These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 表題(日本語) 署名(イニシャル)
1 19950108 TV drama featuring pregnant actress, amateur performers earns reviewer's disapproval Dime 1/1 妊婦番組素人参加ブームの不一致 MS(Mark Sreiber)
2 19950108 Love at first sight: the ABCs of attraction Aera 1/2 人はなぜ人を好きになるのか TI(Takeshi Ito)
3 19950108 Hide under your desks! Here come the zombie Oils Panja February それ行け!ゾンビOL TI(Takeshi Ito)
4 19950108 New Year's greeting cards - an in-depth look at the Postal Ministry's cash cow Shukan Bunshun 1/5 郵政省のドル箱「年賀状」を解剖する MS(Mark Sreiber)
5 19950108 Stalking the wild boar (Gods of welfare or ravenous swine? Asahi Graph opens the Year of the Inoshishi with a report on the state of relations between man and beast. Michael Hoffman roots out the facts.) Asahi Graph 1/6-13 - MS(Mark Sreiber)
6 19950115 On the eve of Tokyo's second great gomi war Shukan Bunshun 1/19 第2次「東京ゴミ戦争」が開戦前夜! MS(Mark Sreiber)
7 19950115 Cancer, like other illnesses, is all in the mind Shukan Asahi 1/20 がんを治す心理療法「余命6カ月」が20ヵ月に TI(Takeshi Ito)
8 19950115 The dreamers and realities of starting your own business Spa! 1/18 独立起業ブームその理想と現実 TI(Takeshi Ito)
9 19950115 Japan's lax gun enforcement leaves ex-FBI agent dumbstruck Shukan Gendai 1/14-21 日本警察の「大甘」取り締まり MS(Mark Sreiber)
10 19950115 Sitting on the fence (Weekly Playboy warns that the Foreign Ministry's obsession with gaining a permanent seat on the UNSC has trapped Japan in the middle of a mine field. Ton-chan's wishy-washy foreign policy of deciding not to decide has put the nation Weekly Playboy 1/17-24 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
11 19950122 Would somebody fill us in on the rules of queuing up? Denim January 並び方のルールがキチンとほしい MS(Mark Sreiber)
12 19950122 Hey, chapatsu are no longer a minority of delinquent rebels Shukan Asahi 1/27 茶髪主義 TI(Takeshi Ito)
13 19950122 Japan defenseless against another foreign alien - monkeys! Aera 1/23 かわいい猿には毒がある TI(Takeshi Ito)
14 19950122 Will overseas mail order firms destroy Japan's retail trade? Shukan Diamond 1/21 海外通販会社の相次ぐ進出で、心配される小売業の空洞化 MS(Mark Sreiber)
15 19950122 Importing crime (Michael Hoffman puts DonDon's diagnosis of a cancerous side effect of the nation's recent dose of "internationalization" under the scope.) DonDon January - MH(Michael Hoffman)
16 19950129 Lucky bus driver tells of teetering on the edge of highway after quake Shukan Yomiuri 2/5 高速道路で宙ブラ あのバス運転手の戦慄 MS(Mark Sreiber)
17 19950129 Murayama accused of canceling visit to Canada because he dislikes Chretien Shukan Bunshun 1/26 村山総理カナダ訪問拒否の理由は「あの首相は虫が好かん」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
18 19950129 How to live through the worst hay fever season in history Shukan Gendai 2/4 これで万全!史上最悪の花粉症対策マニュアル TI(Takeshi Ito)
19 19950129 Giants 'Lone wolf' pitcher demands right to hate smoke Shukan Hoseki 2/2 桑田投手ひとりぼっちで勝ち取った嫌煙権! MS(Mark Sreiber)
20 19950129 Flustered feminism (Michael Hoffman sheds light on Spa! Report claiming that the gap between the sexes on women's rights has narrowed. Sure, discrimination still exists, but a confused society doesn't seem to care.) Spa! 1/25 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
21 19950205 The shocking Cabinet conversation 4 hours after the Kobe earthquake Shukan Hoseki 2/9 激震発生4時間後、村山内閣「閣議」で大臣たちの驚くべき会話 MS(Mark Sreiber)
この号だけ以下の表示「The opinion expressed on this page are not those of the editor. Furthermore, the MDN does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the original article.」
22 19950205 For quake victims: Where the government fails, the Yamaguchi-gumi succeeds Shukan Taishu 2/13 山口組超迅速救援活動とあ相変わらずマスコミ報道 TI(Takeshi Ito)
23 19950205 How to draw the line between rich and poor Panja March 客商売のかたがたは「貧富の差」をここで見る TI(Takeshi Ito)
24 19950205 Astute observations on the boom in massive boobs Da Capo 2/1 - MS(Mark Sreiber)
25 19950205 Rewriting history (An article claiming the Holocaust was a fabrication causes an uproar abroad and leads to the shut down of Marco Polo. Michael Hoffman reports.) Marco Polo February 戦後世界史最大のタブー『ナチ 「ガス室」はなかった』 MH(Michael Hoffman)
