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Burgling ramen shops or rooftop camping, homeless turning to petty crime to struggle on
Japan's first generation of 'have-it-all' women looking for one last thing: love
Rag's rare ramen rings in rave reviews
Half plushie frog, half musical instrument: Introducing the Keromin
Thai mangosteens become the latest health fad on everyone's lips
Tabloid Tidbits: Tokyo driver burned at gas pump adopts 'fill-her-up, knock-em-down' tactic
Akihabara's unsung hero maintaining a low profile
Sports writers say sayonara to Tokyo's hopes of hosting the 2016 Olympics
Condiment king Kikkoman producing another kind of sauce
'The Battlefield's Cheated Women' hits raw nerve with housewives
Baby boomers beat the old age blues with a pricey cruise
Tabloid Tidbits: Trouble teacher collared for trespassing
Tabloids U-turn on convicted killer as list of mental health problems lengthens
Freaking out on the Oedo Line
New flick shows prison wardens walk a tightrope serving as "crutches" for death row inmates
Mobile monolith DoCoMo cosies up to customers to try to turn round flagging fortunes
Vertically challenged volleyballers find secret weapon in underwear
Boffin uses high-tech equipment to prove TV celebrities show brain activity
Cram school for adults to teach common sense
Tumultuous times in Tokyo for businessmen who love hotels


Southern All Stars' hatchet man manager plays sneaky death note maneuver
Pernicious patients leave harried healers in hospital hell
Colorful cowboy strums suicidal tendencies away with his song
Japanese bondage documentary 'Bakushi' knot suitable for faint-hearted
Sick skating sensei sullies schoolgirl, leaves wife to handle the heat
Chocolate kiss made bitter after distracted driver plows down pedestrian
Wannabe idol Asuka Sawamoto squeals that bottom-baring antics attracted police spanking
The lewd abides on Paradise TV's new strip bowling challenge
Naughty schoolgirls serve up 'espressos' to go at 'encounter cafes'
Narked nurses take musical revenge on worsening workplaces
Give me pubic hair, or give me death!
Murder and mutilation stalk the streets, but won't somebody think of the pansies?
Suicidal porn princess with a fetish for funny men chooses gassing over flaming
Behind-the-scenes babes offer backdoor view of Japan's porn biz
DNA tests place offensive soccer star's dribbling balls at scene of panty raid
Eureka! Amazing academic professes to find the feudal foundations of fellating


10 cops, 5 cars required to tame teen tearaway trio in kicking, spitting cry for help
Tabloid Tidbits: Toyohashi teacher's teenage temptress makes Aichi say 'Ouch!'
Gorgeous 'Goddess' goes gumming down at the lust picture show
Post-bubble prettyboys showing a fetish for the full facial
NHK ventures into the closet for first time with program on homosexuality
Ashes to ashes, crest to crest -- cremation cruises offer new wave of eternal rest
Fishy financial dealings leave notorious hostess club doyenne 'The Piranha' in hot water
New sex services hold out a healthy helping hand to halt those mean metabolic blues
Christians cry foul as white elephant 'terrorists' stampede over Japan's 'Holy Grail'
New, fat version of Japan's most famous superhero creates 'LardAss-tro Boy'
Train companies close doors on men's only carriages, giving free pass to groping scams
Pissy residents say TV claim of heroes' soiled surrender dumps on town's good name
Career bubble girl's DVD shares sudsy secrets of soapland sex shops
Kids' theme park predator gives little girl wicked hands-on work experience
Burned hooker blows away the wicked 'Dragon of Kabukicho'
Osaka otaku cafe swaps mincing maids for matronly moms
Profligate parent does his bit for the aging population -- by fathering 25 kids
Depressed? Chill out with a Mount Fuji photo pill


