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(2009/10/20) Japanese Style Noodles として再発見



Feb. 4 Fiery female stalker seeks to spark flame of love


Jul. 31 Fans bonk to the music festival beat
Jul. 30 High school hookers use crafty cameras to turn new tricks
Jul. 29 Girls gush over pleasures of new age bathroom relief
Jul. 28 English odor lingers long after Beckham blows town
Jul. 27 Young petals deflowered in not-so-innocent age
Jul. 26 Big bedwetters left high and dry in diapers
Jul. 25 Stinky old farts fight their own stench
Jul. 24 Japan jerking off over pseudo pedo-porno
Jul. 23 Guys in nylons tell knockers: 'hands off our hose'
Jul. 22 Divorce courts declare 'this is a man's world'



Jun. 26 Teachers crying foul over unhygienic kids
Jun. 16 The disciplined world of Japan's new Miss Universe
Jun. 7 Random rump ripper leaves unkindest cut of all
Jun. 2 Stewardess learns the hard way that flashing the flesh can result in digital disgrace


Jul. 19 Come hell or high water, noodle fans get their fix with canned ramen


Aug. 31 Preserve Japan's tacky shag shacks as World Heritage sites, says love hotel aficionado
Aug. 28 Testicles and tentacles: Seamen show their derring-do by doing denizens of the deep
Aug. 20 24-hour Paradise TV porn spree lets viewers get their rocks off for a better cause
Aug. 18 Japanese experiment with laid-back living abroad
Aug. 17 Zen and the art of sex guidebooks
Aug. 16 Booze and flattery: The dark art of getting her to give it up on a first date
Aug. 13 Gals refresh body and soul by 'recycling sex' with old beaus
Aug. 10 The salaryman and the sloth -- where opposites attract
Aug. 8 Abe's election nightmare blamed on putting pampered pooch ahead of public
Aug. 4 Manga heroines 'Mountain Woman' and 'Wall Woman' help boob tube live up to its name
Aug. 3 Takumi's Virtual Hole offers a glimpse into Japan's adult toy land



Oct. 31 Ganguro, Goth gals come together to close dark past with 'Sweet Lolita' trend
Oct. 30 Nose hairs, bad breath ... porn queen fingers filthy turn-offs
Oct. 29 Adult-aid maker creates tool to give evolution a helping hand
Oct. 28 Tabloid Tidbits: Love doll photo contest a Dutch wife treat
Oct. 27 The 'Sleeping Dragon' next door wakes up with a woody
Oct. 26 Foreigners on deportation row launch hunger strike over bugged grub
Oct. 25 Rappers keep the kamikaze spirit alive
Oct. 24 Wanton wives and gagging girlfriends stay leg-loose and panty-free
Oct. 23 Beauty is in the buzzed beholder of Snow White and the 7 Tulip rotors
Oct. 22 Panty sellers roll in the cash by rolling off their soiled skimpies in disabled toilets
Oct. 21 Tabloid Tidbits: Torched teen a sad sign of Okinawa's booming underage boom-boom biz
Oct. 20 Ditzy Edo damsels delighted in diddling with dildos
Oct. 19 Burgeoning embalming biz caters for modern day mummies
Oct. 18 'Quickfire Koizumi' still premier of premature pervert pronouncements
Oct. 17 Stressed-out Japanese too busy to sleep
Oct. 16 Pedophile principal the ultimate pro in luring prey for perverted pics
Oct. 15 The Japanese Kama Sutra: Forty-eight ways to bruise your lover
Oct. 14 Tabloid tidbits: Criminally inclined cops creep out crime-concerned capital's citizens
Oct. 13 Bouncy bus beauties ensure enjoyable excursions culminate in a carefree climax
Oct. 12 They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway, they say there's geekdom in the air
Oct. 11 Can't afford to get a divorce? Lend an ear to bank's 'Re Life Plan'
Oct. 10 Religious freedom rings death knell for Japan's rice-paddy Christians
Oct. 9 Duped lonely hearts claim their pink cherries never blossom
Oct. 8 Jeepers creepers, your love hotel might be crawling with peepers
Oct. 7 Tabloid Tidbits: Salarymen struggle as new law menaces gaijin nightspots
Oct. 6 Impressive info on intrepid instructors who initiate illicit intercourse
Oct. 5 Ladies, the J-guys have spoken: One night stands are out, facials are in
Oct. 4 After failing honesty test, NOVA tightens the screws on teachers
Oct. 3 Italy's kimono-draped virgin church prays for an immaculate concept
Oct. 2 'Paris Cannibal' Sagawa still hungers for attention
Oct. 1 Humanoid toy makes quantum leap for robotics: Artificial Indolence


