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This is a web site for Corazones de Cristal Company - a players' community in the Japanese version of the MMO game "Uncharted Waters Online."
We are based in Seville, Spain on Eos Server.

About us

  • Our company was founded in 2009, 4 years after the Japanese version of UWO started its service.
  • As of Aug 2018, we have about 20 players in our company. As each player usually owns more than one characters, the total number of characters registered in our company is about 40.
  • This website is run by several members of the company. This English page was created by Rioja.


Currently playing UWO?

  • If you play the Japanese version, let's be friends in the game! Please speak to me (Rioja) next time when you log onto the game :)
  • If you play the English version, I'm sorry I can't meet your character in the game but leave us a message (just to say hi or ask questions or exchange info) in the comment space below :)
  • If you run a company/UWO-related community or have a website, we can paste your link here :)

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