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Heavy Petting Zoo

Hobophobic (Scared Of Bums)

Hobo - I'm hobophobic So what AH AH AH
Scared of bums
Not just because they stink bad
Not just because they're crackers
From drinking too much Lysol
Let them be
Just don't get fuckin' near me
Scared of bums AH AH
Infested with microscopic bugs
Endocrine systematic Doo Doo
Why don't they get a job?

Philthy Phil Philanthropist

There's something wrong with mass consumption
Why do we want what we don't need
Alcohol burnit clean asphalt methamphetamine
Will make it seem alright It's gonna make it seem alright
Living in the hunger underground
Some people say I got a problem with authority so
what if I do man it beats relinquished control

Philthy Phil Philanderer
You've taken when you should've give away
Philty Phil you gave to us
We cannot repay

There's something grand about being nothing
There's something lame about being grand
Alcohol squirtin' gun don't want no holidays in the sun
That's me not being you, just me not being you
Either part of the solution or the problem
Can there not be a middle ground for just the anybody
Replace superman with Joe ordinary

Philthy Phil Philanderer
You've taken when you should 've give away
Philthy Phil you gave to us
We cannot repay

Freedom Like A Shopping Cart

A christian an anarchist slash prostitute
figures out the true meaning of freedom
Not freedom like America, freedom like a shopping cart
Kick back no tense you got a bag of grub that cost you about 50 cents
No fear no fuckin feat malt liquor tastes much better on the street

Crusting, a way of life for heroines and heroes
who hitch hike the road to eden
Not eden like the garden state, eden like the state of mind
Kick back cheap thrills you'll do anything for laugh even if it kills you
The bridge you took it out the ticket takers suddenly lost count
Sleeping under rays your teeth crumbling away say goodbye
To all responsibility you never wanted it man

Wasting time whenever you get the chance
Which happens to be all the time
Kick back free meals
A couple times a day you make a coupe of shady deals
No work, no fuckin pay
Cardboard condominium by the bay

Between the red and black and you're never goin' back
Say good bye to all responsibility
You never wanted it man

Bleeding Heart Disease

How money polluted my mind
Dough what our lives are lived for
Rae just a crazy aussie
Me the generation forges on

Fodder for corporations
Sewwing our lips together
LA such a nice place to get shot

But don't forget the T it
Follows liber in the the constitution
Following the part about pursuit
of happiness the bi product
of colonial precious metal
mine extracts which brings us back to dough

Today I saw a kid torture a cat
Too much leisure teenage Norman Rockwell
paints it black!

How did the chain get started
More is what everyone wants
Neydy is what none of us are
Cooperation died last night
Ruptured bleeding heart foresight
Me, I'm just a loo

So don't expect the best you won't be disappointed when you take
A bite and watch the worm crawl back inside.
Don't belive the fairy tales of million dollar
happiness, Los Angelestic lifestyles
The pursuit of million dollar happiness

Million dollar happiness was killed we watched it bleed,
Some say it died from hate
Some say from bleeding heart disease

Hotdog In A Hallway

She'll have another piece of pie
She'll have a double reuben rye
She works hard at eating well
That's why I love her

She's got a couple of pony kegs
Her arms are bigger than my legs
And when she holds me I can't breathe
That's why I love her

I'm her butter she's my bread
She's like a mobile waterbed
And when I got on top of her
I can't touch the mattress

And when her flesh begins to sag
She's like a human sleeping bag
I feel so cozy, safe and warm
She's my insulation

I always know where she sat
And when she's on me I get flat
Some broken ribs a punctured lung
That's why I love her

She's my Phillie I'm her Stud
Her bean is bigger than my pud
It's like feeding a tic-tac to a whale
That's why I love her

Release The Hostages

Stop have a beer it's on me has
anyone ever told you that you that
Look like a star
Heard it said at the bar

So I drink cause it makes me
Happier than being alone
My good friend Johnie Walker
Keeping warm like a cunt

Seems like everybody's got
Something I have not, a reason
not to die, says to Mr Right, cause
That's not me.

Seems like everybody's got
Something I have not, a reason
not to die, so I say death to Mr Right
he makes me sad.