Nov. 30 Gunma gourmands unveil the serendipity sandwich: Natto, coffee jelly and cream
Nov. 29 Salarymen wise up with 'amazing' smart drugs
Nov. 28 Burning desire for revenge? 'The Avenger' passes the acid test
Nov. 27 Fortune favors those with red bloated genitals on a 'treasure boat' sprinkled with gold
Nov. 26 Japan's grey public housing monsters: Sexy? Evil? Or just plain ugly?
Nov. 25 Tabloid Tidbits: Predators extorting sex from schoolgirls lured into cell-phone porn
Nov. 24 Hair down there: obsessed beaver buffs brush up on a bushy subject
Nov. 23 All aboard the flower train for a taste of Japan's vintage erotica
Nov. 22 All's fair in love, war, and the vending machine game
Nov. 21 Pedophile nerd gets hard lesson on not stiffing teen hookers
Nov. 20 Smile! You're on waaay too candid a camera!
Nov. 19 Japanese firms gone barking mad? Employees offered 'pet perks'
Nov. 18 Tabloid Tidbits: Close encounters over Tokyo beer factory
Nov. 17 'ER,' 'Chicago Hope' can't hold a stethoscope to Heisei's hubba-hubba hospitals
Nov. 16 From soup to stardom: A professional pornster's life in the jizz biz
Nov. 15 Prisoners scream for deviate doctor to pull his finger(s!) out over anal antics
Nov. 14 Deep breathing and the art of giving the pipe a good blow
Nov. 13 Japan turns to big, bold Buddha, Kinki Kids to set the (loopy) record straight!
Nov. 12 Deck the boss in cosplay folly for a good old Christmas roast
Nov. 11 Bubble pops on erotic bathhouse for ladies
Nov. 10 Oh-la-la! Lovers of yore no strangers to soixante-neuf, says sex savant
Nov. 9 Rotten SOD stoops to dirty tricks to pull off porn prizes
Nov. 8 Lord of the 'latex lovelies' blows load of cash on airheaded amour
Nov. 7 As online panty recycle biz blooms, traditional trade hits the skids
Nov. 6 From blow-up dolls to invisible fiances, fantasy weddings no match made in heaven
Nov. 5 Wanted: Talented mosaic artist with a flair for the flange
Nov. 4 Tabloid Tidbits: How the morning glory tells a story
Nov. 3 Offbeat 'panty bar' offers uninhibited lust with the improper stranger
Nov. 2 Bring NOVA back from the brink -- or the bunny gets it
Nov. 1 Friendless fascists pay high price to be Mr Right


Dec. 31 Fukui bigwigs reckon it's not about performance, it's whether you get the crabs
Dec. 30 Tabloid Tidbits: Sake maker proposes drinking to your health
Dec. 29 Depraved deri-heru delights for ringing in the year with a bawdy bang
Dec. 28 Golden arches lose their glitter as employees expose McDonald's greasing the labor laws
Dec. 27 Sponsors stomach ad nausea stirred up by salacious slots on boob tube
Dec. 26 Popular personality presents prizes for '07's most improper puns
Dec. 25 Private dicks help old flames reignite smoldering desire
Dec. 24 Teacher outs own student-centric kiddy porn stash after blackmail threats
Dec. 23 Tabloid Tidbits: Imposter otaku put untimely end to maid taxis for disabled
Dec. 22 All aboard! Brazenly bawdy exhibitionists engage in early-morning rail romps
Dec. 21 Sozzled salarymen bust out Engrish Enka to score karaoke style points
Dec. 20 It might take two to tango, but only one to Tenga
Dec. 19 Present-hunting parents say domo arigato, Mr. Airboto
Dec. 18 Looking for toasty tootsies on the cheap? Try the humble hot water bottle
Dec. 17 What's that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster Mom?
Dec. 16 Tabloid Tidbits: Old dog's new trick saves senile granny's life, cops mutt-er thanks
Dec. 15 Reporter reveals raunchy rip-offs rampant in sleazy Shimbashi
Dec. 14 Hanryu boom on the way out, a crush of Korean call girls on the way in
Dec. 13 Skittled bowling world turns to sexy schoolgirl spinner to strike up revival
Dec. 12 Christian missionary spreads the word ... and legs of 14-year-old girl
Dec. 11 Foreigners' Home Sweet 'Homi' greeted by local cold shoulder
Dec. 10 One molested workforce, one education empire... one Nazi pervert leader
Dec. 9 Tabloid Tidbits: Kiddy knicker fetishist 'friendly', according to neighbours
Dec. 8 Magazines appealing to flaky 'sukatoro' fetishists fulfill a fascination for feces
Dec. 7 Idol curiosity has cybernetic songstress striking a chord
Dec. 6 Cops pull plug on cabaret club serving pee on the rocks, plates of pubes
Dec. 5 School libraries get textbooks that give the A to Z of AV
Dec. 4 Little Pebbles cultists smother on the yoghurt in bizarre 'bam bam' ritual
Dec. 3 Frisky filmmaker zooms in on Japan's 'palaces of hidden treasures'
Dec. 2 Tabloid Tidbits: Bungling undie bandit's career hits the skids
Dec. 1 Our Gang comedy: yakuza toughs take in Kyoto's ancient traditions


