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Q. What is the booth size in [Virtual Factory | The Hangar]?

Q. Can I include assets purchased from BOOTH or Unity's asset store in my booth?

  • Please reference the terms of use for any such items. Items that are prohibited from redistribution should not be used in your booths.
  • Excerpt from Exhibitor Terms & Conditions:
    • ■Banned Exhibits
      ・Contents infringing on the copyright, trademarks and intellectual property laws of third parties
    • ■Disclaimer
      ・Virtual Market is not responsible for the promotion and distribution of the contents on exhibit. Exhibits infringing on copyrights, trademarks and /or intellectual properties as well as leading to the defamation of third parties regardless of the intentions of the exhibitor will be the sole responsibility of said exhibitor. Virtual Market, as well as the organizing committee of Virtual Market will not be held responsible for any defamation or infringements of intellectual properties.
  • Exhibitor Terms & Conditions
  • Unity Asset Store Terms of Service

Q. Limit break booths?

  • By applying as a limit break booth, exhibitors will be able to ignore certain specification limitations imposed on the booths. However, limit break booths will have a tighter deadline (27th Julu 2019) compared to regular booths, and will be reverted to a regular booth if submission has missed the deadline.
  • For more information regarding limit break booths, please refer to [D". Limit Break Booths] in the Booth Rules section.

Q. Can I include the VRC_Station component in avatars on display?

  • You are free to use VRC_Station components in your avatars.
  • For more information regarding avatars and pedestals, please refer to [Avatar Pedestals] in the Booth Rules section.

Q. Can I apply for both regular booths and joint booths at the same time, under the same group name?

  • Please limit yourselves to one booth per circle to ensure equal opportunity for other exhibitors.

Q. Can I feature unoriginal / fanmade contents in my booth?

  • Fanmade contents with permission from the original creator are allowed.
  • Virtual Market will not be held accountable for intellectual property disputes between exhibitors and other parties. Please ensure all contents featured in your booth are licensed accordingly to prevent potential complications.

Q. Can I display my contents under another group's booth?

  • Yes. Only the group owning the booth will be required to submit an exhibitor's application.

Q. Can I use a nickname in the Representative Name field?

  • Yes.

Q. Can I participate without VR equipment?

  • No VR equipment is required to participate in Virtual Market 3.

Q. Can I display products with limited stock / outsourced contents?

  • One-off commissioned custom models can be displayed.
  • Products with limited stock can be displayed as well.
  • Please clearly label products that are custom made or have limited stock for best effect.

Q. What is the group icon for?

  • The group icon will be displayed on the exhibitors' catalog at a later date.
  • In addition, the group icon can be changed even after the exhibitor application deadline.

Q. Multiple group participation?

  • The multiple group participation option is for exhibitors consisting of multiple groups looking to rent one booth space.

  • The 2 groups option will come with one double sized booth space (8mx4mx5m) and the 4 groups option comes with a quadruple sized booth space (16mx4mx5m).
    Refer to [D'. Joint Booths] for rules and details.
    ※Joint booths only comes in 2 and 4 group options.

  • Applying for a joint booth

    1. Each group participating in a joint booth will have to submit an application through the application forms so that each group will have their icons and names recorded.
    2. Fill in the joint group name and group names for each participating group in the joint booth. Please ensure that the joint group name and participating group names matches up with the other groups' application forms. ※Each participating group will have to fill in the joint group name and participating group names in their own application. The details can be edited in [My Page] even after submitting the application.

Joint2 Joint4

Q. When should the displayed products be released for sale?

  • Exhibitors have full control over the release date for all products on exhibit.
  • Products that are already released pre Virtual Market 3 are also welcome for display during Virtual Market 3.

Other questions

  • Have other questions? Feel free to send us a message on Virtual Market's official site.
  • Feel free to use either the live chat or the contact form to get in touch!

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