Castello Magica

バーチャルマーケット2の会場「異世界マルシェ」。今日は、年に一度の城内開放の日。Castello Magicaは、知識と魔法の集積地。


Castello Magica

Majestic castle overlooking Otherworld Marche, a vault for all things arcane
In the town of Otherworld Marche, the royal castle opens its gates once a year for the public to explore and experience the arcane mysteries held within its walls.
The Royal [Hall] where the throne resides, the [Library] with towering bookshelves housing thousands of ancient grimoires and the [Laboratory] where all sorts of arcane research and experiments are carried out. Forgotten magick of old lies dormant everywhere within these halls.

①「Hall」Regal, Traditional, Castle Interior, Throne
②「Library」Knowledge, Grimoires, Silence
③「Laboratory」Research, Magic, Homunculus, Experiments

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