Barely 18 Movies


Barely 18 Movies


Giving blows below the belt
"Karate teacher uses below the black belt skills to master schoolgirl seduction"
Girls showing guys how it's done
"Here's how, Hiroshi: Eager gals give guys their sexpert opinions"
No pleasure for Chinese toys
"Don't risk rubbing your gal the wrong way with second-rate sex toys from China"
New Half get new gains
"She-male flicks peel off perverted packaging, provide professional polish"
Sympathy for the sexually sick
"Japanese women are sexually sick as they come"
Born again virgins
"Something fishy between the sheets as women make like tuna to get men down the aisle"
No love for hair
"Men's 'sexually harassing' hairy chests get under gals' skin"
Dark side of the internet
"Mules, fraudsters and hitmen for hire just a click away in Japan's online underworld"
Dentists show some love
"Doll's diddling in dentist's chair keeps male patients coming back for more"
Otaku ruins good thing
"Tabloid Tidbits: Imposter otaku put untimely end to maid taxis for disabled"
"It might take two to tango, but only one to Tenga"
Weird cult with weird rituals
"Little Pebbles cultists smother on the yoghurt in bizarre 'bam bam' ritual"
Gullible girls bare all
"Tabloid Tidbits: Predators extorting sex from schoolgirls lured into cell-phone porn"


Inside look at being a male pornstar
"From soup to stardom: A professional pornster's life in the jizz biz"
Cosplay pubs
"Deck the boss in cosplay folly for a good old Christmas roast"
Nana Natsume gives helpful advice
"Nose hairs, bad breath ... porn queen fingers filthy turn-offs"
Panty market booming
"Panty sellers roll in the cash by rolling off their soiled skimpies in disabled toilets"
Japanese men speak
"Ladies, the J-guys have spoken: One night stands are out, facials are in"
Lolita perve crackdown
"How low can they go? Pseudo pedo-porn peddlers loll in lascivious limbo"
Culinary erotica
"The Cook, the Beast, the Vice and its Lover"
Sex industry alive and well
"More gals turning backs on career jobs to feel 'wanted' turning tricks"
Ai Iijima hits the news again
"Sex camel Ai Iijima whines about dry spell despite cosy link with Ni-Chaneru boss"
Letting it all out
"Rising sons and daughters get naked as J-birds"
Ball stretching
"Stretch the sack technique helps workout fans have a ball"


"It's candy or bust for stressed-out 'gropaholics'"
Adult Treasure Expo
"Takumi's Virtual Hole offers a glimpse into Japan's adult toy land"
Girls working hard for the money
"Gain comes at cost of pain, teen tarts discover"
Sugar Daddy's are back
"Gray generation puts 'pink' economy back in the black"
Sex addicts BEWARE!
"Might as well face it, you're addicted to sex"
Horny much?
"Sexaholics anonymous groupies let it all hang out"
Hoshino Drama
"Pinup gal Hoshino purportedly posed as pretty sushi platter"
Cherry Boys
"Brothers doing it for themselves at the Japan Cherry Boy Association"
The lolita syndrome
"Leering at Lolitas legal, but nonetheless loathsome"
My fav teacher
"Pervy private school pedagogue pinched for purloining ex-pupil's panties"
Sgt. Perve
"Drunken sarge's assault on airwoman blows the lid off Japan's sexist air service"
Yaoi is in?
"'Wilted women' warm to Boy's Love manga"


The ugly hostess
"Ginza's ugliest mama-san laughing all the way to the bank"
Got milk?
"Boom or bust: Breast milk ballyhooed to beat the bulge"
Dirty old man
"Old dog picks up new trick"
Go Nagai's wise words
"40-year veteran of ecchi manga Go Nagai says brains more fun than boobs"
Maid mania
"Otaku-boom opportunists have businesses buried in wave of frilly petticoats"
Brown showers
"Brown rain: Roppongi residents gobsmacked by flying feces"
Dolls in boom
"Blow up love-doll business puts boom into boom-boom"
Hot Wax
"Cosplaying Akihabara girls have their eyes on your wallets (and your earwax)"
Why Japanese guys don't give head
"Why Japanese guys don't go down - here's the 'science'!"
"Gigantic J-cup model left lopsided after breast implosion"
Janken Pyon?
"Tiny tattooed terror defends delinquent daughter's 'honor' with the cruelest cut of all"