Jan. 31 Wanton women cry that men jerk their shot and miss the real target
Jan. 30 Perverted psychic pinched for slipping healing hands into the 'honey pot'
Jan. 29 Japanese women are sexually sick as they come
Jan. 28 Tied-up toys the latest accessory for submissive cellphones
Jan. 27 Tabloid Tidbits: Schoolgirl sex sellers use codes for carnality
Jan. 26 Fetid conditions may make summer Olympics a springboard for spreading sickness
Jan. 25 Molestation junkie confesses to a career of chikan-ery
Jan. 24 Perverted driving instructor's private lessons made up of parking own 'hot rod'
Jan. 23 Inside tips to avoid being screwed by teens turning tricks
Jan. 22 Strange condition has Japanese seniors hearing bells -- wedding bells, that is
Jan. 21 Something fishy between the sheets as women make like tuna to get men down the aisle
Jan. 20 Tabloid Tidbits: Cruddy crooning raises risk of contracting 'karaoke tumors'
Jan. 19 As petrol prices push upward, papa-sans' play purchases poised to plummet!
Jan. 18 Sexlessness and sedentary urination both sad signs of modern times, says shrink
Jan. 17 Mighty maggots face gross gangrene in medicine's clash of the creepy
Jan. 16 Men's 'sexually harassing' hairy chests get under gals' skin
Jan. 15 'Lolicon' lovers out of luck as cops put the clamps on schoolgirl smut biz
Jan. 14 Despite Kabukicho's sex trade going limp, love hotels start 2008 with a bang
Jan. 13 Tabloid Tidbits: Priests getting a yen to pursue profitable side-businesses
Jan. 12 Tortured by temptation, turned-on teacher traps untainted teen
Jan. 11 Aged 18-20? Been sexually abused by a parent? Not our problem, say Japanese authorities
Jan. 10 Mules, fraudsters and hitmen for hire just a click away in Japan's online underworld
Jan. 9 Campus Confidential: Co-eds collect currency conducting extracurricular coitus
Jan. 8 Wayward woodwind teacher arrested for showing schoolgirls how to blow
Jan. 7 Kiddy fiddlers quivering after teacher's arrest blows lid on Hokkaido child porn biz
Jan. 6 Tabloid Tidbits: Shoplifting 'seafood samurai' attacks security guard with crab
Jan. 5 Bronzed babes in bikinis bare bulging biceps in battle of the body builders
Jan. 4 Brutal rapist and murderer the alleged flip side of Saitama family man
Jan. 3 Cops go to work on oldest profession in the world
Jan. 2 Doll's diddling in dentist's chair keeps male patients coming back for more
Jan. 1 Pornographers plead to police: Don't be a stick flick in the mud!


Feb. 14 Sweets for your sweetheart? How about sweet FA!
Feb. 13 Persimmon pip puking playoff proves fruity idea nothing to spit at!
Feb. 12 Education, Osaka-style: Sneaky love hotel sets up shop next to school
Feb. 11 Former hikikomori uses karate to beat the life into other social recluses
Feb. 10 Tabloid Tidbits: Saucy salaryman's carnal cache an environmental eyesore
Feb. 9 Don't risk rubbing your gal the wrong way with second-rate sex toys from China
Feb. 8 Bushido craze makes samurai style the talk of the town
Feb. 7 Tantrum teacher shows noisy kids the value of a good depantsing
Feb. 6 TV newscaster's indecent exposure not just a flash in the pan
Feb. 5 She-male flicks peel off perverted packaging, provide professional polish
Feb. 4 'Mobile phone sommelier' latest symptom of Japan's quirky qualification craze
Feb. 3 Tabloid Tidbits: Midnight posterior pain a sign of severe stress
Feb. 2 Forlorn female physician, naughty nurse, minister to patients with tender, loving lust
Feb. 1 Faustian swimsuit gives Japanese swimmers the edge while revealing the points



May. 15 Naughty schoolgirls serve up 'espressos' to go at 'encounter cafes'
May. 14 Secret sex services in Japan's gadget land? Nerd is the word!
May. 10 Female writer handed all the worst assignments but finally gets ahead (or at least gets head)





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