She's been around a couple years
Tasted 31 flavors there's only one
She really hates.
That would be vanilla bean
The blandest one don't make her scream
And that's what she likes to hear the most

Liza's been around the block
She's currently a femme bitch top
A giant step from old Louise
Now she's the one who's on the prey

She used to wear her hair short long
Determing her preference
She didn't like that dynamic
Trading in her flannel shirts
For six inch heals latex skirts
She even bought herself some bras

Miss Terrence sellers again
She's got more power feminine
She knows the power incites fear
And it's that fear
Which makes her wet
She's goin to the Tribe 8 show
Plenty of boychicks to choose from
It's like the calyx of isis
She'll find a bottom young & butch
She'll tell her:
"I won't hurt you much, unless of course
you want me to."

She's been around a couple years
Tasted 31 flavors there's only one
She really hates.

What's The Matter With Kid's Today?

There's something wrong with the kids in my neighborhood
They always listen to music
They disregard civil disobedience
They'd rather do what they're told
They don't drink, or fuck, or fight
They sit home, and read, expand their minds

There's something wrong with the kinds in my cul de sac
Their always goin to church
They dress well and they're
Speaking articulate
They show eachother respect
They're never late, don't joke
or break rules
They eat right, study hard
They like school

There's something wrong with the kids in my neighborhood

Love Story

Partly owned tuder house
Wooden white picket fence
Mother waits for father
In a backless dress
Hardly used diaphram
Put back into his case
A one way trip down memory lane
As she awaits

I don't wanna know
Cheat me I don't wanna know

Children play in the yard
Mother stares at a wall
Father says he's gonna be back late
So don't wait up
About a quarter to 3
Father stares at a wall
Stained thicker than water
Who's gonna clean it up

The Black And White

Mr. McCarthy killed the light
he didn't wake his lovely wife
He left the key inside the door
woke on the wrong side of the bed
She can't remember what he said
but she sure knew what he had done
Little choices in a, a little town maybe a
little man is right to be afraid
Biblic moralization, identity frustration,
confused man cannot know his heart
So he may be fucking her,
but he's thinking about him

Catherine McKinnon does exist,
she likes to call herself a feminist
A crusader who fights the pate.
But what she really hates is sex
Erotic images oppress and debase women as a whole
Simple solutions created by black & white thinking,
Too bad the world not work that way.
Catherine should get busy porkin, that dolt Andrea dworkin
I think they need a good hard fuck
Cause she may be off her back
now she needs to get off ours

The little man sits all alone,
his sexuality's been cut in stone
He don't love her, she don't really care
Two victims of the black and white

Whatever Didi Wants

I wouldn't walk 500 miles when I could fly coach
but almost anything
I wouldn't swim across the Nile
Cause I could get a moebic disentary

Cause if there's anything you want
I'll probably get it
Just tell me what you need
I'll try not to forget it
You need someone to blame
I'll say I said it
Whatever Didi wants she's gonna get it

I wouldn't climb the highest mountain
Could get a blister, but almost anything
I wouldn't throw coins in a fountain
I may be needing to make a phone call

You are so beautiful to me
Than let's go try and get it right

It doesn't seem like you're a million
Miles away, no.
But maybe one or two
It doesn't mean, I never loved you
I love you long time, when you're on top of me

August 8th

Birds sing there's not a cloud in the sky
Yeah, August 8th is a beautiful day
I see a bunch of hippies crying yeah
August 8th is a beautiful day
Like waking up from a real bad dream
Suddenly everything is ok
The storm has passed the sun is shining
Yeah August 8th is a beautiful day
What's goin on what's goin on
Is something bummin your scene?
There's something wrong,
There's something wrong I'm not trying to be mean
The air is sweet the summer flowers bloomin
nowhere in sight is anything gray

Feelings of joy are filling the street
yeah August 8th is beautiful day
Like waking up from a fucked up dream,
suddenly everything's looking good
There's been no permanent damage done
Yeah August 8th came right when it should

Poor Jeff, poor little Timmy turtle
Staying home on such a beautiful day

Drop The World

He won the race the judges concluded
He was the betterman he'd come from victory
A hesitation a one time show or place
His self would not allow he had to be the best

He had denied his urges cause they would of
Drained his strength that battle had been won
with side effects a few.....
He may have dropped the world
He would not have let us down
Dana has gone away
I hope she's in a better place

She aced the test a grade above the rest
of the class felt the curve.
A 93% was not enough to feed her fix
She needs that perfect score.
Endorphin rush she loved, it would opiate her.

She had denied all allegations of her loneliness
That battle had been won with scars still under wraps
She may have dropped the world
She would not let us down
Endorphin rush she loved
She may have dropped the world.


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