These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 表題(日本語) 署名(イニシャル)
1 19990103 Confused women giving deadwood hubbies the ax Aera 12/28-1/4 30代女性理由なき離婚 CC(Cheryl Chow)
2 19990103 From hooker to lawyer - some girls have all the fun Shukan Hoseki 1/7-14 「女子大生風俗嬢」たちのその後! RC(Ryann Connel)
3 19990103 Weight-obsessed high school kids fading away Shukan Hoseki 1/7-14 世紀末の子供たちを襲うやせたい症候群! MH(Michael Hoffman)
4 19990103 1st Viagra victim succumbs to the hard facts of life Shukan Bunshun 12/31-1/7 バィアグラ死不動産屋に8人の恋人がいた! MH(Michael Hoffman)
5 19990103 Sinister city?(Whether just a foreigners' slum or a setting for hardboiled fiction, nobody seems to be willing to give Kabukicho an even break. Mark Schreiber reports.) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
6 19990110 Shrine hopping: Prayers for love, health, sex and wealth Shukan Yomiuri 1/3-10 ご利益別・神社仏閣ガイド CC(Cheryl Chow)
7 19990110 TV tenderfoots find small screen eases marital woes Spa! 1/13 「テレビ出たがりシロートさん」その"動機"と"出演後" RC(Ryann Connel)
8 19990110 Mr. Moms shedding their ties, and tying their aprons Aera 1/11 「良妻賢母」な男たち RC(Ryann Connel)
9 19990110 Defective modern weapons reduce SDF punch to pop Bungei Shunju January 自衛隊の兵器は欠陥だらけだ MS(Mark Schreiber)
10 19990110 From bad to worse(Corporate collapses, snow-covered cherry blossoms, AUM revival, the dreaded Big One…Shukan Gendai paints a gloomy picture for the year ahead. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
11 19990117 Rude & crude: The new generation of brats & boors Aera 1/18 身勝手な子 非常識な親 CC(Cheryl Chow)
12 19990117 Oldies tell young studs to put up or shut up Sunday Mainichi 1/24 「中年力」をつけて何が悪い! RC(Ryann Connel)
13 19990117 More to illegal VVVVVV market than just big bucks Shukan Hoseki 1/28 直撃!「暴落」バイアグラに狂騒する性の商人たち RC(Ryann Connel)
14 19990117 ‘Official' number of HIV carriers a fraction of truth Shukan Shincho 1/21 報道されないエイズ感染者「6万人」の恐怖 MS(Mark Schreiber)
15 19990117 Memory rewrite(We're lost without it - and maybe with it, too, says Da Capo. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
16 19990124 Shooting and selling porno videos key to marital bliss Shukan Josei Seven 1/28 私たち夫婦が性生活10年ビデオを公開した理由 CC(Cheryl Chow)
17 19990124 Era of celebrity scandals fading into the distance Aera 1/18 スキャンダルの時代は終わった RC(Ryann Connel)
18 19990124 The future of ejaculation left floating in the air Spa! 1/27 ニッポン人の射精の明日を考える RC(Ryann Connel)
19 19990124 Recession biting into gangs' bread and butter Sunday Mainichi 1/31 組長になりたくないヤクザ急増中 MS(Mark Schreiber)
20 19990124 Here, try this pill(Michael Hoffman looks into the gullible world of tele-dating and finds blind trust is rewarded with rape, robbery…or death.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
21 19990131 Amateur scam artists cashing in on digital age Spa! 1/27 大増殖する「シロート詐欺師」たちの大胆な手口 CC(Cheryl Chow)
22 19990131 Heavy-handed wives have men crying out for mercy Aera 2/1 妻の虐待に耐える夫 RC(Ryann Connel)
23 19990131 Some gals can't get enough of Viagra-addicted supermen Shukan Gendai 2/6 急増中!「バイアグラ依存症」の女と男 RC(Ryann Connel)
24 19990131 Bored Kansai kids stalking their victims just for kicks Shukan Jitsuwa 2/4 関西の若者に急増「ストーカー遊び」の恐怖 MS(Mark Schreiber)
25 19990131 Taking on the big boys(More and more individuals, says Da Capo, are fighting back against the bullies of modern society. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
26 19990207 Betrayed gal finds revenge tastes sweeter than sex Shukan Josei Seven 2/11 私を裏切った4人の男を地獄へ!!『復讐する女』 CC(Cheryl Chow)
27 19990207 Who's defending Japan from its GSDF felons? Flash 2/9 強制猥褻、殺人...自衛隊マル秘『犯罪録』入手 MS(Mark Schreiber)
28 19990207 Industries rely on codes to escape sticky situations Sunday Mainichi 2/14 デパート・キャバレー・美容院業界の「サインを盗め!」 RC(Ryann Connel)
29 19990207 How to beat young thugs at their own game Shukan Taishu 2/15 若者暴力から身を守る緊急10ヵ条 RC(Ryann Connel)
30 19990207 Hooked on health(Vitamin supplements, magnetic matresses, swallowing urine… Aera asks what's all the fuss about? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
31 19990214 3-month wait for Japan's most popular hooker Shukan Shincho 2/11 人気ナンバーワン・ヘルス嬢は「3ヵ月」待ち MS(Mark Schreiber)
32 19990214 Heavy-handed girls putting the hard word on old-timers Shukan Taishu 2/22 善良お父さん族を襲う「ガンつけ女」現わる! RC(Ryann Connel)
