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On Lawyers and Localization, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for Allinterview


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney quickly found a fanbase with its clever writingand unique courtroom setting. This week Capcom is released the next installmentof the Phoenix Wright series entitled, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice forAll with a slightly more mature lawyer. Minae Matsukawa the producer of Justicefor All and Janet Hsu explain what is new in the sequel and speak about thegame’s localization.
Phoenix Wright: AceAttorney(海外版逆転裁判)は、その面白い文章と独特の法廷システムで、多くのファンを引き込みました。今週カプコンは、AceAttorneyシリーズとして、少し成長した弁護士と共にPhoenixWright: Ace Attorney Justice forAll(海外版逆転裁判2)を発売しました。Justice forAllプロデューサーの松川美苗氏と翻訳スタッフのJanetHsu氏が、ゲームの翻訳について語りました。

In “Justice for All”, Phoenix is a seasoned lawyer. What has changedbetween the events in the first game to now?
Justice forAllでは、Phoenix(成歩堂)は成長をとげた弁護士です。1作目と2作目の間で何か変化はありましたか?

Minae Matsukawa (producer): Various things happened between the two games, butnothing important, per se. More than anything, we wanted to start “Justicefor All” at a point where the player would feel that Phoenix has grown andmatured a little since the first game. So while he’s not a rookie anymore, hestill doesn’t always know what to do.

Phoenix gains a new skill in the series with help from the Fey family, theability to break “psyche locks”. How does this enhance the gameplay?


Minae Matsukawa: Gameplay-wise, the Psyche-Lock system adds to theinvestigation segments by providing players with a chance to interact withcharacters to obtain different kinds of information that Phoenix couldn’totherwise. It also gave the investigation segments a sense of direction and apurpose. I think this enhances the investigation segments and makes them morebalanced with the courtroom portion.

How did you come up with the name puns for the characters in Phoenix Wright AceAttorney: Justice for All?
あなたはどのようにPhoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice forAllでの各キャラクターの名前の考えましたか?

Janet Hsu (localization): Some of the names were based on the character’spersonality, background or some other aspect, and some were simply visual gags.In the case of episode 3, a lot of them were the original names Mr. Takumiwrote for the Japanese version, since the names were already English puns tobegin with.

Speaking of characters who was your favorite character to write dialoguefor?


Janet Hsu: Personally, I enjoyed writing Franziska von Karma and AdrianAndrews. Franziska actually has a lot more depth than people give her creditfor, but you’ll have to get to the end to find out why. Adrian is a very deepcharacter, and I think she is one of the more realistic and human characters ofthe game, along with Acro. Jean Pierre (JP) Kellams, who wrote episode 3, sayshis favorite character is Moe by far because he is such a stooge.
Janet Hsu:個人的に、Franziska von Karma(狩魔冥)と AdrianAndrews(華宮霧緒)の会話は書いていて楽しかったです。最後までプレイすればわかりますが、Franziskaは見た目よりずっと深いキャラクターです。Adrianもまた、非常に深いキャラで、Acro(アクロ)と同様、彼女はゲームの中のキャラクターでありなが、非常に現実的な人物だと思いました。JeanPierreKellams(3話翻訳担当)は、Moe(トミー)もまた深いキャラであったので、一番好きだと言っています。

What were some of your favorite jokes or lines that you put in the game?

Janet Hsu: One word: chewing gum. I don’t want to spoil the scene any morethan that. Look for it in episode 4. As for episode 3, JP says he enjoyedwriting pretty much everything Moe said. His exact words were, “Moe Curls ForThe Win!” On the serious front, I loved writing the scene where a certainsomeone had a discussion with Phoenix about what it is to be a lawyer.
JanetHsu:一つ目はチューインガム。ネタバレになるので詳細は話しません。4話にあるので探してください。3話に関しては、JeanPierreKellams(3話翻訳担当)がMoeが言ったすべてを書くのが楽しかったと言います。確か、"MoeCurls For TheWin!" 後はシリアスな場面、Phoenixが弁護士について議論する場面を書くのが興味深かった。

The Phoenix Wright series has become a pretty large hit. Was the success of theseries surprising?

Minae Matsukawa: Gyakuten Saiban (as it’s known in Japan) started out smallhere as well. The original team that made it was no more than a handful ofdedicated people, and to see it become so popular around the world isdefinitely surprising. We’re very happy to have the opportunity to bring thisgame to fans outside of Japan.

If this game is successful too (and we hope it is) is there hope for morePhoenix Wright games in the future?

Minae Matsukawa: If “Justice for All” does well, we will definitelyconsider bringing out more Ace Attorney games overseas in the future.
松川氏:Justice forAllが成功すれば、私たちは将来、続きのPhoenixWrightシリーズを海外で出すことを考えるでしょう。