BGM/Electro Arms

01:Hello World
02:Weather weather
03:Popular reception
04:Cross in the heart
05:Gate open
06:Heartful Queen's life
07:Unsung Blue
08:Be stormy
09:Pure koushi
10:Iregular bug
12:Are you cheater?
13:Daisy daisy
14:Spirit sung and danced
15:Breaks up red
16:Bouquet to you
17:Choose the route
18:Only two in the bed
19:I'm in your dream
20:Crossing ardor
21:Dancing Red
22:The Machineries of Joy
23:The Masque of the Red Death
24:Out of obstinacy
25:A Farewall to Arms
26:Howling Zero

OP:g_@_m_e s_t_a_r_t
ED:I'm within your world


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