33 19990214 Marital bliss means living apart for some couples Shukan Hoseki 2/18 急増!「別居婚」願望の女たち RC(Ryann Connel)
34 19990214 Man sues for the right to snore through rakugo Weekly Playboy 2/16 「平気で告発する人々」大増殖の謎 MS(Mark Schreiber)
35 19990214 Cult-crazed(Brainwashed gals tell Shukan Gendai there's nothing wrong with giving your body and soul to the cause. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
36 19990221 Women still want to tie the knot, but not to any old Joe Shukan Jitsuwa 2/25 女を怖がる男 差別する女 MH(Michael Hoffman)
37 19990221 Self-hating adults opt to pass the buck on babies Aera 2/22 子供拒否する女たち RC(Ryann Connel)
38 19990221 New sexual harassment law a touchy issue Shukan Taishu 3/1 「セクハラ法」4・1施行でこうなる「罪と罰」! RC(Ryann Connel)
39 19990221 Will new decree tale the wind out of pink sails? Shukan Post 2/26 「新風営法でオレたちのスケベはどうなる? MS(Mark Schreiber)
40 19990221 Concrete relationship(The Construction Ministry was not amused when Forbes magazine attacked what it claimed was 'rampant corruption and gang involvement' in Japan's public works. Mark Schreiber reports.) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
41 19990228 Road getting bumpier for overworked cab drivers Shukan Hoseki 3/4 タクシードライバー大不況日記 MS(Mark Schreiber)
42 19990228 Warning! Hot, comforting bath may be your last Sunday Mainichi 3/7 風呂が危ない 交通死より多い入浴死 RC(Ryann Connel)
43 19990228 Amateur nude models stealing starlets' spotlight Spa! 2/24 シロート女が「裸になる」ホントの理由 RC(Ryann Connel)
44 19990228 Weirdo patients making doctors sick to the stomach Sunday Mainichi 3/7 医師大放談「こんな患者は来るな!」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
45 19990228 Netting the suckers(Shukan Taishu wonders whether cyberspace in the 21s-century will be a new world wasteland. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
46 19990307 Old habits die hard for the 'worst wives in history' Shukan Jitsuwa 3/11 史上最悪「わがまま妻」急増 MH(Michael Hoffman)
47 19990307 Weird happenings striking terror into horror film stars Shukan Josei Seven 3/11 恐怖実話 血も凍った廃墟の精神病棟のロケ CC(Cheryl Chow)
48 19990307 ‘Love thy neighbor' forms the bane of some lives Aera 3/8 恐怖の非常識 大迷惑な人達 RC(Ryann Connel)
49 19990307 Needle extortion attempts eating away at society Friday 3/5 犯人がスーパーで食べ物に「光る針」を入れるとき MH(Michael Hoffman)
50 19990307 Profiting from prophecy(‘In the year 1999 and seven months, the great king of terror will come from the sky. He will bring back to life the king of Angolmois. Before and after, Mars reigns happily.' A thoroughly confused Mark Schreiber reports.) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
51 19990314 96-year-old student says daily hard-on the key to life Shukan Josei 3/16 「福祉に頼るな老人も一日一回××をピンとたたせなあかん!」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
52 19990314 Homestay porno queens get bed but no breakfast Shukan Post 3/19 「娘の米国短期留学」にご用心!AVバイトが急増中 MS(Mark Schreiber)
53 19990314 Japan's nightlife offers a bevy of Balkan beauties Shukan Taishu 3/22 「ルーマニア美女」ネオン街に大増殖する ML(Magda Lupescu)
54 19990314 Fertility shrines hard-up as public interest goes limp Weekly Playboy 3/23 男が奮い勃つ!?道祖神を求めて’99 RC(Ryann Connel)
55 19990314 Transplant trauma(Michael Hoffman puts the scope on the media madness surrounding the nation's first organ transplant operation from a brain-dead donor.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
56 19990321 ‘Health' emporium rates 500 men's family jewels Shukan Josei Seven 3/25 オチンチン500本大調査データ公開 CC(Cheryl Chow)
57 19990321 Terror tykes put the boot into helpless teachers Shukan Gendai 3/27 「学級崩壊」全国縦断!卒業式が恐ろしい RC(Ryann Connel)
58 19990321 Workers get a new lease on life after being laid off Aera 3/15 リストラで幸せになる RC(Ryann Connel)
59 19990321 Gasp! The teen-age mutant Japanese are coming! Da Capo 3/17 世紀末ニッポン人のカラダ大異変 MS(Mark Schreiber)
60 19990321 I'm on the pill(After a near eternity, a sexual revolution is set to slip between the sheets of the nation's bedrooms. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
61 19980328 Osaka's juvenile runaways tearing up record books Shukan Hoseki 4/1 大阪「家出児童」29年連続日本一 MS(Mark Schreiber)
62 19980328 Fussy career gals carry too high a price tag Shukan Hoseki 4/8 アエラ型OL「結婚しない」本音は「結婚できない」 RC(Ryann Connel)
63 19980328 Daylight-saving clock ticking for end of world Shukan Post 3/26 「週刊ポストはサマータイム導入に断固反対する RC(Ryann Connel)
