MegaMan Unlimited

MegaMan Unlimited

作曲者:Philippe Poulin、Kevin Phetsomphou、Yan Thouin


Version 1.2.0より複数曲が追加された。


曲名 作・編曲者 補足 順位
Prologue Philippe Poulin
Lab Work
Megaman Unlimited Title Screen A Kevin Phetsomphou
Megaman Unlimited Title Screen B Philippe Poulin
Menu Kevin Phetsomphou
Stage Select Kevin Phetsomphou
Yan Thouin
Stage Start Philippe Poulin
Construction Destruction Philippe Poulin
Kevin Phetsomphou
NailMan Stage
Explosive Artillery Kevin Phetsomphou
Yan Thouin
TankMan Stage
Wings Cut Through the Night Kevin Phetsomphou JetMan Stage
Tears of Glue GlueMan Stage
Dr Light’s Lab Shop Menu
Frenzied Superheat TrinitroMan Stage
Prismatic Descent Philippe Poulin RainbowMan Stage
Cyclical Rampage Kevin Phetsompho Yo-yoMan Stage
Starfield Disarray Philippe Poulin CometWoman Stage
Deathtrap Mirage Kevin Phetsompho YokuMan Stage
Robot Master Battle Philippe Poulin
Stage Clear
Get a Weapon Kevin Phetsomphou
Yan Thouin
Occupied Wily Fortress Map Philippe Poulin
Climb the Walls Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 1
Occupied Wily Fortress Boss Battle 1
An Unbreakable Will Kevin Phetsomphou Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 2
Standing on Tattered Feet Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 3 2013年185位
Occupied Wily Fortress Boss Battle 2 ロックマン3のENDINGのアレンジ
Menace Lurks Near Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 4
Occupied Wily Fortress Boss Battle 3
Occupied Wily Fortress Boss Battle 4
Game Over Philippe Poulin
Countdown to Void Unknown Stage
Unknown Stage Boss Battle Kevin Phetsomphou ロックマンX5X vs ZEROのアレンジ
Uncertain Future Cutscene Sad
A Glimmer of Hope Cutscene Happy
Endless Potential Robot Master Cast
The Dream is Unlimited Staff Roll
The Robot Revolution Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 1 別バージョン
Version 1.2.0追加曲
Chasing Eternity Endless Attack mode
Version 1.2.0追加曲
Chasing Eternity (Drum & Bass only) Endless Boss Attack mode
Version 1.2.0追加曲
Enigma of Aqua Whirlpool Man Stage
Version 1.2.0追加曲


MEGAMAN UNLIMITED Original Soundtrack