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Arka: One of the Most Developed Conlangs



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Arka is an a priori conlang (naturalistic artlang to be exact) with more than 15,000 words and its own conworld. It started in 1991 in Japan.
It is known among conlangers in Japan but is little known abroad because sites on Arka are written in Japanese.
We hope you will be interested in this language. It would be very helpful if anyone would inscribe Arka on a list of conlangs.

Here is the official site in Enlgish (under construction). Please visit this site first.


First of all, please watch an introduction anime of Arka and an introduction video of Arka in English(FLASH. 3.2 MByte).


  1. A priori vocabulary (more than 15,000 words)
  2. Detailed descriptions of basic words
  3. Online dictionary (Arka-Japanese dictionary)
  4. Etymological note(s) on every single word in its dictionary
  5. Unique characters and various fonts
  6. Literary and artistic expressions
  7. Affluent synonyms
  8. A constructed world (conworld) which was made for Arka
  9. Constructed cultures (concultures) associated with Arka
  10. Myth and history which are related to the conworld and etymologies of words
  11. Lexicon which reflects historical changes
  12. Influence from foreign languages
  13. Detailed notes on the conworld
  14. Instructional texts of Arka on the web
  15. "Book of Xion", a novel where a high school girl summoned from Japan learns Arka
  16. "Melidia", a novel written in Arka
  17. Calendar and almanac
  18. 366 colors related to the calendar (xistina)
  19. Usages of words based on linguistics
  20. A priori usages of words
  21. Complete grammar as if Arka were a natural language
  22. Games (Avelantis, a shooter game, for instance)
  23. Manga and anime
  24. Textbook with sound
  25. Constellations (The stars are from 100 constellations in this world)
  26. Philosophical thoughts
  27. Magic theory
  28. Paintings
  29. Musics
  30. Clothes


If you google for jinkougengo (人工言語) in kanji, you will find Arka on the page 1 (google Japan).
We just want you to know it exists, so this site is not a textbook of Arka.

What learners say is not always correct, so please do not ask them. You can only trust the following sites.

The official site of Arka
Arka-Japanese dictionary (The character code of Arka-Japanese dictionary is UTF-8)

Conlinguistics Association(the association for conlinguistics)
How to Make a Conlang (A website which tells "what a conlang is" and "how to make a conlang" in Japanese)
Conlinguistics(A website which tells "the history of conlangs" in Japanese)
First Guide to Esperanto (A beginners guide to Esperanto in dialogue)