64 19980328 What sort of honey will you get for your money? Da Capo 4/7 風俗って本当に気持ち良くしてくれるの? MS(Mark Schreiber)
65 19980328 Telefriend world(Mobile phones are offering an empty substitute for human relationships, muses Spa! Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
66 19990404 ‘Pussy' preaches how to get the most out of the old fella Sunday Mainichi 4/11 女性いま、こんなにいやらしい MS(Mark Schreiber)
67 19990404 Back pain strikes victims at the worst possible time Shukan Taishu 4/12 とんでもない時に突然襲う「ギックリ腰」壮絶体験集 RC(Ryann Connel)
68 19990404 Young guys put their own price on going out for a date Shukan Shincho 4/1 男が身を売る「逆援助交際」流行の兆し RC(Ryann Connel)
69 19990404 Strange new katakana job titles all the rage Sunday Mainichi 4/11 ヘンな肩きが増えている MS(Mark Schreiber)
70 19990404 Operation blunder(Medical equipment here maybe world class, but says Aera, the treatment patients receive is often closer to Third World class. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
71 19990411 Watch out gals! That stalker could be your own mom Aera 4/12 マザーストーカーに脅える娘たち CC(Cheryl Chow)
72 19990411 New Thai-style root linked to titanic titties Focus 4/14 「豊胸」タイ芋のウソ?ホント? RC(Ryann Connel)
73 19990411 Nude photographers will give almost anything a shot Spa! 4/14 投稿写真界の「巨匠」たち RC(Ryann Connel)
74 19990411 For the dearly divorced, it's never too late to try again Shukan Yomiuri 4/19 バツイチ熟年が走る「別居再婚」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
75 19990411 Biting back(Josei Seven ponders if the government's efforts to finally put some teeth into the Animal Protection Act will prevent cruelty. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
76 19990418 Truckin' tramps redefining expressway 'rest' areas Shukan Jitsuwa 4/22 高速道路運転手相手の売春の実態 MS(Mark Schreiber)
77 19990418 If you don't stop me, I'm afraid I'll kill my baby Shukan Josei 4/20 「助て!このままではこの子を殺してしまう」 MH(Michael Hoffman)
78 19990418 Police padding books with payouts to phony informers Friday 4/23 これが警視庁「裏ガネ作り」の手口! MK(Masuo Kamiyama)
79 19990418 Veteran hotel's dirty laundry Shukan Taishu 4/26 ラブホテルの「欲情現場」最前線フロントのおばさんは見た! CC(Cheryl Chow)
80 19990418 Easy target(With a hostile neighbor getting bolder and bolder, is the nation ready to defend itself? Ryann Connell reports.) - - - RC(Ryann Connel)
81 19990425 School teachers get failing grades for bad behavior Shukan Gendai 5/1 職員室崩壊 MS(Mark Schreiber)
82 19990425 How to they get away with that sort of anal behavior? Shukan Hoseki 5/16-23 平成日本ヘンな「常識」天下の「悪法」 RC(Ryann Connel)
83 19990425 Companies force-feeding goods on their own staff Spa! 4/28 ボクらの買わねば自社商品事情 MS(Mark Schreiber)
84 19990425 Old age simulation shows life behind the silver curtain Da Capo 4/21 老人になってはじめて分かることがある CC(Cheryl Chow)
85 19990425 Where babies come from(Kids are never too young to learn about sex, advocates Aera, but others fear premature education. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
86 19990502 Gullible youth easy prey for street-corner vultures Shukan Taishu 5/10-17 都会にはびこる「街頭サギ」の悪ラツ手口 MS(Mark Schreiber)
87 19990502 International marriages all tied up in knots Spa! 5/5-12 国際結婚のドツボ報告 RC(Ryann Connel)
88 19990502 Photo-booth porn the latest way to beat the recession Flash 5/11-18 「アソコの写真買ってください」仰天OLが出現! RC(Ryann Connel)
89 19990502 Colleges becoming a haven for romper-room kiddies Sunday Mainichi 5/2 大学も「学級崩壊」だあ~ MS(Mark Schreiber)
90 19990502 Slave labor(Shukan Kinyobi fills us in on the nation's exploitation of foreign workers. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
91 19990509 Naughty foreign gals leave island women high and dry Shukan Jitsuwa 5/13-20 外国人ホステス150人上陸で離婚、家庭崩壊の悲劇が続く八丈島 MS(Mark Schreiber)
92 19990509 Nation's 'sex monsters' reveal tricks of the trade Shukan Taishu 5/10-17 平成ニッポンの「SEXモンスター」性豪連発! RC(Ryann Connel)
93 19990509 Pesky crows, rats gnawing away at Tokyoites' nerves Spa! 5/5-12 本当は恐ろしい都会の「カラス・ネズミ」物語 RC(Ryann Connel)
94 19990509 Modern-day massages offering explosive therapy Shukan Post 5/7-14 東京青山で「性感アロマテラピー」の“夢性”体験をリポート! MS(Mark Schreiber)
95 19990509 Could it happen here?(In the wake of the Columbine High School massacre in the US, this nation had better not get complacent. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
96 19990516 Cornered kids take a stab at wielding domestic justice Friday 5/21 父親を殺す少年たちに宿った狂気の正体 CC(Cheryl Chow)
