bass 2 bass

  • アーティスト:Ryu☆
  • 作曲、編曲:Ryu☆

Let's kick with the rhythm Ready hit Let's take it
Hip up with the heat 'caue I'm gonna like it Ooh
Got to get busy one tough if you like
the rhythm makes wanna bust do-h wha

So if you feel like 1, 2, here we go.
Everybody in the house then you know
Give me an ample, example, give me
a sample, this, see you can't resist
The best ball I gotta get you and boss see no
record revolves, but the boys, they know so.

What you gonna do, home boy
Get nailed don't feel this
Here I gotta feel woman like an woman
Here we go again Let's makes some rule on and and pro
All the brothers condense take the chance ho-
ready go let you know whether I'm inpo

Where I gotta do get in for
Mother marks and need you find me your nympho
Some ready to get like busy
hit me heal me aaugh-yeah-

Then I'm thinking you all what you gonna say flex
next steps where I gotta give you hand shake
Yah- yah- here we go here we go
Here we go with with the rhythm and you know, Beat!