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raw2qt264 is a command line encoder using QuickTime H.264 codec for Mac OS X. raw2qt264 reads raw video from ffmpeg via pipe. You can specify pass count and bit rate.

raw2qt264.source.zip is Xcode project, so you can modify and build easily.

2006.1.21 Universal Binary. New Intel iMas is fater 2.5 times than iMac G5.



How to use

% raw2qt264 Pass Kbps rawCommand outFile.mov
rawCommand is a line command to output yuv4mpegpipe to stdout.

  • Convert inFile.mpg to outFile.mov, pass count is 2 and bit rate is 1000Kbps.
% raw2qt264 2 1000 "ffmpeg -i inFile.mpg -vcodec rawvideo -f yuv4mpegpipe -" outFile.mov

  • Deinterlace, scale to 640x480 and crop to 90 % using ffmpeg
% raw2qt264 2 1000 "ffmpeg -i inFile.mpg -deinterlace -s 640x480 -croptop 24 -cropbottom 24 -cropleft 32 -cropright 32 -vcodec rawvideo -f yuv4mpegpipe -" outFile.mov


  • renice by itself.
setpriority(PRIO_USER, 0, 10);

  • Compress setting is in createCompressionSession(). You can find setting items in following header.
の、Properties of compression sessions options objects.

  • Key frame rate is currenty 300.
err = ICMCompressionSessionOptionsSetMaxKeyFrameInterval(sessionOptions, 300);

MaxPartialSyncFrameInterval, AllowFrameTimeChanges, DataRateLimits(Hard limit) are set to default.

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