26 19950219 Japanese critic slams countrymen's exaggerated concerns over cleanliness Dime 2/16 日本人の異常潔癖症の不一致 MS(Mark Sreiber)
27 19950219 Tokyo's Chanel Oils: Masters in the art of sleeping on the job Shukan Taishu 2/27 社寝るOL急増のバカヤロー JH(Jonathan Hendriksen)
28 19950219 For Kobe's quick-to-reopen erotic bars, business is booming Asahi Geino 2/23 三ノ宮ヘルス嬢が語る被害者「もう一つの顔」 JH(Jonathan Hendriksen)
29 19950219 Will the Shanghai Mafia emerge from beneath the rubble of Kobe? Sapio 2/25 「阪神大震災」瓦礫の街に上海マフィアが大挙上陸 MS(Mark Sreiber)
30 19950219 Battling the bullies (How deeply is ijime rooted in Japanese society? Who's to blame? How's the Ministry of Education addressing the issue? Michael Hoffman searches for answers to these questions through the pages of Shukan Kinyobi and Aera.) Shukan Kinyobi, Aera 2/10, 2/20 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
31 19950226 Yes, you too can reach the pinnacle of success - a freelance writer! Shukan Playboy 3/7 素敵な「フリーライター」になる法 MS(Mark Sreiber)
32 19950226 In this obscenity-filled society, what's the big deal about hea nuudo? Shukan Post 3/3 「加納典明『きクぜ!2』はワイセツか」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
33 19950226 It's no longer has to be cute, but bu-cute Bart 2/27 ブキュート大好き小女たち TI(Takeshi Ito)
34 19950226 An excess of books is killing the industry Aera 2/27 本が多すぎる MS(Mark Sreiber)
35 19950226 Warning! Earthquake! (Who says the Big One can't be predicted? Not the Greeks, that's for sure. Bart takes a swipe at the nation's skeptic specialists who say it's all in the hands of the gods. Michael Hoffman sifts through the facts.) Bart 2/27 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
36 19950305 The collapse of Japan has begun - 'liquefaction' threatens disaster Business Intelligence April 『ザ・崩壊』“液状化”するニッポン MS(Mark Sreiber)
37 19950305 Are hitori nabe's days at ryokans numbered? Panja April ひとり鍋の謎 TI(Takeshi Ito)
38 19950305 The modern-day lives of the Izanagi boomers Diamond Type 3/14 タイプ世代白書「20代の平均点」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
39 19950305 The direct mail racket: Where privacy is being bought and sold Shukan Yomiuri 3/12 ヘンなDMが来ませんか?プライバシー「売買の現場」 MS(Mark Sreiber)
40 19950305 The sperm and the egg (Tarzan gives us all a lesson on the "Mystery of Birth." Well, at least that's what it promised a disappointed Michael Hoffman. In fact, what it does teach us is that infertility in young men is on the raise.) Tarzan 3/8 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
41 19950312 Hey girls! Seeking revenge against your ex-boyfriend? The answer: Black magic Shukan Taishu 3/20 黒魔術で憎いあいつに復讐できる JH(Jonathan Hendriksen)
42 19950312 All this hype about 'real sound' means nothing to young people Aera 3/6 DJにオーディオマニアはいない TI(Takeshi Ito)
43 19950312 Cholera outbreak in Bali smells purely Japanese Shukan Shincho 3/9 バリ島「コレラ」患者百三十人の死者なき楽観 TI(Takeshi Ito)
44 19950312 Everyone's getting in on the act of swindling Spa! 3/15 サギ師たちの素顔と手口 JH(Jonathan Hendriksen)
45 19950312 Murderous impulse (Any woman a potential killer? Afraid so, claims Panja. While men may have reason, women just get the urge. Michael Hoffman sifts through the evidence.) Panja April - MH(Michael Hoffman)
46 19950319 Japanese religious beliefs show a contradictory state of affairs This is Yomiuri April 日本人と信仰心 MS(Mark Sreiber)
47 19950319 The day's of Japanese doing anything to avoid disgracing themselves are over Denim April 恥知らずの報酬 TI(Takeshi Ito)
48 19950319 China's horrific air pollution is drifting over to Japan Aera 3/20 大気汚染が日本を襲う TI(Takeshi Ito)
49 19950319 Wiping away the remnants of people's desires The 21 April 人々の欲望の残滓をぬぐい取る MS(Mark Sreiber)
50 19950319 Nuclear nerves (Michael Hoffman weighs up the pros and cons of Atomic Energy through the pages of Shukan Kinyobi.) Shukan Kinyobi 3/3 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