97 19990516 Girls find raunchy deliveries meet their nympho needs Spa! 5/19 「オンナ向け出張性感」がOLにウケル理由 RC(Ryann Connel)
98 19990516 Whining wives the key to saving troubled marriages Shukan Post 5/21 「夫を捨てるミドル妻」危機のサイン RC(Ryann Connel)
99 19990516 Death rumors exaggerated, AUM,s alive - and kicking Shukan Bunshun 5/13 再び「サリン事件」が起きるか MH(Michael Hoffman)
100 19990516 Shape of things to come? (Sew, sex, sex. Now that Mark schreiber has your attention, what new worlds will be left for Japanese sexuality to conquer in the 21st century?) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
101 19990523 Smokers turn the friendly skies into a war zone Shukan Taishu 5/31 スッチーと喫煙者が繰り広げる「機内」大ゲンカ深刻事情 CC(Cheryl Chow)
102 19990523 Company secretaries privy to corporate secrets Sunday Mainichi 5/28 秘書は見た!!社内極秘情報 RC(Ryann Connel)
103 19990523 Today's young guys find any excuse not to work Spa! 5/26 「ネガティブ・プータロー君」のボクが働かない理由 RC(Ryann Connel)
104 19990523 Fujitsu pulls the plug on in-house Internet peepers Asahi Geino 5/27 インターネットの「エッチページ」を見て首になったんだって!! MS(Mark Schreiber)
105 19990523 Milking the system (Despite a luck of funds, the unemployment club, says Area, is partying - well, bathing - its pants off. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
106 19990530 Corporate tightwads cut staff outlays to the bone Shukan Asahi 6/4 タクシー・新聞代ケチリから領収書の「字体鑑定」まで経費削減世紀末 MS(Mark Schreiber)
107 19990530 The money sucks, but guys get off on sex industry jobs Spa! 6/2 風俗で働く男たちの「理由」 RC(Ryann Connel)
108 19990530 Working gals find equality not all it's cracked up to be Sunday Mainichi 6/6 男女雇用均等法で沈没した女性たち RC(Ryann Connel)
109 19990530 Moms turn blind eye to loafing grown daughters Aera 5/24 「母はぐうたら娘を棄てられない」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
110 19990530 Sex & mind control (Shukan Hoseki discovers that a space-age orgy cult keeps the converts coming. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
111 19990606 New semen tracer stains more than reputations Shukan Post 6/11 妻たちが仕掛ける「浮気発見」グッズ MS(Mark Schreiber)
112 19990606 Host clubs turn to dirty tricks to woo the ladies Shukan Taishu 6/14 凄腕ホストが女客を奪い合う「仁義なき戦い」 RC(Ryann Connel)
113 19990606 Living in high-rise condos could lead to an early death Shukan Gendai 6/12 驚愕データ!マンション住人は寿命が9年短い RC(Ryann Connel)
114 19990606 Illegal Chinese cultivating their own killing fields Shukan Hoseki 6/17 中国人密航者5人をメッタ刺し!「蛇頭」凄惨な血の制裁現場 MS(Mark Schreiber)
115 19990606 Maternal madness (Babies in lockers, starvation, abandonment…Shukan Taishu fears parental love is dying. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
116 19990613 Worst smoker list blackens `smoking clean' image Shukan Taishu 6/21 99ワーストスモーカー発表に「そりゃないぜ!」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
117 19990613 That deodorizer can could be perving on your poop Asahi Geino 6/17 女装トイレ潜入までした極ワル手口! RC(Ryann Connel)
118 19990613 Hey, wait a second, lady, that's sexual harassment! Aera 6/14 男がセクハラを感じるとき RC(Ryann Connel)
119 19990613 Media left red-faced after `family for rent' hoax Sunday Mainichi 6/20 スクープ!新ビジネス「レンタル家族」はヤラセだった MS(Mark Schreiber)
120 19990613 Hell haven (Part rollercoaster, part House of Horrors, Shukan Jitsuwa takes us on a ride with a difference. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
121 19990620 Gals hanker for the sweet taste of virginal lads Spa! 6/16 「童貞狩りオンナ」はホントにいるの? CC(Cheryl Chow)
122 19990620 Karaoke the latest weapon in fight against the bulge Shukan Taishu 6/28 「出っ腹」に朗報歌えば痩せる!カラオケ・ダイエット RC(Ryann Connel)
123 19990620 Kimchi row spicing up Tokyo-Seoul relations Sunday Mainichi 6/27 食品ガイドラインで日韓キムチ戦争勃発す GB(Geoff Botting)
124 19990620 Ishihara betting on a casino to put Tokyo back in black Shukan Post 6/25 警察庁が米国ラスベガスに密使を送っていた! MS(Mark Schreiber)
125 19990620 Disappearing act (Sapio demands the government pull its finger out and act over the alleged kidnappings of Japanese nationals. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
126 19990627 Smelly middle-aged men caused big stink at the office Shukan Bunshun 6/24 ついに「消臭化粧品」登場“オジサンの臭い”が消える! CC(Cheryl Chow)
127 19990627 ‘Hospital of horrors' kills off patients for profit Shukan Hoseki 7/1 毎月10人以上が死亡する都内の恐怖病院 GB(Geoff Botting)
128 19990627 Tokyo's homeless women: Foot loose and fancy free Spa! 6/30 「TOKYO住所不定ギャル」衝撃の「昼と夜」 RC(Ryann Connel)
