommended because of collision against extended kernel.

Support for Windows 2000 API KDW is scheduled until December 2012.
Later become the only support fcwin.
For 2000 users to Windows, I highly recommend that specializes more compatible, to improve the compatibility of the Extended kernel and drivers l expansion, the use of the extended core.

  • System requirement
    • Windows 2000 SP4(necessity)
    • advapi32.dll 5.0.2195.7038
    • kernel32.dll 5.0.2195.7135
    • rpcrt4.dll 5.0.2195.7090
    • user32.dll 5.0.2195.7133)
    • ws2_32.dll 5.0.2195.6601
    • WTSAPI32.dll 5.0.2134.1
    • shell32.dll 5.0.3900.7105
    • ole32.dll 5.0.2195.7059
    • esent.dll 6.1.3940.31
    • ntdll.dll 5.0.2195.7006
    • shfolder.dll All
    • shlwapi.dll 6.0.2800.1923
    • comctl32.dll 5.81
    • crypt32.dll 5.131.2195.6926
The version of DLL is recommendation.

  • The main application which receives benefit
    • Windows Defender (v0.10~)
    • Real Player 11 (v0.10~)
    • Shockwave Player 10/11 (v0.10~)
    • MSN Messenger 7.5 (v0.20~)
    • Safari 3.1 (v0.30~)
    • Windows Live Messenger (v0.42~)
    • Media Player 10 (v0.50~)
    • Media Player 11 (v0.50~)
    • iTunes v 7.3.x,7.4.3/7.6.2 (v0.52~/v0.64~)
    • QuickTime 7.2/7.3.1/7.4.5/7.50.61/7.6.9 (v0.52~)
    • Movie Maker 2.1/2.6 (v0.30~)
    • Virtual Box 1.6.x (v0.20~)
    • foobar2000 9.5.4/10.x (v0.533~/stability starting v0.58~)
    • iTunes v 7.5/7.6 (v0.63e~)
    • Paint.Net 3.35 (v0.50~)
    • iTunes v 8.x/9.0.2/10.x(v0.78~)

  • Corresponding function
DLL Dummy Emulate Expand
advapi32.dll 15 50 4
kernel32.dll 29 60 2
rpc4rt.dll 1 2 0
user32.dll 6 13 11
ws2_32.dll 0 6 0
shell32.dll 11 32 3
ole32.dll 0 2 0
esent.dll 0 2 0
ntdll.dll 11 22 0
shlwapi.dll 0 10 0
uxtheme.dll 42 8 0
comctl32.dll 0 1 0
crypt32.dll 0 4 0
msvcrt.dw7 0 0 499

  • Other wrapper and customized DLLs
imm32.dll DownLoad
ntdll.dll DownLoad
setupapi.dll DownLoad
wintrust.dll DownLoad

  • Most Recent Version
Ver 0.97ax Download (2012/11/12)
password = kdwkdw

  • Past version
Ver 0.96m Download (2012/06/16)
Ver 0.96l Download (2012/04/17)
Ver 0.96k Download (2012/03/06)
Ver 0.96j Download (2012/02/23)
Ver 0.96i2 Download (2012/02/19)
Ver 0.95a Download (2011/9/14-Stable Version)
Ver 0.94 Download (2011/7/1)
Ver 0.93a Download (2011/6/15)
Ver 0.92c Download (2011/1/30)
Ver 0.90a Download (2010/12/24)
Ver 0.84 Download (2010/12/9)
Ver 0.83c Download (2010/10/9)
Ver 0.83b Download (2010/6/14)
Ver 0.83a Download (2010/4/21)
Ver 0.82d Download (2010/2/9)
Ver 0.82b Download (2010/2/5)
Ver 0.81d DownLoad (2010/1/15-Stable Version)
Ver 0.80 DownLoad (12/06)
Ver 0.79f DownLoad (12/03)
Ver 0.79d DownLoad (11/07)
Ver 0.79a DownLoad (10/15)
Ver 0.79 DownLoad (10/13)
Ver 0.78j DownLoad (9/29)
Ver 0.78i DownLoad (9/24)
Ver 0.78h DownLoad (9/13)
Ver 0.78f DownLoad (8/11)
Ver 0.78c Download (8/3)
Ver 0.78b Download (5/30)
Ver 0.78a Download (5/19)
Ver 0.77b Download (5/3)
Ver 0.76j Download (3/17)
Ver 0.76h Download (2/19-Stable Version)
Ver 0.76c Download (12/20)
Ver 0.76a Download (12/16)
Ver 0.75c Download (12/07)
Ver 0.74a Download (11/24)
Ver 0.73 Download (11/12)
Ver 0.70b Download (10/31)
Ver 0.69a Download (10/11-Stable Version)
Ver 0.68a Download (9/24)
Ver 0.66a Download (7/24)
Ver 0.65a Download (7/22--Stable Version)