51 19950326 How 'elder sister' wives snare a young husband Shukan Asahi 3/31 姉さん女房が明かす年下男の攻略法 MS(Mark Sreiber)
52 19950326 How to identify fine restaurants at a glance Spa! 3/29 「ハズレの店」を外観だけで見抜く TI(Takeshi Ito)
53 19950326 Japan's manga industry is showing signs of decline Aera 3/27 巨大メディアに黄昏の始まり TI(Takeshi Ito)
54 19950326 Why does it cost the earth to get a driver's license? Da Capo 4/5 運転免許取得にはなぜこんなにお金がかかるの MS(Mark Sreiber)
55 19950326 Unfettering our fantasies (Michael Hoffman plays a heroic samurai lord in Spa's drama on the proliferation of image clubs.) Spa! 3/22 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
56 19950409 ‘Experts' spout wacky theories over ' The great int'l sarin conspiracy' Spa! 4/5 徹底検証<サリン>国際陰謀説 その恐るべき真相と理論 MS(Mark Sreiber)
57 19950409 Refusal to pay NHK fees goes back 25 years Shukan Shincho 4/6 「NHK受信料不払い同盟」二十五年の成果 TI(Takeshi Ito)
58 19950409 Fed up with your job? Relax world's your oyster Denim May 将来オイシー「すきまな」仕事 TI(Takeshi Ito)
59 19950409 Japan's 1st euthanasia trial bad news for all involved Shukan Bunshun 4/6 誰もが不幸になった東海大「安楽死」事件 MS(Mark Sreiber)
60 19950409 Book vs. cyberspace (The book ,as we know it, is living on borrowed time. Panja reveals that flooding of the market and the effects of the electronic age have thrown the industry into crisis. Michael Hoffman reports.) Panja May - MH(Michael Hoffman)
61 19950416 Has the CIA shifted its focus to Japanese firms? Shukan Diamond 4/15 軍事から経済へと戦略転換 CIAの標的は日本企業か MS(Mark Sreiber)
62 19950416 Balanced diet the key to cancer prevention Daijobu May ガン専門医は何を食べているか TI(Takeshi Ito)
63 19950416 Young women troubled by constipation increasing Shukan Bunshun 4/13 ウンコとの正しいつきあい方 TI(Takeshi Ito)
64 19950416 Are you for or against daylight savings? Aera 4/17 サマータイム 賛成?反対? MS(Mark Sreiber)
65 19950416 Social misfits? (Not so, says Michael Hoffman, who finds Spa!'s feature on the 'only-child syndrome' packed full of generalizations.) Spa! 4/12 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
66 19950423 How to survive a close encounter with sarin Sunday Mainichi 4/30 サリン遭遇身を守る7つのマニュアル MS(Mark Sreiber)
67 19950423 Bakkappuru's behavior disgusts older generation Spa! 4/19 [平成バカップル]白書 TI(Takeshi Ito)
68 19950423 If you can't find a marriage partner, blame yourself Dime 4/20 「恋愛至上主義症候群」って何だ!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
69 19950423 Media hype causing occultism to run rampant Sapio 4/27 TV,女性誌が無責任に煽った「超能力」「超常」ブームのツケ MS(Mark Sreiber)
70 19950423 Volunteer chaos (Michael Hoffman lends an ear to Bart's view that the nation's volunteer movement comes up woefully short when compared to America's.) Bart 4/24 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
71 19950430 Sarin threat puts 13,000 SDF personnel on war alert Shukan Hoseki 5/4 攻撃ヘリ、74式戦車が首都防衛で待機、自衛隊は空前の“臨戦態勢”! MS(Mark Sreiber)
72 19950430 Nine types of people with no aptitude for marriage Sunday Mainichi 5/7-14 『結婚の才能がない9タイプ』 MS(Mark Sreiber)
73 19950430 What's the attraction of religion for today's youth? Shukan Gendai 5/6-13 宗教にすがる若者たちの「心象風景」 JH(Jonathan Hendriksen)
74 19950430 A tour of the nation's temporary hosing facilities Weekly Playboy 5/9-16 仮の住処 MH(Michael Hoffman)
75 19950430 Sterile students (Hey dudes, the party's over! AERA sighs that today's university students are too worried about finding a job to live it up. Michael Hoffman reflects on the end of an era.) Aera 4/24 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
76 19950507 Princess Masako and dad, UN envoy Owada, on AUM's enemy list Shukan Shincho 5/4-11 オウムに「黒い貴族」と名指された「大和田大使親子」 MS(Mark Sreiber)
77 19950507 Department stores struggling to survive amid falling sales Da Capo 5/3 売り上げ減が続く百貨店の生き残り戦略 MS(Mark Sreiber)
78 19950507 The second-hand industry: Turning trash to treasure Big Tomorrow June 「今が狙い目!中古ビジネスでがっちり儲ける」 JH(Jonathan Hendriksen)
79 19950507 Stress, unhealthy lifestyles making Japanese men sterile CADET June 「精子半減」で男の性はどうなるの? JH(Jonathan Hendriksen)
