Sky Island

皆さんこんにちは。Sky Islandへようこそ!この人工浮遊島は、大自然のテーマパーク。森島(Forest)、海島(Sea)、山島(Mountain)の3つの島が、虹色の線路で繋がれているよ!空飛ぶ機関車で、バーチャルの旅路へ、さぁ行こう!用意はオッケー?それでは、アディオス!


Sky Island

Forest, Mountain, Sea! 3 islands, 3 different environments.
Welcome ladies and gents to Sky Island!
Here you will find 3 man made floating island themed theme parks, each featuring a different biome!
Take a leisurely stroll amidst lush flora in [Forest], sunbathe in a tropical themed beach at the [Sea], or hike through a treacherous volcanic [Mountain]!
Now hop aboard the flying locomotive and let your virtual adventure begin! Au revoir!

①「Forest」Forest, Sunshine, Mushrooms, Fairytale
②「Mountain」Volcanoes, Ruins, Legends and Myths
③「Sea」Beaches, Foam, Aquatic flora, Shipwreck

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