129 19990627 Smuggling, pornos…like who's going to bust us? Spa! 6/23 「取り締まる法律がない!?」事件簿 MS(Mark Schreiber)
130 19990627 Host with the most (Spa! Spotlights the pampered lives of men working at host clubs. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
131 19990704 Grown men in diapers: getting the inside poop Shukan Jitsuwa 7/8 幼児プレイに群がる中年男の病理 MS(Mark Schreiber)
132 19990704 A once-in -a-lifetime shot to blow three big once Takarajima 7/7 3万円で買う極楽体験 RC(Ryann Connel)
133 19990704 Pervy prof users position to show off big lens fetish Shukan Hoseki 7/8 名門大の集団セクハラ事件 GB(Geoff Botting)
134 19990704 Higher-earning gals prick hubbies' childish pride Aera 7/5 出世妻と男の面子 MS(Mark Schreiber)
135 19990704 Class Duffers ( Shukan Hoseki reveals how university standards have disintegrated, despite attempts to overhaul the system. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
136 19990711 Korean-bashing Japanese author lives to tell the tale Shukan Bunshun 7/8 「殴り殺される覚悟で書いた韓国、韓国人批判」が爆発的に売れている MS(Mark Schreiber)
137 19990711 The wonderful world of weird & wacky magazines Spa! 7/14 仰天珍雑誌大解剖講座!! RC(Ryann Connel)
138 19990711 Brokers snare vulnerable young gals into sex trade Shukan Jitsuwa 7/15 性風俗の人身売買恐ろしい手口 GB(Geoff Botting)
139 19990711 Medics sound alarm over terrifying new 'hyper TB' Shukan Gendai 7/17 厚生省が緊急事態宣言!「ハイパー結核」の戦慄 MS(Mark Schreiber)
140 19990711 Frisky Year ( what happens when children who never had a childhood meet teachers who never left theirs? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
141 19990718 Taxi drivers' ears tuned to a world of misery Shukan Taishu 7/19 タクシードライバーは見た!走る密室の中にうごめく不況絵図 MH(Michael Hoffman)
142 19990718 Train gropers hand fresh blow to commuting gals Shukan Post 7/23 「満員電車の痴漢」 RC(Ryann Connel)
143 19990718 ‘80s classic porno flicks pulling in big bucks Shukan Jitsuwa 7/22 80年代の美少女ものが人気10数年前のファンが得意客 GB(Geoff Botting)
144 19990718 Mobile-phone scams ringing louder and louder Shukan Taishu 7/26 「携帯食い逃げ」セコさ爆発!! MS(Mark Schreiber)
145 19990718 Digital skulduggery ( When police and criminal\s engage in a high-tech battle of wits, it's the average citizen who's most likely to get caught in the crossfire. Number 306777447110(Mark Schreiber) reports.) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
146 19990725 Wheelchair-bound granny turns it on for \300 a pop Bungei Shunju August 老人SEX革命 CC(Cheryl Chow)
147 19990725 ‘Love hotels' rising to the occasion with wacky themes Spa! 7/28 この夏は、ユニークなラブホテルに誘おう! RC(Ryann Connel)
148 19990725 New-look Kobe becoming one big white elephant Shukan Gendai 7/24 神戸市の果てしない迷走行政 GB(Geoff Botting)
149 19990725 Computer price-buster declares war on AUM Asahi Geino 7/29 「日本一安いパソコン店」社長がオウムに宣戦布告 MS(Mark Schreiber)
150 19990725 A bit on the side ( Hey, has your lady really gone out shopping with her friends? Spa! Believes otherwise. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
151 19990801 Townspeople picket store to turn back the clock Flash 8/10 「ドン・キホーテ」深夜営業強行で住民と激突! MS(Mark Schreiber)
152 19990801 Necking on trains has old folks going for the jugular Shukan Taishu 8/9 急増「電車内濃厚キッス」に告発ブーイング大噴出! RC(Ryann Connel)
153 19990801 TV celebrities regularly tuning in to ' Channel Orgy' Shukan Post 8/6 TV界「乱交SEXパーティー汚染」はTBSだけじゃなかった GB(Geoff Botting)
154 19990801 Women's magazine goes from soft touch to hard blow Shukan Bunshun 7/29 困ってしまうあの「HANAKO」までセックス大特集 CC(Cheryl Chow)
155 19990801 Railway Rage ( Sparks turn what should be an innocuous train trip into a journey of utter terror. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
156 19990808 Youngsters getting high on outdoor 'rave' orgies Shukan Post 8/13 「野外ドラッグ・パーティ」に初めて潜入 MS(Mark Schreiber)
157 19990808 Machines selling horned beetles a prickly issue Shukan Jitsuwa 8/19 カブトムシ自販機が火種!勃発した「昆虫虐待論争」 RC(Ryann Connel)
158 19990808 Aggghhh…‘tis the season for alfresco lovemaking Shukan Taishu 8/16 野外SEXとんでもない仰天現場 GB(Geoff Botting)
159 19990808 ‘Shut-ins' lock themselves into a terrified life of fear Bungei Shunju August 「ひきこもり」百万人の悲劇 CC(Cheryl Chow)
160 19990808 Color gangs ( Juvenile crimes are creating a rainbow of violence in Tokyo's streets. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
161 19990815 Modern-day escort gals more like old-style moms Spa! 8/11/18 恋人派遣サービスでなごむボクらのヤワすぎる欲望 MS(Mark Schreiber)