  • Debug version
v0.67 (2011/6/15)
v0.63 (2011/1/11)
v0.62 (2011/1/11)
v0.59 (2010/6/14)
v0.58 (2010/2/26)
v0.54 (2010/1/15)
v0.50 (11/22)
v0.47 (9/29)
v0.45 (9/12)
v0.44 (5/18)
v0.39 (12/31)
v0.35 (12/20)


Ver 0.97a
Fixed GetNativeSystemInfo

Ver 0.97
Windows 8 Support

Ver 0.96m
expanded shell32 for Support Thunderbird 13

Ver 0.96k
Fixed SetDllDirectory Problem.

Ver 0.96j
Added GetSystemRegistryQuota/CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3 in kernel32.dll.

Ver 0.96i2
Fixed batch file.

Ver 0.96i
add 2functions in kernel32.dll.
add 4functions in 2kdll.dll.

Ver 0.96h
uxtheme.dll is replaced
msvcrt.dll is updated.

Ver 0.96g
Fixed Problem which related with Rawinput device on user32.dll.

Ver 0.96c/d/e/f
Comon dialog problem is fixed.

Ver 0.96b
Resolved Class Problem in user32とcomctl32.
Fixed a problem in user32.dll.

Ver 0.96a
Replace Binary Tool.

Ver 0.96
Fixed problem in 2kdll/shlwapi/advapi/shell32.

Ver 0.95a
Fixed a problem of User32.dll and advapi32.dll.
expanded RegCreateKeyEx and RegOpenKeyEx in advapi32.dll.

Ver 0.95
improved SHParseDisplayName and SHELL32.217 in SHELL32.dll
embedded crypt32 in Exculde Known Dlls of Kdllinst

Ver 0.94
Add ChangeWindowMessageFilter in User32.dll
Security Update Comctl32.dll
fcwin Supports Win7 Installer

Ver 0.93a
Fixed kernel32.dll with QueryActCtx.

Ver 0.93
Add IE10 mode
Add SetThreadStackGuarantee, FindActCtxSectionString,
 QueryActCtx in kernel32.

Ver 0.92c
Add GetLogicalProcessorInformation in kernel32

Ver 0.92b
Fixed User32.dll on System Install Mode
packaged msvcrt v7 for Windows2000
Added AllowForegroundActivation and
 DisplayExitWindowsWarnings in user32.

Ver 0.92a
Fixed Kernel32.dll on System Install Mode

Ver 0.92
fixed kernel32.dll related with SList
fixed error functions in ole32.dll wrapperize.

Ver 0.91
KDW Tools Renewal
improved kernel32.dll SetDllDirectory

Ver 0.90
inculde KDW Tools

Ver 0.84
Supported Adobe Reader X.
user32.dll Bug fix
add WmiGetNextEvent, WmiGetTraceHeader, WmiOpenTraceWithCursor
 in advapi32.dll.
fixed crypto functions in advapi32.dll.

Ver 0.83c
add dnsxpi.dll

Ver 0.83b
add force link iphlpapi.dll(iphlpaxp) in fcwin

Ver 0.83a
Fixed memory leaks in kernel32.dll
Add force link shlwapi in fcwin
fixed kdllinst.

Ver 0.83
Include Shlwapi fixer
a few bug fixed in fcwin

Ver 0.82i
kernel32 supported for Manictime

Ver 0.82h
Made more stable kernel32.
kdllinst system requirement made correctlly.

Ver 0.82g
Made more stable kernel32 and user32
Fixed AttouchConsole problem.

Ver 0.82f
Made more stable user32
add function DefRawInputProc in user32.dll.

