北米Developer Blog No.2


※Alexander O. Smith氏

※文中に出てくるDavid Crislip氏はWinston Payne(亜内武文)のボイス担当。

Entry 2:  "Native" Hunter


Hi everyone.  This is Minae Matsukawa, the producer of the Ace Attorney series, welcoming you to another installment of our ongoing behind-the-scenes series.
こんにちは。Ace Attorneyシリーズのプロデューサーの松川美苗です。今回も私たちの仕事の舞台裏を紹介しましょう。

Well, it looks like we finally have a release date for "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney", and I finally have the time to sit down and write a new entry.  I suppose if we hadn't decided on a date by now, I'd be sitting here writing "RELEASE DATE!" over and over and over again instead.
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorneyの発売日が近付いてきました。私も発売日前の最後の投稿を書きましょう。

Let's see.  This time, I'd like to share with you a bit about how we got the voices we did for the overseas releases.

Ben Judd is the voice of Phoenix Wright.  He nominated himself like some sort of presidential candidate by loudly declaring, "I'm going to be Phoenix!!"  Luckily for him, he didn't have any rivals, so he got his wish.  He won the position by a landslide; namely because he was uncontested.
Ben JuddはPhoenix Wrightの声を担当しました。彼は大声で宣言して、まるで大統領の候補者を指名するように自分を指名しました。「私がPhoenixになります!」彼にとって幸運なことに、ライバルがいなかったので、彼の願いは叶いました。つまり他の立候補者がいなかったので、無投票でその座を勝ち得たのです。

Of course, it was simple to find someone to be Phoenix; he's a popular character, after all.   But poor Winston Payne.  As expected, there wasnot a single volunteer.
無論、Phoenixの声を見つけるのは簡単なことです。彼は人気がありますから。しかし、可哀想なWinston Payne(亜内武文)。予想済みでしたが、彼の声の候補者は見つかりませんでした。

"What now...?" I thought to myself.
That's when Mr. Yamazaki, the planner in charge of voice recording, came up to me and said, "Hey, we can be like a bunch of Monster Hunters!  We should hunt down and capture some native English speakers.  Then we can take their voices as trophies!!"  ("Monster Hunter" was pretty popular within our company at the time.)

「まるでモンスターハンターみたいですね! 何とかして現地の英語を話せる人を捕まえなくてはならない。そしてその声は勝利品に値するものです」(モンスターハンターはこの時社内で流行っていました。)

And so, our game of "Native Hunter" began.  We scoured the entire company roster for native English speakers.

"Oh, here's a guy in Localization!  Localizer GET!!"
"There's a person in the Overseas Marketing division who's willing to help out!"
They definitely weren't monsters, but we were able to find and enlist the cooperation of native speaker after native speaker in this fashion!  We didn't even have to force anyone; they were all willing and glad to help out!

「翻訳担当はここにいる! 捕まえるんだ!」

Then came the actual voice recording sessions for the first Phoenix Wright game.  I'd like to say that this is how voice recording is usually done, but that would be sort of misleading, as we had our own special way of doing things.
そして、海外初のPhoenix Wrightのために、実際のボイス収録に立ち会いました。私たちの収録方法は特別なやり方だったので、そのやり方を見ると、ちょっと誤解を招くかもしれません。

"And next we have Mr. David Crislip.  If you please."
"Sure.  So which character should I start with?"
"Why don't we start with Payne?"
David Payne started yelling, "Objection!" in an unusual tone of voice.  Then it was David Edgeworth's turn to yell in a smooth, sophisticated voice, and then the demonic David von Karma.

「じゃあ次にDavid Crislipさん、お願いします」
David "Payne"は妙な口調で叫び始めました。「Objection!」。それから、David "Edgeworth(御剣)"はスムーズな洗練された声で、David "von Karma(狩魔豪)"は悪魔のような声で。

We took voice for the three main characters.  After each take, we reviewed it and gave David a few directions.