162 19990815 Pleasure & pain, which sex gets the better deal? Sunday Mainichi 8/22-29 男と女どっちがトクか RC(Ryann Connel)
163 19990815 Joyriders piloting planes into rough weather Shukan Post 8/13 今度はJAS機女性同伴マニアが操縦室に同乗全ドキュメント GB(Geoff Botting)
164 19990815 Women's screams turning on fax machines Sunday Mainichi 8/22-29 女の悲鳴がファックスを動かす!? CC(Cheryl Chow)
165 19990815 Adapt or die? ( Must the nation learn English or perish from global isolation? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
166 19990822 New buds in 'pink' trade learning all is not rosy Da Capo 9/1 「ネオ射精産業」旗手養成のスパルタ寺子屋 MS(Mark Schreiber)
167 19990822 Alternative weddings leading up the aisle to hell Spa! 8/25 「オリ婚で離婚寸前カップル」たちの大誤算 RC(Ryann Connel)
168 19990822 Couples groovin' to lusty beat at karaoke boxes Shukan Taishu 8/22-30 夏休みカラオケSEXの仰天現場 GB(Geoff Botting)
169 19990822 Jobless Aomori youths sell body & soul in Tokyo Weekly Playboy 8/31 <10代の就職率50%>の青森を救え! MS(Mark Schreiber)
170 19990822 Elite date rape ( Prestigious university, wild party, sleeping pills, video… Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
171 19990829 Dead-serious jokesters laughing into early graves Spa! 8/25 「ボケ・ツッコミ恐怖症」の人たちの笑えない日常 CC(Cheryl Chow)
172 19990829 Erotic class aims to help women get a head in life Friday 9/3 コギャルも仰天の「カルチャースクール」東京・新宿で「フェラチオ講座」が始まった RC(Ryann Connel)
173 19990829 Depressed jobless get off on sordid court cases Shukan Jitsuwa 9/2 性犯罪に群がる現代人 GB(Geoff Botting)
174 19990829 So what if lover boy is 20 years your senior Takarajima 9/1 ワタシたち「シブ専」です MS(Mark Schreiber)
175 19990829 Food monsters ( Ignorance is no bliss with genetically altered lurking in our fridges. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
176 19990905 Salarymen stash cash for post-divorce delight Shukan Hoseki 9/9 崩壊するサラリーマン家庭急増する「離婚積立て」! CC(Cheryl Chow)
177 19990905 Goofy sex service takes mickey out of Disneyland Shukan Jitsuwa 9/9 ディズニーランドが売り物のデリヘルの満足度 RC(Ryann Connel)
178 19990905 Cabaret club doles out handy benefits to jobless Shukan Taishu 9/13 失業社員は無料のキャバクラ現場 MS(Mark Schreiber)
179 19990905 Homeless prefer Kim's Dong to summer swelter Friday 9/10 大阪「釜ヶ崎」の“最悪の夏”を本誌記者が実感ルポ MH(Michael Hoffman)
180 19990905 Time bombs? ( Time: It's a bird. It's a plane. No, It's Super Japan! Aera: Ugh! American news weeklies write with forked tongue. Schreiber: Gee, are we talking about the same country here?) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
181 19990912 Teen-age girls living in a cesspit of sleaze Spa! 9/8 10~20代ギャル掟破りの「衛生観念」に眩暈が CC(Cheryl Chow)
182 19990912 How the hell did they come up with a name like that? Sunday Mainichi 9/19 知っている?この会社の由来 RC(Ryann Connel)
183 19990912 Modern men getting off on soft, furry cuties Aera 9/13 僕の中のカワイイ「僕」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
184 19990912 Rogue teachers bleeding kids and parents dry Shukan Josei Seven 9/16 なんでもありの危ない教師たち! MS(Mark Schreiber)
185 19990912 Fighting prejudice ( An elderly burakumin man digs up the roots of discrimination. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
186 19990919 Tonight's gourmet menu: Boiled eggs or steamed rice Spa! 9/15 イマドキ「20代ママたち」の貧食卓を覗く CC(Cheryl Chow)
187 19990919 High-school tarts now turning marriage tricks Hanashi no Channel 10/1 女子高生のための結婚相談所 GB(Geoff Botting)
188 19990919 Hey desperate jobseekers, give yourself a good plug! Shukan Post 9/24 「強い履歴書」を書く10大ポイント MS(Mark Schreiber)
189 19990919 Hit commercial's slurpy sounds creating rumbles Shukan Jitsuwa 9/30 食事時はやめてくれ!永谷園のお茶漬けCMにヘキエキ MS(Mark Schreiber)
190 19990919 Dirty coppers (The mud on Kanagawa's finest just gets thicker and thicker. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
191 19990926 Are you man enough to wear girl's shoes to work? Shukan Hoseki 9/30 15センチ厚底サンダルで通勤体験トイレで駅で..6回転んだ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
192 19990926 Cruel chicks frame innocent dudes as train molesters Asahi Geino 9/30 あなたを「痴漢の罠」にハメる美女グループが埼京線に出没 RC(Ryann Connel)
193 19990926 Gals in the red take different type of working holidays Hanashi no Play 10/16 まだあった!!人身売買ルートヨーロッ発 GB(Geoff Botting)
194 19990926 As autumn leaves fall, baldies spring to life Sunday Mainichi 10/3 リアップが起爆剤「薄毛ビジネス」絶好調 CC(Cheryl Chow)