Kabukicho's pink businesses complain new hotel brings up the tone
Wanted: Gothic geeks to teach English to otaku nerds
Praise the lord, human punchbag Hareruya's got a new career on stage
Tabloid Tidbits: Super schoolboy crimefighters gang up to catch crook
Eager employers think outside the box for peon-pleasing perks
Wicked website packages pre-teen gaijin girl pedophilia for Japanese fetishes
Yokohama's geriatric manner police to turn crazed commuters into tranquil traingoers
Chunichi Dragons' macho marsupial mascot knocking hearts out of the ballpark
Tabloid Tidbits: Sneaky student grabbed over train groper scam
Draconian quest to quash geek-gratifying maids risks revenge of the nerds
Savvy schoolgirls of the Little Bubble beat the odds to become the 'special generation'
How wandering hands on packed trains can land you in jail, hospital, or the grave
Tabloid Tidbits: Stinky feet can save marriages
Blood, toil, tears and smut: the '4K' world of the pink publishing industry
Osaka's female 'Cat's Eye' crime trio more porcine than feline
Japan's gray jail birds no spring chickens
Tokyo teacher reveals the less-obvious benefits of a good screw
More Japanese cutting out the middleman with dating sims and sex toys
Tabloid Tidbits: Tokyo bureaucrats clamp down hard on nipples, other racy photo spreads
Rival geek schools let off steam at Akiba's new trainspotter paradise
Whistle while you work: weirdo's willy writhes and wiggles to sonic seduction
Kansai conman had mistresses eating out of his hand while he ate out of their wallets


Fearless flashers bag bonus points for landmark exhibitionism
Lesbian manga and the art of gilding the lily
Feckless fishmonger faces flak for foisting fatal fugu on famished foreign female
Japan pooh-poohs China's Olympic crappers
Tabloid Tidbits: Studying on tatami mats makes kids smarter
Yamagata's "Slipper City" challenges ping pong players to prove they've got sole
The sordid story of the Kawasaki Love Hotel Murder
Persimmon pip puking playoff proves fruity idea nothing to spit at!
"Hitting the pits in the National Persimmon Pip Spitting Contest"
Education, Osaka-style: Sneaky love hotel sets up shop next to school
Don't risk rubbing your gal the wrong way with second-rate sex toys from China
Bushido craze makes samurai style the talk of the town
TV newscaster's indecent exposure not just a flash in the pan
She-male flicks peel off perverted packaging, provide professional polish
'Mobile phone sommelier' latest symptom of Japan's quirky qualification craze
Faustian swimsuit gives Japanese swimmers the edge while revealing the points


Perverted psychic pinched for slipping healing hands into the 'honey pot'
Perverted driving instructor's private lessons made up of parking own 'hot rod'
As petrol prices push upward, papa-sans' play purchases poised to plummet!
Sexlessness and sedentary urination both sad signs of modern times, says shrink
Mighty maggots face gross gangrene in medicine's clash of the creepy
Men's 'sexually harassing' hairy chests get under gals' skin
Despite Kabukicho's sex trade going limp, love hotels start 2008 with a bang
Tortured by temptation, turned-on teacher traps untainted teen
Mules, fraudsters and hitmen for hire just a click away in Japan's online underworld
Wayward woodwind teacher arrested for showing schoolgirls how to blow
Kiddy fiddlers quivering after teacher's arrest blows lid on Hokkaido child porn biz
Brutal rapist and murderer the alleged flip side of Saitama family man
Cops go to work on oldest profession in the world
Pornographers plead to police: Don't be a stick flick in the mud!
Fukui bigwigs reckon it's not about performance, it's whether you get the crabs


Depraved deri-heru delights for ringing in the year with a bawdy bang
Private dicks help old flames reignite smoldering desire
Teacher outs own student-centric kiddy porn stash after blackmail threats
Tabloid Tidbits: Imposter otaku put untimely end to maid taxis for disabled
All aboard! Brazenly bawdy exhibitionists engage in early-morning rail romps
It might take two to tango, but only one to Tenga
Sozzled salarymen bust out Engrish Enka to score karaoke style points
Present-hunting parents say domo arigato, Mr. Airboto
Looking for toasty tootsies on the cheap? Try the humble hot water bottle
What's that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster Mom?
Reporter reveals raunchy rip-offs rampant in sleazy Shimbashi
Foreigners' Home Sweet 'Homi' greeted by local cold shoulder
One molested workforce, one education empire... one Nazi pervert leader
Cops pull plug on cabaret club serving pee on the rocks, plates of pubes
School libraries get textbooks that give the A to Z of AV
Hanryu boom on the way out, a crush of Korean call girls on the way in
Magazines appealing to flaky 'sukatoro' fetishists fulfill a fascination for feces
Frisky filmmaker zooms in on Japan's 'palaces of hidden treasures'
Christian missionary spreads the word ... and legs of 14-year-old girl
Idol curiosity has cybernetic songstress striking a chord
Skittled bowling world turns to sexy schoolgirl spinner to strike up revival
Tabloid Tidbits: Kiddy knicker fetishist 'friendly', according to neighbours
Little Pebbles cultists smother on the yoghurt in bizarre 'bam bam' ritual




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