"Sorry, David, but could you do Von Karma's voice again?  But this time, try to make your voice even deeper!  And try to make Edgeworth sound cool!!!  Oh, and can you try Payne in an even higher, squeakier voice!?"
「すみません、David、Von Karmaの声をもう一度お願いできますか? もうちょっと声を深くして。それから、Edgeworthはもっとクールに。Payneはもっと高い、キーキーした声で!」

David performed as he was told and tried his best - the multitudes of directions we gave him flew fast and furious.  We kept the takes the R&D team thought were the best, and put into the game ROM.  I have to confess that we were so focused on recording their voices that we ended up being big meanies by leaving the voice actors in the dark.  They had to wait until they got to play the ROM before they found out which character their voice was used for.

But even now, I want to say a big "thanks" to all the Capcom employees who loaned their voices to the various characters with their unique yells of, "Objection!"  I have to say that as the producer, I was super grateful that we could get voice actors for free! *laugh*



I kid, I kid.  Here's the real reason.
The voice actors in the Japanese versions of the Ace Attorney games are all Capcom employees.  When we decided to make the overseas version, we felt that it would be really neat if we could do the same thing.  And so, we started to promote the idea throughout the company one person at a time by telling everyone about how we were going to be making an English version of the first Ace Attorney game.  Even now, people look forward to the opportunity to be a character in the next game.

Ace Attorneyシリーズの日本版では、ボイスは全てカプコン社員が担当しました。海外版を製作することに決めた時、私たちは同じことが出来ればいいと思っていました。私たちが最初の海外版をどのようにして作っていくかということを皆に伝えることにより、会社の全体に一挙にこのゲームが広まりました。今は、社員は、次のゲームでボイスを担当したいと期待しています。

Switching gears here, I'd like to talk a little about the man behind the English translation of "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney", Mr. Alexander O. Smith.
少し話を変えて、ここで"Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney"の英訳の影の功労者である、Alexander O. Smith氏について。

After working with us on the first Ace Attorney game, he was quick to accept our request to translate .Apollo Justice..  I remember at the first meeting, where we made the initial request, how excited he was to jump right into this project.  It was written all over his face.  I told him how much I looked forward to working with him and how I couldn't wait to see what shape the English version would take.  It is thanks to beautiful writing of this incredibly nice guy that the English version of "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney" was born.
最初のAce Attorneyに関して私たちと共に働いてくれた彼は、Apollo Justiceの翻訳についても私たちの要請を素早く受け入れてくれました。私は、最初の要請をした会議で、彼がこのプロジェクトにどれほど興奮したかを覚えています。それは彼の顔に描かれているほどでした。私は、彼に私がどんなに彼と仕事がしたいか、そして、英語版がどのような形になるか待ちきれないと話しました。彼のおかげで英語版の"Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney"の美しい文章が生まれたことに感謝しています。

Voices, translations...
All of this talk is nice, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to experience "Apollo Justice", so to that end, we have made a Flash version of the game's demo available online.  You can play it right here on the Capcom website, even while you read this entry.  I hope you'll pass the word along, and convince a friend or two who have never bought an Ace Attorney game before to give it a try.  The admission fee to play such an interesting game demo is free, after all!  You can even say that it was your voice that made it possible.
全て素晴らしいものです。私たちはみなさんに体験してもらいたいと思い、オンラインでプレイできるFlashバージョンのデモを製作しました。カプコンUSAのサイトでプレイできます。まだAce Attorneyをプレイしたことがない友人にプレイしてもらってください。このデモは無料です! そして、デモを作る事ができたのは、皆さんの声のおかげだと言えるでしょう。

Yes, that's right.  We heard your cries of, "Objection!"
The staff at Capcom USA (CEI) told us that this time, with this game, we simply had to create an English version of the Flash demo we had on our Japanese website.  "The fans are waiting!" they said.  So I hope you.ll help us spread the word and post about or post the Flash demo up wherever you can!


The Ace Attorney series would have gone nowhere without the help of those who were willing to loan their voices to it.  Of course, everyone who is reading this entry right now is another voice in our chorus, and for that, I thank you.
Ace Attorneyシリーズは、皆さんの声なしでは存在しませんでした。もちろん、この投稿を今読んでいるあなたの声もです。私は皆さんに感謝します。

Well, it looks like time's up.  Next time, I'll tell you about how to battle fiercely with nothing but your voice.

Until then...