Pretty Pop Party

全宇宙のKawaiiを愛するミス・プリティが主催する、アフタヌーン&ナイトパーティ! この日は、宇宙全土からあらゆるKawaiiが大集合して楽しくパーリナイ!


Pretty Pop Party

Vividly pastelly world for all of your cutesy needs
You are officially invited to the party of Miss Pretty, the proprietor to all things adorable. So dance the night away!
Feast on the candies and cakes and twirl and sing, for tonight is a celebration of cuteness!
Psst... Do you want to know the REAL Miss Pretty? Don't tell anyone, pinkie promise! For beyond the [Pastel] ribbons and fluffy cupcakes, you'll find [Vivid] dissonance.

①「Pastel」Pastel colors, tea parties, fluffy
②「Vivid」Vivid colors, night parties, flashy

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