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Producer Minae Matsukawa answers your Ace Attorney questions

Boeboe: Will PW3 be released in Europe or not?
Matsukawa-San: It will be out on 3rd October

Boeboe: What do you think about European gamers importing games from the States or Japan? Especially with PW3 being endlessly delayed, breaking the storyline for PW fans that don't import their games.
アメリカや日本からゲームを輸入するヨーロッパのゲームプレイヤーをどう思いますか? 特に、3作目の発売が遅れたため、輸入しなかったファンにとってはストーリー展開が破壊されたことについて。
Matsukawa-San: I'm sorry if the storylines have been spoilt. We are doing our best to localise the language to each region so you can play the games exactly how we wanted you to.

Boeboe: Not wanting to ask for any specifics about the releasedate: will perfect proscecutor be released in Europe (almost) simultaniously with America?
Matsukawa-San: I can't really say for now. However, as you may have noticed Capcom is very susceptible to fan voices so if you make enough noise...we'll hear you!

Boeboe: PW suddenly made the whole very Japanese "graphical novel" genre popular in the Western world. Can we expect similar games translated to English in the future?
Matsukawa-San: I'm absolutely delighted to hear that Phoenix Wright made such a cultural impact! It was a challenging task but it was obviously well worth the effort. However, at the moment I would imagine it would be hard to come up with 'similar' games and the PW series will be the one and only of this calibre.
Phoenix Wrightがそのような影響を及ぼしたことはとても嬉しいです! これはやりがいのある仕事で、努力する価値がありました。しかし、現在、「似たよう な」ゲームを出すのは難しい、Phoenix Wrightシリーズが唯一無二のゲームであると思います。

ironlunch: When might we see new info on the next Ace Attorney game?
Matsukawa-San: I don't know...

ironlunch: Will the next game in the series feature a new defense attorney?
Matsukawa-San: I don't know about this either, but what I can be sure is that popular character are bound to show up again if there was the next game...

ironlunch: Are there any plans for an Ace Attorney game or spin-off to be developed for other systems (like WiiWare)?
Matsukawa-San: Not at all.

ironlunch: Will we ever get to play as Phoenix again?
Matsukawa-San: Maybe, maybe not

ironlunch: Is the upcoming Turnabout Prosecutor game part of a series? Or...will there be a sequel to it?
逆転検事は逆転裁判シリーズの中に入っているのですか? 続編はありますか?
Matsukawa-San: It is the Ace Attorney series for sure, but will have signicantly different features. We can't say much for the sequel to this, we'll have to see, don't we.

Takagi-kun: Have you ever considered expanding the Ace Attorney universe and story in other media such as animated series, in a similar fashion to other Capcom games such as Devil May Cry or Viewtiful Joe?
Matsukawa-San: There are several projects currently ongoing/planned. The most prominent currently is the Special Court Orchestra.

Takagi-kun: In Japan, Ace attorney music concerts are quite popular. Do you think it would be possible to have one of these concerts held in the US or Europe in the future if the fan base is numerous enough?
Matsukawa-San: If there are enough people who would like to attend then sure, why not!

Takagi-kun: The first three Ace Attorney games for the Game Boy Advance were Japan-only releases. What made you change your mind and release the DS versions in western markets?
Matsukawa-San: Because the fans wanted them. We have heard from so many people that they wanted to play all of the series.

Takagi-kun: Was there any specific reason to release Apollo Justice before Trials and Tribulations in Europe while in the US it was the other way around?
Matsukawa-San: People wanted to play Apollo Justice with all the new characters more than Trials and Tribulations at that time.
当時ヨーロッパで、Apollo Justiceでプレイしたいという人が、Trials and Tribulationsをプレイしたい人よりも多かったのです。

Takagi-kun: What is, in your opinion, the biggest quality of the Ace Attorney games?
Ace Attorneyシリーズにおいて最も大きい特色は何だと思いますか?
Matsukawa-San: I would say the characters and the story...but most weight would be on the characters' uniqueness. Obviously the characters and the stories related to them are all connected so the best quality of Ace Attorney is what these elements orchestrate.
キャラクターとストーリーだと言えるでしょう。最も大きいのはユニークなキャラクターたちだと思います。キャラクターとストーリーが繋がり、これらの要素の統合がAce Attorneyシリーズ良作にしています。

Gravy On Toast: Will we see many familiar characters in TP? (I know Edgeworth, and Gumshoe are there, but is there anyone else?)
Matsukawa-San: This is actually soon to be announced. More and more information regarding this will be released in the near future so look out!

Gravy On Toast: Will we ever see Phoenix & Maya again?!
chyiochan: I want phoenix and Maya to be seen again so badly. You built up their friendship, and I think they deserve something more.
Matsukawa-San: Capcom is a company that is influenced by the voices of fans, almost too much so. So, if the fans out there make enough hype and noise about know the drill!