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Summary of legal ages in Japan
"The day Japan's red lights flickered out"
"Ambiguous attitudes vex kiddy sex law"


Tabloid Tidbits: Trouble teacher collared for trespassing
Naughty schoolgirls serve up 'espressos' to go at 'encounter cafes'
Tabloid Tidbits: Toyohashi teacher's teenage temptress makes Aichi say 'Ouch!'
Tabloid Tidbits: Woman stabs future father-in-law over misread marriage
Wicked queen lived spoiled life in family palace as little prince starved
Teeny-bopper deri-heru hanky-panky -- the best little jail bait in Saitama
Cops promise crackdown on sick salarymen's dirty desires for 'junior goods'
Osaka's female 'Cat's Eye' crime trio more porcine than feline
Tabloid Tidbits: Schoolgirl sex sellers use codes for carnality
Karate teacher uses below the black belt skills to master schoolgirl seduction
Education, Osaka-style: Sneaky love hotel sets up shop next to school
'Lolicon' lovers out of luck as cops put the clamps on schoolgirl smut biz
Aged 18-20? Been sexually abused by a parent? Not our problem, say Japanese authorities
Kiddy fiddlers quivering after teacher's arrest blows lid on Hokkaido child porn biz


Wayward woodwind teacher arrested for showing schoolgirls how to blow
Tabloid Tidbits: Predators extorting sex from schoolgirls lured into cell-phone porn
Pedophile nerd gets hard lesson on not stiffing teen hookers
Christian missionary spreads the word ... and legs of 14-year-old girl
Pedophile principal the ultimate pro in luring prey for perverted pics
How low can they go? Pseudo pedo-porn peddlers loll in lascivious limbo
Carefree minors treat unwanted pregnancies like a dose of the clap
Pervy private school pedagogue pinched for purloining ex-pupil's panties
Japan's schoolyard bullies go high-tech, teachers left eating virtual dust
Stressed teachers indulging their wild sides with coworkers, parents -- and students
In the hands of mean teens, cell phones becoming WMDs
Victim of virgin-killer children's home teacher tells a tale of sex and obsession
Tiny tattooed terror defends delinquent daughter's 'honor' with the cruelest cut of all


Foul play suspected after infant boy found dead in canal
"Evil Akita couple killed son for interrupting sex in car"
Loose laws leave adoption trade vulnerable to sexual predators
Operator of notorious bulletin board lost in cyber space
Dissatisfied wives waiting to spring trap on hapless hubbies
A sign some are cross after decidedly unholy hanky-panky goes on in Christian-run home
Boy named 'Devil' rises up from hell after parents abandon him
Accused multiple murderess pins it all on allegedly incestuous stepson
In-laws open dark closet to find mysterious mom's baby corpses


Foreign wives complain their samurai husbands no knights in shining armor
Kitakyushu killer tortured family of 7 into fighting for approval -- to the death
Schoolgirls sniff gold in pantie crackdown
Schoolgirls' decade of decadence: panty sales have punters panting




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