80 19950507 Stripping off inhibition (Who says the Japanese are shy? Michael Hoffman reveals all in Spa!'s feature on the compulsion to bare anything and everything.) Spa! 5/3-10 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
81 19950514 English the key to future success of Japanese firms Nikkei Business 5/1-8 問題は日本語だ NW(Nathan Westby)
82 19950514 Government clamping down on cheap local beers Shukan Yomiuri 5/21 安い“節税ビール”が増税されちゃいそう? TI(Takeshi Ito)
83 19950514 Marriage still appeals to Japanese women, but… Bart 5/22 結婚から逃げる女たち TI(Takeshi Ito)
84 19950514 Breast shape still cause of concern for Japanese women Spa! 5/17 [いいオッパイ。悪いオッパイ]の謎 NW(Nathan Westby)
85 19950514 Secret waters (Michael Hoffman takes us on an onsen tour deep in the heart of the Tohoku region through the pages of Asahi Graph.) Asahi Graph 5/5-12 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
86 19950521 Japanese women pursue Thai males, and other 'Golden Week' happenings Shukan Taishu 5/29 タイ人ホスト買い漁る日本人オンナどもーッ MS(Mark Sreiber)
87 19950521 What's behind the boom in do-it-yourself crime manuals? Nikkei Trendy June 犯罪マニュアル本がブーム TI(Takeshi Ito)
88 19950521 Why can't we call US toll-free numbers? Denim June 海外通販のフリーダイヤルはなんで日本からかけられないんですか? TI(Takeshi Ito)
89 19950521 The man who launched a movement in the toilet Spa! 5/24 トイレにムーブメントを起こした男 MS(Mark Sreiber)
90 19950521 All in the name of art (One man's trash is another man's treasure. Michael Hoffman strolls through Brutus' exhibition of rubbish-cum-art.) Brutus 5/15 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
91 19950528 AUM - And what the police aren't telling us Shukan Yomiuri 6/4 麻原奪還計画:警察が伏せる報復テロ情報 MS(Mark Sreiber)
92 19950528 For disgruntled Japanese, now's the time to emigrate Aera 5/29 誰でもできる海外移住マニュアル TI(Takeshi Ito)
93 19950528 Checking the effectiveness of slimming cosmetics Shukan Shincho 5/25 口コミで爆発的な売行き「痩せる化粧品」の真贋 TI(Takeshi Ito)
94 19950528 Strong parallels between AUM, Soka Gakkai revealed Shukan Jitsuwa 6/8 創価学会は脱会者の脅迫、いじめ中止 MK(Kamiyama Masuo)
95 19950528 Media circus (Just how easy is it to manipulate the press? Michael Hoffman puts the scope on a few of his peers through the pages of Aera.) Aera 5/22 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
96 19950604 Asahara as Agent 007: Is AUM part of a British plot to destabilize Japan? Shukan Post 6/9 「CIA関連文書」が説くオウムをめぐる国際大謀略 MS(Mark Sreiber)
97 19950604 Imported monkeys could lead to outbreak of Ebola virus in Japan Shukan Post 6/9 「検疫なし」のサル4000匹が輸入されている TI(Takeshi Ito)
98 19950604 Research shows gargling tea helps fight off influenza Shukan Yomiuri 6/11 「うがいは紅茶」の科学的根拠 TI(Takeshi Ito)
99 19950604 \1.3million buys you a dream condo in Thailand Shukan Hoseki 6/8 タイのリゾート・ビーチでなんと150万円セカンドハウスは海外で買う! GB(Geoff Botting)
100 19950604 Last of a generation (Michael Hoffman profiles a unique group of 42 elderly Japanese living in exile Cuba through the pages of Views.) Views July - MH(Michael Hoffman)
101 19950618 The evolution of fetishism: Indulging has never been so easy Spa! 6/14 フェティシズム タイプ別進化論 MH(Michael Hoffman)
102 19950618 A knight in shining armor: Chikan hunting on Osaka's crowded trains Shukan Bunshun 6/15 「許せん、斬る!」痴漢電車の必殺仕置人 TI(Takeshi Ito)
103 19950618 The mysterious disappearance of cheap imported cup noodles! Shukan Playboy 6/20 「輸入カッメン」が店頭から消えた謎! TI(Takeshi Ito)
104 19950618 A stroll through Kobe 100 days after the Great Hanshin Earthquake Trendy July 震災100日の神戸を歩く MH(Michael Hoffman)
105 19950618 Open-and-shut case?( The police investigation into last year's sarin attack in Matsumoto points to technical ignorance, serious procedural errors, and above all, an overdependence on confessions as a means of wrapping up the case. Mark Schreiber reports.) Aera, Shukan Sincho, Takarajima 30 6/19, -,- - MS(Mark Sreiber)
106 19950625 Was the ANA hijacking a taste of things to come Shukan Post 6/30 七月「麻原彰晃奪還計画」がある! MS(Mark Sreiber)