Ver 0.82e
Fixed GetLayeredWindow
Made more stable kernel32 and user32
you can overwrite on dynamic install mode in kdllinst.

Ver 0.82d
Add Exclude Win2k Option in fcwin.

Ver 0.82c
Add option disable uxtheme.dll in kernel32.dll

Ver 0.82b
Fixed forceLink Scan Problem in fcwin

Ver 0.82a
Supported MST File.

Ver 0.82
Expand function LoadStringA/W in user32.dll
Add function SetProcessDPIAware in user32.dll
Add TaskDialog in comctl32.dll 
fcwin add 2 dlls in forceLink.

Ver 0.81e
Add GetInheritanceSourceW/A, FreeInheritedFromArray,
TreeResetNamedSecurityInfoW/A, IsTokenUntrusted, 
FreeEncryptedFileKeyInfo, EncryptedFileKeyInfo in advapi32.dll.

Ver 0.81d
Fixed GetDiskFreeSpace

Ver 0.81c
Expand function CreateProcessAsUser in Advapi32.dll.
add CreateCodeAuthzLevel, CloseCodeAuthzLevel,
 ComputeAccessTokenFromCodeAuthzLevel in Advapi32.dll.
Add function check version ATL.DLL.

Ver 0.81b
Add RtlCaptureContext in kernel32
Extend UserAgent

Ver 0.81a
Add Dynamic Install mode in KDLLInst
Add ForceLink mode in fcwin.

Ver 0.81
Fixed RawInput Functions
Add SetHandleContext, GetHandleContext in Kernel32.dll
Extend GetDiskFreeSpace

Ver 0.80
GUI Made tiny.
not indicated OS, and set executable option, default version set 4.0.

Ver 0.79e
add condition in fcwin msi rewrite.
add imm32.dll
fixed ws2_32.dll bug

Ver 0.79d
fixed fcwin's msi rewrite function bug.

Ver 0.79c
make more stable kernel32.dll

Ver 0.79b
Add gdi32.dll
IsProcessorFeaturePresent externd in kernel32
Add _get_terminate in msvcrt.dw7.

Ver 0.79a
Add RegReadValueA/W in advapi32.dll
Add IsThreadDesktopComposited, DwmHintDxUpdate in user32.dll
fcwin's design changed.

Ver 0.79

Ver 0.78j
Bugfix WideCharToMultiByte+ISO-2022 in kernel32.dll

Ver 0.78i
Fcwin add Allow XPSP1 mode
changed Win7 Emulation build 7600.

Ver 0.78h
Fixef for iTunes9

Ver 0.78g

Fixed bug in kernel32.dll
Add GetRegisteredRawInputDevice in user32.dll

Ver 0.78e/f
Fixed Perhaps bug in user32.dll.

Ver 0.78d
Add RtlUnlockBootStatus in 2kdll.dll
Add emulation SetFileShortName and GetVolumePathNamesForVolumeNameW in kernel32.dll.

Ver 0.78c
Add 21functions in comctl32.dll.
Fixed RegSaveKeyEx in advapi32.dll.

Ver 0.78b
Add 8functions in shell32.dll.
Add apphelp.dll.

Ver 0.78a
kernel32.dll Bug fixed.

Ver 0.78
Supported Windows2000 RevolutionPack.
fixed comctl32.dll, add 4 functions.
fixed kernel32/2kdll.

Ver 0.77b
Bug Fix fcwin
add crypt32.dll

Ver 0.77a
Bug Fix fcwin
add 7 functions in 2kdll.dll

Ver 0.77
Bug Fix kernel32/uxtheme
add 5 functions in rpc4rt.dll
add 6 functions in shlwapi.dll

Ver 0.76j
Supported iTunes 8.1

Ver 0.76i
Add RegSaveKeyExA and RegSaveKeyExW in Advapi32.dll.

Ver 0.76h
fcwin reprooved, supported IME2007

Ver 0.76f/g
Kernel32.dll Bugfix

Ver 0.76e
Fixed to work QuickTime.

Ver 0.76d
Add 2 functions in 2kdll.dll.
Change searching order.
Add setting not make .local file.

Ver 0.76c
Make more Safty DLLs.
Change Method how to initialize.

