NANAHARAKUN is Japanese NicoNicoLiveBroadcaster on user broadcast.(called NAMANUSHI)
He mainly broadcasts Abuse of work and story of love, cooking , gambling (FX, bicycle ring etc).
because of his stupid behavior,He becomes very famous Broadcaster.

Name: Kohei Nanahara
Sex: male
birthday: Aug19,1988
Broadcast type: Entertainment,Chatting with listeners,Broadcast with the real face
Broadcast Original May20,2016-
blood type: A
Birthplace: Japan,Aichi
Current habitat: Tenpaku,Nagoya-city,Aichi
Occupation Part-time worker
Height/weight/waist circumference 5feet6.61inches/175.49lb/2feet10.84inches
Education: high school graduate
His disease: (ADHD),Genetic liver failure,athlete's foot


  • Because he often forgets things something or careless mistakes like sick people, his listener often points out him as "ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)".
  • He often catches japaese invasive foreign species on holiday to cook and eat.
He has eaten Procambarus clarkii (American crayfish), Trachemys scripta, carp, Elaphe climacophora, Pomacea canaliculata etc.
So his listeners often call him “Madman”.There is nothing he CAN'T eat.
  • He isn't smart and He speaks very loudly on broadcast.
  • If there is something that did not his work, he will blame someone other than himself.
So his listeners often call him “Fucker”.
  • He is very jealous,greedy,filthy and the poor.
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