この号以降以下の表記「The contents expressed onthis page are not necessarily the opinions of the editor. Futhermore, the MDN does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the original articles.」
107 19950625 What's the point of this job? 10 meaningless vocations Spa! 6/21 ムナシイお仕事 GB(Geoff Botting)
108 19950625 Fighting for housing in Kobe amid the rainy season Sunday Mainichi 6/25 高齢被災者たちの「住宅闘争」 AB(Andrew Bird)
109 19950625 Risque E-mail is rampant on Japan's internet Aera 6/26 掲示板は性の無法地帯 MS(Mark Sreiber)
110 19950625 Cult charisma (Manson, Jones, Koresh, Asahara - what's the appeal? Bart turns to a former FBI psychologist to explain it all. Michael Hoffman reports.) Bart 6/26 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
111 19950702 Foreign hookers converge on Chiba in search of the mighty yen Shukan Jitsuwa 7/7 金髪美女乱交パーティーの大盛況ルポ MK(Kamiyama Masuo)
112 19950702 One of the nation's biggest matchmakers said not playing by the rules Shukan Bunshun 6/29 告発されたアルトマンの「恥部」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
113 19950702 Japan's first company for beating the bullies a hit Friday 7/7 全国初「いじめ撃退会社」の評判 TI(Takeshi Ito)
114 19950702 Balding's vicious circle: Relax a d learn to live with it Sunday Mainichi 7/2 医学から見たハゲ克服法はこれです、これ!! NW(Nathan Westby)
115 19950702 ‘Israel Odyssey' (Michael Hoffman looks at the relationship between the Japanese and the Jews through the pages of Brutus.) Brutus July - MH(Michael Hoffman)
116 19950716 Love hotels as we know them are heading for extinction Spa! 7/19 ラブホテル進化論 HW(Hiroaki Wada)
117 19950716 How to leave a lasting impression on people Denim August “売名”によく効く個人広告 TI(Takeshi Ito)
118 19950716 A glimpse into the Sokka Gakkai's activities abroad Aera 7/17 大国日本のもう一つの“輸出” TI(Takeshi Ito)
119 19950716 Over 60? Relax, you're only as old as you feel Sunday Mainichi 7/23 六十歳「還暦」なんてやめようよ NW(Nathan Westby)
120 19950716 America complex? (AERA claims that to Japan's bureaucrats, the center of the universe no longer lies across the Pacific. Michael Hoffman reports.) Aera 7/10 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
121 19950723 Mob attack against TV Asahi cameraman underscores Korean hostility toward Japan Shukan Gendai 7/29 取材中のテレ朝カメラマンを殴る蹴るソウルのデパート崩壊事故が日韓摩擦に MS(Mark Sreiber)
122 19950723 Fashion-conscious ko-madamu still living it up Shukan Asahi 7/21 むかし「JJガール」いま「コマダム」バブリーな青春を忘れられない30代ママ TI(Takeshi Ito)
123 19950723 Roppongi becoming field of dreams for Ghanaians Shukan Shincho 7/27 ガーナからやって来た六本木の「おしん経営者」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
124 19950723 Getting high with Japan's 'adrenaline junkies' Spa! 7/19 「アドレナリン・ジャンキー」の実態 NW(Nathan Westby)
125 19950723 Travel lore (From 1864, when a party of samurai first toured Egypt, to 1994, when one Japanese in 10 went abroad, overseas travel has come a long way. Michael Hoffman takes us on a historical tour of Japanese international travel through the pages of Flas Flash 7/18 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
126 19950730 Another missing link in the Matsumoto sarin story Shukan Shincho 7/27 今だからいえる「松本サリン」で黙殺された重大情報 MS(Mark Sreiber)
127 19950730 Japanese don't mince words in protesting nuclear tests Shukan Gendai 8/5 シラク大統領への怒りの手紙 TI(Takeshi Ito)
128 19950730 Price war! Photo print charges hit all-time lows Aera 7/31 同時プリント「ただ同然」の激戦 TI(Takeshi Ito)
129 19950730 Any truth to the rumors linking Nomo to Heidi-Fleiss? Friday 8/4 ハリウッド売春マダムが「野茂コール」 NW(Nathan Westby)
130 19950730 The postwar years (Remember starving in 1946? The '64 Olympics? The birth of the LDP? Lockheed? Michael Hoffman looks back over 50 years through the pages of AERA.) Aera 7/15 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
131 19950806 The shocking drug scene among Japanese students in Beijing Shukan Hoseki 8/10 北京の日本人留学生の驚くべき麻薬汚染 MS(Mark Sreiber)
132 19950806 Men in their 40s finding life sexually frustrating Gendai 8/12 115人のサラリーマンに聞いたここまで変わった40歳の性生活 MH(Michael Hoffman)
133 19950806 A look at the guys behind the scenes in the sex industry Spa! 8/2 フーゾクで働く男たち MH(Michael Hoffman)