195 19990926 Hooked on sex(Compulsive sex is taking over where drinking and gambling left off. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
196 19991003 Japanese guys find loving Filipinas leads to heartbreak Shincho 45 October それでもフィリピーナにはまる男たち MS(Mark Schreiber)
197 19991003 Wicked wives beatin' up on 'nice-boy' hubbies Sunday Mainichi 10/10 夫を殴る妻たちの叫び RC(Ryann Connel)
198 19991003 ‘Safe' Japan under siege as armed robberies soar Shukan Taishu 10/11 強盗だらけ GB(Geoff Botting)
199 19991003 Hey young moms, wake up and smell the diapers! Spa! 9/29 「バカ妊婦たち」のドタバタ出産報告 CC(Cheryl Chow)
200 19991003 Agghh, sorry, I forgot (Memory is not perfect, but where do you draw the line between healthy and senile forgetfulness? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
201 19991010 Taxi drivers fight dirty in losing war for fares Shukan Taishu 10/18 タクシードライバー急増で過熱する「客獲り」最前線 MS(Mark Schreiber)
202 19991010 So how much does a man have to put out to put in? Spa! 10/13 平成SEXコスト・クロニクル RC(Ryann Connel)
203 19991010 Foreign stewardesses offer after-flight service Hanashi no Channel 10/15 外国人スッチー売春サークルの驚愕サービス GB(Geoff Botting)
204 19991010 Hanshin Tigers goods sink into bargain basement Shukan Post 10/18 「サッチー」「愛人」で注文大失速!ノムさんグッズ業者の悩み節 RC(Ryann Connel)
205 19991010 Graying alone ( The nation's elderly women are increasingly finding that life without companionship is a flavorless stew. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
206 19991017 Married women left to sing the sexless blues Fujinkoron 10/17 「セックスレスに悩む妻たち」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
207 19991017 Wouldn't be seen dead with a critter-corpse keyholder Shukan Post 10/22 気色悪ッ!女子高生たちが持ち歩く死骸キーホルダー RC(Ryann Connel)
208 19991017 Insurance saleswomen sell soul to peddle policies Shukan Post 10/22 大手生保レディが衝撃の内幕暴露「ザ・売春営業」 GB(Geoff Botting)
209 19991017 Sumo bigwigs leave ailing wrestler out in the cold Shukan Gendai 10/23 「ガン闘病」大翔鳳は相撲協会に見捨てられた MS(Mark Schreiber)
210 19991017 Blind faith ( Weekly Playboy asks why any sane person would still want to associate with the AUM Shinrikyo. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
211 19991024 Tasty tales from rear-view mirrors of Tokyo taxis Shukan Hoseki 10/23 タクシードライバーたちが書いた車中SEX「体験記」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
212 19991024 Too big to hump - the death of the dinosaurs Shukan Hoseki 11/4 こんなに凄い!恐竜のSEX RC(Ryann Connel)
213 19991024 ‘Selfish' women driving men to divorce Shukan Taishu 11/1 離婚妻たちの鬼のような極悪暴挙 GB(Geoff Botting)
214 19991024 Behind every stupid mom, is an equally stupid dad Spa! 10/20 気がつけばボクは「バカパパ」になっていた CC(Cheryl Chow)
215 19991024 Random rampages ( Safe Japan? Ha. Nowadays anything can happen to anyone, anytime. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
216 19991031 Sexy scams taking horny gents for a ride Shukan Jitsuwa 11/4 乱交淫乱バスツアー3行広告にハマッタ男 MS(Mark Schreiber)
217 19991031 Modern-day newlyweds get new kind of reception Spa! 11/3 「結婚披露宴」が壊れていく!! RC(Ryann Connel)
218 19991031 Cash swindlers on the lookout for foreign chumps Sunday Mainichi 11/7 黒い百ドル札日本上陸 GB(Geoff Botting)
219 19991031 Weight-obsessed mums take it out on the kids Shukan Asahi 11/5 赤ちゃん1歳未満ダイエットの愚 CC(Cheryl Chow)
220 19991031 I'll never get AIDS (For today's casual youth, ignorance is bliss. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
221 19991107 Unreal inanimate lover has guys turning to jelly Shukan Taishu 11/15 75万超高級ダッチワイフに殺到した礼状の中身 MS(Mark Schreiber)
222 19991107 Sexy seer says more to fellatio than meets the eye Shukan Taishu 11/15 シャブればわかる!?仰天「フェラ占い」の真相 RC(Ryann Connel)
223 19991107 Sexless women grabbing bulls by their horns Shukan Hoseki 11/11-18 30代夫婦SEXの本音100 GB(Geoff Botting)
224 19991107 Deranged sadist unveils self on child abuse site Sunday Mainichi 11/14 インターネット「虐待日記」の全容 CC(Cheryl Chow)
225 19991107 Street Beat (Tokyo's street musicians find there's more than music when it comes to performing on thoroughfares. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
226 19991114 The things some people will do for a quick buck Shukan Post 11/19 バカウケ!世紀末珍商売総まくり MK(Masuo Kamiyama)
227 19991114 From sweat to spit, all fetishes come to the Net Spa! 11/17 「フェチ系エロサイト」の爆発的進化を覗く RC(Ryann Connel)
228 19991114 New phone a ringing success for call-girls Shukan Jitsuwa 11/18 携帯電話のiモードで女を選ぶ新風俗 GB(Geoff Botting)