Ver 0.76b
Add Shortcut Win+A/Win+I/Win+K/Win+C/Win+V/Win+H.

Ver 0.76a
Make more Safty DLLs.

Ver 0.76
Fixed Cred Function.
Fixed SysLink Class.

Ver 0.75c
Add shortcut Win+B &Win+L.

Ver 0.75b
fixed to crush application cause of user32.dll

Ver 0.75a
Add a function that When the value of DesktopFGColor is set, 
 it changes desktop text color

Ver 0.75
Add a function that When the value of ListViewShadow is 1, 
 transparent desktop text. add a function in uxtheme.
add comctl32.dll(test version)
Expand Special Rewrite in fcwin.

Ver 0.74a
fixed user32.dll

Ver 0.74
fixed the register broken by CredpEncodeCredential.
Enhanced SendMessage and PostMessage.
(foobar2000 0.9.6 Completely works !)

Ver 0.73
7 functions emulated in uxtheme.dll.

Ver 0.72
Fixed Install information window.
Changed PrintWindow, wsprintfA and wsprintfW in user32.dll.

Ver 0.71a
Expand function fcwin

Ver 0.71
Add ConvertFiberToThread in kernel32.dll

Ver 0.70a
Fixed critical Compile mistake.

Ver 0.70
Fixed kdllinst focus bugs.
add SHELL32.754 in shell32.dll.
add CreateMemoryNotification,QueryMemoryNotification in kernel32.dll.
add expand function, GetSystemMetrics in user32.dll  

Ver 0.69a
Fixed kdllinst.

Ver 0.69
fixed fcwin initial status
fixed kdllinst in EzMode
add 3 dummy functions, SHELL32.744,SHELL32.745,SHELL32.748 in shell32.dll.

Ver 0.68
EzInstall mode error dialog fixed.

Ver 0.67a
Debug version Kernel32.dll was separated,
cause of late PC boot about 50sec.

Ver 0.67
add GetSystemTimes and GetThreadUILanguage in Kernel32.dll
add function make avalable xp/2003's msvcrt.dll,
 standalone use on Windows 2000.

Ver 0.66a
Add CopyLeft Windows2000 XP API Wrapper Pack

Ver 0.66
Completely Emulation GetLayeredWindowAttribute.
Rewrite code RawDevice System Code.

Ver 0.65a
Fix fcwin2k with missing trancelation.

Ver 0.65
Add GetRawDeviceData in user32.dll

Ver 0.64b
VerifyVersionInfo with comparing XP success only Set Window2000 SP5 Mode.

Ver 0.64
Expand VerifyVersionInfo.

Ver 0.63e
Fixed bug in original user32.dll.
support iTunes completely.
fix user32.dll.

Ver 0.63d
fix user32.dll
add 2 functions in SHLWAPI.dll

Ver 0.63
fix user32.dll
fix 2kdll.dll,kernel32.dll
add 8 functions in SHLWAPI.dll
 add a function in KERNEL32.dll
Add Repair function on installer

Ver 0.62a
Extend function user32.dll

Ver 0.62
Add Interlock functions in 2kdll.
Windows Live Writer 2008 supported.

Ver 0.61
LdrAddRefDll fixed.
EzInstall improved.

Ver 0.60
Fix SetServiceStatus
Expand CreateWindow/Dialog

Ver 0.59
For being stabilized deleting I_RpcBindingInqLocalClientPID of rpcrt4.dll.
The correction of Kernel32.dll.

Ver 0.58
The proper form addition of shlwapi.dll.
Expanding eight functions of user32.dll.
(foobar2000 has crashed with setting the trouble which cancellation)

Ver 0.57a
Mistaking, because shlwapi.dll of trial manufacture
 edition had mixed, deletion.

Ver 0.57
in shell32.dll
 SHGetUnreadMailCountW and SHSetUnreadMailCountW addition.
in kernel32.dll
 GetThreadIOPendingFlag addition

Ver 0.56b
The export mistake correction of advapi32.dll.

Ver 0.56a
Mistake of bundled binary.

Ver 0.56
Adding the emulations in shell32.dll
 SHAllocShared, SHLockShared, SHUnlockShared, SHFreeShared,
 RealDriveType, SHFlushSFCache, SHGetShellStyleHInstance.