134 19950806 60% of what's reported about AUM is crap Weekly Playboy 8/15 「オウム報道の6割はガセだ!」 NW(Nathan Westby)
135 19950806 A power to be reckoned with (While the voter turnout in the recent Upper House election was disappointingly low, the intensity of feelings about its outcome was not. As reported by the weeklies, a major controversy looms over the influence of Soka Gakkai, Monthly Hoseki, Shukan Shincho, Shukan Jitsuwa, Aera, Shukan Bunshun, Shukan Gendai, Shukan Hoseki -, 8/3, 8/10, 8/7, 8/3, 8/12, 8/10 - MK(Kamiyama Masuo)
136 19950820 Will the Hachioji supermarket murderers strike again? Sunday Mainichi 8/20-27 八王子スーパー射殺事件再犯必死の冷酷ギャング MS(Mark Sreiber)
137 19950820 Unreported tragedy of the Kobe earthquake - rape Shukan Bunshun 8/17-24 「レイプ多発」は本当だった TI(Takeshi Ito)
138 19950820 A revealing new fashion trend Weekly Playboy 8/22-29 大胆ボディ見せたガールを直撃! TI(Takeshi Ito)
139 19950820 Nomo's solitary life in US has followers worried Shukan Shincho 8/17-24 野茂フィーバーの陰で留守家族もう一つの心配 MS(Mark Sreiber)
140 19950820 ‘Occult mania' (Michael Hoffman takes a look at what Spa! Has to reveal about a growing preoccupation with the supernatural in Japan.) Spa! 8/16-23 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
141 19950827 ANA hijacking marks the debut of the' Ninja Brigade' Seikai September 全日空機ハイジャックでベールを脱いだ警視庁の忍者部隊 MS(Mark Sreiber)
142 19950827 Department stores living on borrowed time Shukan Asahi 9/1 ここまで来たデパート残酷物語 TI(Takeshi Ito)
143 19950827 Ted Ito: A nobody at home, but a star in the Philippines Dime 9/7 テッド伊藤の「逆輸入歌手」事始 TI(Takeshi Ito)
144 19950827 Jobless female grads turn to marriage agencies Shukan Yomiuri 8/13 女子大生が結婚相談所に駆け込んでいるゾ! DD(Daniel Day)
145 19950827 War and the young (Denim's war survey of 500 people in their twenties paints a fascinating picture of a generation. Michael Hoffman reports.) Denim - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
146 19950903 What's with all these dire earthquake predictions? Aera 9/14 なぜ次から次へ大地震でま情報 MS(Mark Sreiber)
147 19950903 Yoshimoto Kogyo rapping to hip Osaka dialect Bart 9/11 Jラップ「テイ・トウワの吉本興業入りで、日本のラップが進化する!」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
148 19950903 Personal data lists available to anyone - for a price Shukan Asahi 9/8 名物館長が語る名簿業界のアブナイ裏側 TI(Takeshi Ito)
149 19950903 Some people just shouldn't return home for vacations Sunday Mainichi 9/3 帰省の才能がない DD(Daniel Day)
150 19950903 It was all a big mistake (In the golden, bubbly, postwar years, Japan has gone to the dogs, barks Paja. Michael Hoffman reports.) Panja Octorber - MH(Michael Hoffman)
151 19950910 The deepening mystery of an assemblywomen's death Shukan Hoseki 9/21 反創価学会の“闘士”女性市議が異常な「転落死」! MK(Kamiyama Masuo)
152 19950910 Besides Nomo, who else could make it abroad? Denim Octorber 2匹目の野茂英雄 TI(Takeshi Ito)
153 19950910 Young women finding Balinese men irresistible Shukan Shincho 9/7 「バリ島の妻」となった日本人女性二百人の生活 TI(Takeshi Ito)
154 19950910 NEC looking to surf wave of Windows 95 Aera 9/4 ウィンドウズ95で巨人NECの運命 DD(Daniel Day)
155 19950910 Survival of the fittest (Cutthroat competition between the thousands of convenience stores that dot the nation has led to all-out war, declares Shukan Diamond. Michael Hoffman reports.) Shukan Diamond 9/2 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
156 19950917 Deregulation touches the untouchable - barber shops Aera 9/18 理髪店の自由化:24時間営業も登場か MS(Mark Sreiber)
157 19950917 Look up your sons! Loose women are proliferating Hot Dog Press 9/25 増殖中のユルイ女大研究 TI(Takeshi Ito)
158 19950917 Why do young people need schools for things like…? Spa! 9/13 平成「スクール依存症」のナゾ TI(Takeshi Ito)
159 19950917 ‘The Coming Plague': The new era of deadly diseases Bart 9/11 新型感染症の恐怖 DD(Daniel Day)
160 19950917 Working women (Is the employment market for female graduates as grim as it's made out to be? All depends, says Spa!, on how you define a 'job.' Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa! 9/13 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
