Official distribution page for tools, assets and prefabs.
Please download as needed.

Submission Tool

Will be released at a later date.

Distribution Files

All distribution files will be available for download here, including the submission tool scheduled for release at a later date.

  • AvatarPoseBaker.unitypackage

    • A model baking tool to optimize static rigged models by converting SkinnedMeshRenderers to standard MeshRenderers and removing bones. Use this to optimize and obfuscate humanoid data in rigged models that are static after posing.
    • Bake results might differ based on the rigging settings of the model. Try setting Position and Rotation values to 0 and Scale to 1 after using the tool.
    • Transform values and mesh settings of models may affect results of the bake tool, please use with caution.
    • Certain avatars are confirmed to not be usable with this bake tool. If the bake returns an unexpected, unusable result in your case, please consider your model to be out of the supported specifications for this tool.
  • ObjectSwitch.unitypackage for limit break booths

    • Setup manual for limit break booths

    • Animation setup to handle showing and hiding limit break booths.
    • Please do not include the prefabs in your submissions to prevent overlaps within the official project.
  • Sample Booth Model

    • This package includes the FBX and texture files for a sample booth model.
      Please use it as a reference when creating your booths.
    • In order to edit the material files, please refer to Extracting Materials from Models.
    • The distributed sample booth file does not include lighting information. Please ensure that the lighting settings are set up and correct for your booth before submitting via the submission tool. SampleBooth

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