"I'm gumming! Hillbilly hookers redefine pillow talk"
Skimpy skirts
"Shiga Prefecture's schoolgirls boast of skimpiest skirts in Japan"
Dirty videos
"Millions eager to star in Japan's filthiest home videos"
All out gangbang
"Swinging couple 'Jack & Rose' to hold Osaka gangbang today"
Race queens gone wild
"Glamorous race queens 'fess up to off-track shenanigans"
Chinatsu Wakatsuki gets insecure
"Cheeky Chinatsu worried sick over Japan's big breast obsession"
Veteran star leads the way
"Healthy dirty mind prevents pensioner porn star from petering out"
Cherry popped on cam
"Elite Todai co-ed gets cherry popped on camera"
Geeks love genitalia
"Geeks can't get enough of genitalia picture book for doctors"
Cum Cum Disease
"Deadly 'iku iku byo' reaches a climax"
Grand daddy of toilets
"Geeks' cheeks hit the seats of Akihabara's new luxury lavatory"
Yuri Ebihara in bad luck patch
"Supermodel suffers slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"


Love chair
"Adventurous couples thrust Dream Love Chairs into overdrive"
Priceless virgins
"Wanted: Tortured old male virgins with a creative mind!"
Air Sex?
"Japan's air sex world champion licks himself into shape"
"Teachers come not-so-clean on their sexy moonlighting jobs"
Schoolgirls spread the love
"Slutty schoolgirls and self-circumcisions: All in a day's work for a urologist"
Afro flava'z
"Seedy Kabukicho dancing to an African beat"
True love
"Heard about the guy who had a sex-change after his girlfriend said she's a lesbian?"
Switch it on
"Sexless sisters just need their love button flicked to turn on"
Mountains are rising in Japan
"Bra builder brings out big guns to make mountains out of mole hills"
Manga takes new meaning
"Manga could mean difference between life and death for notorious curry poisoner"
Priest pickups
"Bogus Buddhist seeks sweetie, gains enlightenment instead"


Exclusive women
"Backlash over new 'women's only' craze has Japan split down the middle"
Treasure hunt?
"Wannabe Indys seek Japan's Holy Grail - a pair of panties - in online treasure hunts"
First Aid Sex
"Avoid a fornication fatality with the medics' guide to post-coital first aid"
Get a gay housemate
"Why gays make good roommates"
On the ball
"Sex workers on the ball with World Cup fever"
Hero to Zero
"Long arm of the law launches lens up woman's skirt"
Just let it all out
"Crying: Japan's latest feel-good frenzy"
Hold onto your panties
"Rip-and-run camera crews feed the popular 'panty dropping' DVD market"
Children sex-idols?
"Just plain disturbing: Japan's newest batch of idols on the wrong side of 10"
Dutch Wives
"Lusty lady takes quartet of boy toys for a spin"
Army girl gets kinky
"SDF girl drops the rifle for the pink pistol and joins the ranks of the adult industry"
Idol gone sexy
"J-Pop princess KOs Kano in steamy snapshot sales"
A car to get the girls
"Japan's ultimate 'chick magnet' car flys the coop"
High-Tech condoms
"Spring romance goes high tech with the latest condom goodies"
Bondage anyone?
"Bondage master Arisue not yet at the end of his rope"


Desperate Housewives
"Hungry housewives make a bit on the side through amateur porn"
AV stars taking the next step
"Japananese porn starlets' inspiring new careers"
J-Porn Awards
"J-porn awards go down from the sublime to the ridiculous"
Bus stops get raunchy
"Kobe bus stop naming rights get more red light than green light"
Gothic Lolita's hit the right touch
"'Gothic Lolitas' massage their way into geeks' hearts"
Softcore star changes career
"Japan's former Pink Princess trades raunchy scenes for rural canteen"
Bad taste promo
"Pedophilic promo has manga maniacs panting for pre-schooler panties"
Beast babes make porno's
"Brutal 'martial art' babes pummel porno pipsqueaks"
The man with 11 wives!
"Self-fulfilling prophet in seventh heaven with harem of eleven"
Sex and the environment
"Eco-friendly erotica drives clean-energy cathouses"
Japanese perverts at it again
"Police zoom in on business daily shutterbug over teen porn queen focus"
"Foreign sex workers get dirty digging for Japanese roots"
Show me the money
"No money, no honey!"
AV stars hitting the big time
"Porn starlets move on to inspiring second careers"


Porn actor turning pro wrestler
"Porn actor Chocoball Mukai to bite into world of professional wrestling"
Need assistance?
"More handbags abuzz to good vibrations"
Japan sealing the goods
"Mags with seals move more gals to peel"




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