161 19951001 How religious groups exert control on the government Shukan Bunshun 9/28 ここまで凄い大宗教の“永田町支配” MS(Mark Sreiber)
162 19951001 How far will health addicts go to avoid getting ill? Spa! 9/27 健康アナーキストたちの肖像 TI(Takeshi Ito)
163 19951001 Some Americans can't get enough of things Japanese Aera 10/2 アニメ文化は超カッコイイ!! TI(Takeshi Ito)
164 19951001 Some people just shouldn't gamble on the horses Sunday Mainichi 9/24 競馬の才能がない DD(Daniel Day)
165 19951001 The war is not over (Aera returns to the battlefields of China to look for traces left behind by the notorious Unit 731. Michael Hoffman reports.) Aera 9/25 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
166 19951008 Catch superstar Asahara's trial - live at Tokyo Dome! Spa! 10/4 シンプソン裁判も真っ青!?麻原裁判 in 東京ドーム傍聴記 MS(Mark Sreiber)
167 19951008 Does the sight of couples kissing on trains offend you? Aera 10/9 電車の中のキスを許せますか TI(Takeshi Ito)
168 19951008 Violence among Shinjuku's gay prostitutes on the rise Shukan Bunshun 10/5 オカマ戦線異状あり TI(Takeshi Ito)
169 19951008 Adult magazine targeting women readers hits the spot Shukan Shincho 10/5 「女が男を買う」雑誌「ヒミツ」の人気 DD(Daniel Day)
170 19951008 In the name of justice? (With the trial of AUM Shinrikyo guru Shoko Asahara on multiple murder charges just around the corner, Sunday Mainichi profiles the state of the anti-capital-punishment movement. Michael Hoffman reports.) Sunday Mainichi 10/8 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
171 19951015 Teens bare their midriffs in an attempt to be daring Da Capo 10/18 最近の若い娘たちはなぜヘソや下着を見せたがるのか? MS(Mark Sreiber)
172 19951015 Beginners' guide to the 'laws of nightclubbing' Popeye 10/25 クラブで夜遊び! TI(Takeshi Ito)
173 19951015 Where do odd magazine names originate from? Da Vinci November 雑誌ネーミングの秘密 TI(Takeshi Ito)
174 19951015 Getting the most out of your mobile phone - free calls! Shukan Post 10/20 携帯電話「タダでかけられる」衝撃 HW(Hiroaki Wada)
175 19951015 Men without women (Spa! Gives the rundown on a motley crew that ranges from a 29-year-old who hasn't had a girlfriend in 8 years, to a salesman who'd rather spend time in the garden. Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa! 10/11 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
176 19951022 Divorcees become hit commodity in Osaka Shukan Gendai 10/28 大阪でバカうけ!「バツイチ・バンク」&バツイチ・リサイクルって何だ MS(Mark Sreiber)
177 19951022 How do local governments justify their existence? Spa! 10/18 このセクションはいったい何をしているところ? TI(Takeshi Ito)
178 19951022 Freelance journalists starting to beat press club barriers Aera 10/23 記者会見閉鎖的儀式も変わる TI(Takeshi Ito)
179 19951022 What if the O. J. Simpson trial had been in Japan? Shukan Hoseki 10/26 日本なら死刑!シンプソン弁護団「8億円」の凄腕 DD(Daniel Day)
180 19951022 Medical murder (Shukan Bunshun asks how the Ministry of Health and Welfare could have allowed hemophiliacs to be treated with blood products containing the HIV virus. Michael Hoffman reports.) Shukan Bunshun, Aera 10/19, 9/25 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
181 19951029 Hotels serve up exotic new ideas to generate business Shukan Asahi 11/3 ここまできた青息吐息 ホテルの超サービス合戦 MS(Mark Sreiber)
182 19951029 It's time to get to know your Iranian neighbors Spa! 10/25 「在日イラン人」の素顔と本音 TI(Takeshi Ito)
183 19951029 The ethics of ' borrowing' in the Japanese pop industry Bart 10/26 パクリは正しい!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
184 19951029 What to do with Old Betsy? Shukan Hoseki 11/2 「現金買い取り店は」なぜこんなに高いのか DD(Daniel Day)
185 19951029 Nation of gamblers (DonDon deals a hand on the proliferation of gambling houses. Michael Hoffman reports.) DonDon November - MH(Michael Hoffman)
186 19951105 Nomo's back in town - pass the collection plate Shukan Jitsuwa 11/9 長島、王を越えた野茂が帰国で稼ぐ仕事と金額 MS(Mark Sreiber)
187 19951105 Bugging phones is nothing new in diplomatic circles Shukan Hoseki 11/9-16 CIAのニッポン盗聴、驚愕の実態 TI(Takeshi Ito)
188 19951105 Workers' expense accounts reflect the changing times Denim December 「使える接待費」の限度額 TI(Takeshi Ito)