229 19991114 And who said flattery won't get you anywhere? Big Tomorrow December 「ホメ殺し屋」路上でメシを食らう人々 CC(Cheryl Chow)
230 19991114 Enough doom & gloom (Japanophiles give thumbs up to a nation on its knees. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
231 19991121 Parasite singles leeching their families to the bone Shukan Yomiuri 11/28 いま日本にはびこるパラサイト・シングル CC(Cheryl Chow)
232 19991121 Famished fishermen have a whale of a meal Flash 11/30 唖然!〝迷子"クジラを漁民が食べちゃった! RC(Ryann Connel)
233 19991121 Burusera shop sells used panties - still piping hot Shukan Jitsuwa Extra 12/20 児童ポルノ法で何故かブルセラ人気復活 MS(Mark Schreiber)
234 19991121 Hikaru Utada, cell phones, PCs - the hits of 1999 Nikkei Trendy December 99年ヒット商品ベスト30 MS(Mark Schreiber)
235 19991121 Jewish conspiracy (Shukan Post is left red-faced after running an article claiming Jewish capitalists were taking over the LTCB. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
236 19991128 Hooked on anything in the age of addiction Weekly Playboy 12/7 ニッポン人「総アデイクト時代」がやってきた! MS(Mark Schreiber)
237 19991128 How to avoid getting killed for the insurance money Sunday Mainichi 12/5 保険金殺人にあわないための10ヵ条 RC(Ryann Connel)
238 19991128 Sex, lies and more lies - married women's tall tales Shukan Hoseki 12/9 人妻6800人!乱倫SEXフアイル GB(Geoff Botting)
239 19991128 Netting babes on the Net: It's all in the interface Nikkei Woman December 男たちは何を求めてネットに来るのか CC(Cheryl Chow)
240 19991128 Stalkeresses (Mysterious phone calls, razor blades in the mail, blackmail…Hanashi no Channel presents a rogues' gallery of female stalkers. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
241 19991205 What ever you do, never hit up on these types of gals Shukan Jitsuwa 12/9 誘惑されてもSEX抜群でもやってはいけない女 MS(Mark Schreiber)
242 19991205 The bizarre things people do at end-of-year parties Spa! 12/8 「世紀末忘年会」の過激な無礼講 RC(Ryann Connel)
243 19991205 Sexual harassment costing some punters big time Hanashi no Channel 12/17 理由なきセクハラ GB(Geoff Botting)
244 19991205 Tokyo's big blackout a preview of things to come? Asahi Geino 12/9 東京大停電で露呈した公共施設のヤバイ現実 MS(Mark Schreiber)
245 19991205 Y2K: Worst nightmare (Believe all the hype? Shukan Taishu says you'd better. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
246 19991212 Japanese in hot soup over Chinese restaurant gaffe Shukan Shincho 12/9 中国で「料理が違う」と責任を土下座させた日本人 MS(Mark Schreiber)
247 19991212 Today's limp men just want to be pampered Shukan Taishu 12/20 風俗嬢が嘆く「いまどきの客」軟弱下半身 RC(Ryann Connel)
248 19991212 Stingy foreigners reveal penny-pinching secrets Shukan Hoseki 12/16 在日外国人20人のドケチ生活を丸覗き! GB(Geoff Botting)
249 19991212 Gals snapping at dates who aren't snapping to it Spa! 12/8 街角〝ブチキレ女"たちの「私がムカツク理由」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
250 19991212 A feel for groping (Women may no longer be easy prey for molesters but trains are still their hunting grounds. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
251 19991219 Japanese gals dumping local guys by the truckload Aera 12/13 「ニッポンの男を棄てる女たち恋愛亡命」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
252 19991219 Good ol' family love for dads gone to the dogs Shukan Yomiuri 12/19 「娘のオヤジ嫌い」煽るカミさん MS(Mark Schreiber)
253 19991219 Osaka gov. put the knock on many a poor lassy Shukan Asahi 12/24 ノック大阪府知事新たなセクハラ疑惑 GB(Geoff Botting)
254 19991219 Year-end a dangerous time for reeling businesses Shukan Taishu 12/27 年末年始によくわかる会社倒産の兆候危険度チェック MS(Mark Schreiber)
255 19991219 Faking it (Shukan Gendai puts the camera on the many TV programs that tend to bend the truth. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
256 19991226 Female fraud artist gives patients a bum deal Spa! 12/22 怪しげな「肛門治療」が成り立っていた理由とは? CC(Cheryl Chow)
257 19991226 Street-smooching girlies raise hackles among oldies Shukan Post 1/1-7 女子高生に流行街中挨拶キスはあ~気色悪ッ!! RC(Ryann Connel)
258 19991226 Misfired ballistic missiles may ring in the New Year Shukan Taishu 1/3-10 核ミサイル誤射これだけの確立 GB(Geoff Botting)
259 19991226 Entrepreneurs go all out to milk the millennium Shukan Hoseki 12/30 安い!多い!楽しい!なんでも\2,000仰天ミレニアムサービス大集合!! MS(Mark Schreiber)
260 19991226 What a yea!!! ( 'Tis the season of celebration and apocalypse. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)




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