Mission 01 Steel Axe

※【E】=English (英語) 【J】=Japanese (日本語) 【A】=Arena (アリーナ) 【B】=Burford (バーフォード) 【S】=Sulejmani (スレイマニ) 【*】=after destroying the aircrafts of the enemies’. (敵機破壊後) 【O】=Oruma (オルマ) 【G】=Gaviria (ガビリア) 【K】=Kiriakov (キリアコフ)

◎briefing (ブリーフィング)

【E】Listen up, Martinez Security M42 Squadron. This is your company leader, Frederick Burford.

【E】Here’s your briefing for the upcoming mission.

【E】 It’s a joint show with the Seventh Fleet and SDF , in the Pacific, near the Midway Islands.

SDF:自衛隊。“Self-Defense Force”

【E】Martinez Security has been given special permission to take part in this military exhibition.

【E】This is almost unheard of for a private military company, which speaks well of our reputation.

【E】But I don’t intend on being satisfied with just that. Show them exactly how good we are.

【E】 We also have a new pilot joining the M42. Call sign “Antares.”

【E】They say he’s a great pilot with military background. I hope we can put his skills to good use.

【E】That’s all. Prepare to deploy.

◎selecting the aircraft (機体選択)

【E-B】Antares Squadron, launch!

◎in the mission (ミッション内)

【E-B】Call sign “Antares”, do you copy? This is Burford of AWACS “Canopus.” This’ll be the first working with you, so I’m eager to see what you’ve got.
【J-B】 コールサイン ”アンタレス”。アンタレス、聞こえるか?こちら航空管制機 “カノープス” のバーフォードだ。入社して初のミッションとなるが、君の働きには期待している。

※do you copy?:この場合のcopyはふつうの用例(写す;印刷する)どおりにそのまま訳すと読めなくなってしまう。copyはアメリカ英語(つまりアメリカ訛りの英語)では((無線の)メッセージなどを〉受信するという意味を持っている。そのため「do you copy?」の訳は「(電波を)受信(コピー)していますか?」つまり「聞いてますか?」と意訳するとよい。ちなみにこれは無線・電話などを使用している時によく使う言い回しで、熟語として覚えてしまっても構わないかもしれない。)

【E-A】Hey there Antares, (someone who was chosen by u) Arena here. I’m going to be your operator. We’re military, but we’re PMC. Let’s do away with the formalities and just kick some ass. With your skill, this’ll be a piece of cake.


【E-A】Captain Sulejmani, sir!

【E-S】Mission briefs are supposed to be brief. How much hand holding do we need to do?

【E-B】Easy there, Rigel 1.

【E-S】Hmph, enough talk. Let’s go.

【E-B】Let’s start with the basics. Lock on to a bandit and destroy it with a missile. (after locking on) When the container is red, you’re locked on target. Now, fire a missile.


【*E-A】Bandit down.

【E-B】Onto the next.

【E-S】You may want to ease off the throttle!

【E-A】More bandits approaching.

【E-B】Get the bandit in firing range.

【*E-A】UAV destroyed! You’re doing good. Onto the next.

【E-O】Yo, Antares. Nice flying there. I’m Daniel Oruma, of the Rigel Squadron. Pleased to meet you.

【E-G】Huh. Of course the hombre’s good. Think about his background.

【E-O】That was Faryd Gavaria. He can be annoying, but he’s got skills.

【E-B】All right, you’ll now be up against multiple bandits. However, your target will be the fighter labeled “TGT” on your sight.
【J-B】よし、次は複数の敵機が出現する。だが狙うのは、コンテナに “TGT” と表示されたターゲット機だけだ。

【*E-A】Target down! Keep it up. Let’s keep going.
【*J-A】ターゲット機 (TGT) 、撃墜!その調子だ。次行くぞ!

【E-K】Took you long enough, Antares.

【E-O】Hey now , Tolya. No need to get in his face.

【E-S】Lieutenant Kiriakov, this is a mission like any other.


【E-B】Bandit has entered combat zone. But it’s currently outside of radar detection. Switch radar to combat airspace. Target has excellent mobility. Standard missile won’t work for this one. Switch weapons and use QAAMs (Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile) to change the bandit down.
【J-B】 敵機が出現した。だが敵は索敵レーダーの範囲外にいる。このターゲット機(TGT) は旋回性能が強化されている。標準のミサイルでは当て辛い。兵装を切り替え、追尾性能の高いQAAM (高機動空対空ミサイル) を使え。

【*E-A】All targets down!
【*J-A】全ターゲット機 (TGT) 撃墜!

【E-B】Impressive, Antares. Next we are scheduled for a joint training session with the Seventh Fleet and Belf-Defense Forces.

【E-S】Burford! To the east!

【E-B】Huh? What’s that?

【E-A】No response on IFF. Bogeys incoming, possibly hostile.
【J-A】 IFF (敵味方識別装置) に応答無し……。所属不明部隊だと!?

【E-B】To all airborne M42 Units! We’ve got company. Unidentified armed forces have entered our airspace. Their main forces is heading west, but a number of them are engaging our allies here. We’ve ID’ed these bogeys as bandits. Seventh Fleet has asked us to eliminate them. Shoot down all unknown aircraft!

【E-S】Hey rookie, don’t slow us down now. Let’s go.

【E-Seventh Fleet Commander】All units, free to engage. Shoot down all unknown aircraft.


【E-A】Enemy reinforcements approaching. 《欠落部位》Enemy bombers are attacking the Seventh Fleet! (after destroying all bandits) No enemies in sight.

【E-B】All bandits down. Good work. The Seventh Fleet and Self-Defense Forces have not taken substantial damage either. Antares, you did good out there. We’re grateful to have you on our team. But just where did those bandits come from?

【E-A】Colonel, incoming transmission!

【E-B】What? We just received word from the Seventh Fleet .The bandits are heading towards Japan. They’re planning on hitting Tokyo! We need to rendezvous with the Seventh Fleet and help defend the capital!

◎mission results

【E】Things took a nasty turn for your first mission, but you handled yourself well.

【E】Both Rigel and Antares Squadron, good work. However, hostiles are headed for Tokyo.

【E】We can’t rest on your laurels here. We need to stop them from reaching their destination.

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