189 19951105 The real reason the Imperial Household Agency blocks archaeologists from excavating Imperial tombs Shukan Shincho 11/9 天皇陵発掘を宮内庁が阻む本当の理由 NW(Nathan Westby)
190 19951105 Why become a banker? (Panja's behind the scenes look into the industry reveals the rock-solid image that's portrayed is nothing short of a myth. Michael Hoffman reports.) Panja December - MH(Michael Hoffman)
191 19951119 Hit products for 1995 usher in the megabit era Nikkei Trendy December メガヒット時代が来た’95年ヒット商品ベスト30 MS(Mark Sreiber)
192 19951119 What's the attraction of corpses for young women? Weekly Playboy 11/28 死体を愛する女たち大急増! TI(Takeshi Ito)
193 19951119 Children today don't know right from wrong Shukan Asahi 11/24 消化器「落下殺人」の戦慄 TI(Takeshi Ito)
194 19951119 Starlets' affairs affect careers in different ways Sunday Mainichi 11/26 不倫ははたまた結婚でCM業界は大変です NW(Nathan Westby)
195 19951119 The pursuit of justice (American-style vs. Japanese-style. Spa! Puts the respective systems on trial. Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa! 11/8 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
196 19951126 Yakuza cleanup pushes up prices for illegal guns Focus 11/22 「密売拳銃」の値段が高騰 - 暴力団が暴力団を取り締まる東京盛り場事情 MS(Mark Sreiber)
197 19951126 Why do women love to hate other women? Sunday Mainichi 12/3 女性誌が「嫌われる女」特集を繰り返すワケ TI(Takeshi Ito)
198 19951126 Where have all the macho Japanese men disappeared to? Spa! 11/22 “男らしさ”が激変した!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
199 19951126 What recession? Some of us are still striking it rich Shukan Asahi 12/1 100億円が単位の世界のお金持ち平成「株上場長者」列伝 NW(Nathan Westby)
200 19951126 A dying breed (Aera profiles the last Ainu ' living off the blessings of the mountains.' Michael Hoffman reports.) Aera 11/20 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
201 19951203 Kids ask the darndest things on TBS radio Shukan Bunshun 12/7 「子供電話相談室」難問珍問ベスト10 MS(Mark Sreiber)
202 19951203 Senior high-school students taking walk on the wild side Aera 12/4 不良じゃないただ派手なだけ TI(Takeshi Ito)
203 19951203 Peddlers exploiting computer networks Friday 12/8 パソコン通信で浸透する“危ないドラッグ”リスト TI(Takeshi Ito)
204 19951203 A yen for higher earning has people working on the sly Spa! 12/6 「珍妙サイドビジネス」白書 NW(Nathan Westby)
205 19951203 Madam, your husband is pregnant (Who could possibly fall for this? More people than you think, says Da Capo in its feature on the art of deception. Michael Hoffmann reports.) Da Capo 12/6 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
206 19951217 Future shock: Female oracle's prophecies have South Koreans in uproar Shukan Post 12/14 「神に選ばれた女」美人占い師日本崩壊予言の戦慄 MS(Mark Sreiber)
207 19951217 Peeping Tom climbs 20-m. crane to look into love hotel Shukan Bunshun 12/14 地上20mのクレーンの天辺から出歯急した男 TI(Takeshi Ito)
208 19951217 Dinosaur of Japanese television facing extinction Aera 12/18 紅白歌合戦が危ない TI(Takeshi Ito)
209 19951217 Creative women producers turn to porno industry Spa! 12/13 Hメディアで活躍する「女性クリエイター」の仕事と本音 GB(Geoff Botting)
210 19951217 Rebels with a cause (Shukan Gendai defends a boycott by elementary school students as a means of airing problems to the Education Ministry. Michael Hoffmann reports.) Shukan Gendai 12/23 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
211 19951224 Does puzzling shooting incident spell trouble for another religious group? Shukan Jitsuwa 12/28 新興宗教の境内で銃撃殺人の奇々怪々 MS(Mark Sreiber)
212 19951224 From ' Angel's Breath' perfume to umesh - trends for the new year Dime 12/21 96年ヒット商品大胆予測 TI(Takeshi Ito)
213 19951224 Cheap ' weekly offices' poor substitutes for 'love hotels' Shukan Asahi 12/22 都会派サラリーマンの秘密基地ウィークリーオフィス活用術 TI(Takeshi Ito)
214 19951224 Techno-revolution a pain in the modem for many Spa! 12/20 ハイテク迷路の出口を探せ! GB(Geoff Botting)
215 19951224 What a year (The year of the Boar was anything but. From earthquakes to hijackings, sarin to redbacks, 1995 had the lot. Michael Hoffman looks back.) Aera, Marco Polo, Shukan Post - - MH(Michael Hoffman)




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