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日本語訳はSFPS Ver.3.30同梱の日本語化MODによる。

personal note

who am I

damn it,it's all a haze now
I remember a car they drove me somewhere for a long time and my whole body hurt there was darkness
what happened before that? I've there was darkness I've no idea
so confused now this fat guy calls me the marked one.
probably because of the strange tattoo on my arm.
and then there's this weird mission to kill some guy called strelok on my PDA... is it even my PDA?
Looking at strelok's photo I'm not even sure if I knew him or not... Damit! It's all like a bad dream you can't wake up from!
what to do? where to go? And worst of all. Who am I? OK,OK, calm down, control yourself, The first thing I'll have to do is do some jobs for this sidorovich.
He claims to have saved my life after all...
That shouldn't be too bad I'll take a walk,
calm down my self and perhaps my head will be clearer.


トラックに乗せられて… 何処からか長い時間、走ってた気がする。 
乗せられる前は何してたんだ? とにかく何も覚えていない。
それと、「Strelok を殺せ」と PDA に書かれていた… 
そもそも俺の PDA なのか? 
Strelok の写ってる写真を見たが、そもそも、こいつを知ってるのかどうかすら解らん! 
畜生! 悪夢から醒めないみたいだぜ! どうすりゃ良いんだ? 何処へ行けば良いんだ? 
一番クソッタレだが、俺は誰なんだ? 少し落ち着こう、冷静にな。
まず、この Sidorovich とかいう奴の簡単な仕事とやらを片付けよう。

First impressions

well,well... Got some fresh air, saw the local wildlife... interestingly I seem to remember some of
it already , but it's all in haze... had a chance to try the local "amusement" called anomalies...
Judging by the fact that i survived I've probably
come across them before, but my brain stubbornly
refuses to remember... sidorovich is one clever
bastard - he knows he can use me almost for free
and that's exactly what he wants to do. still,
maybe he'll help me find this bloody strelok
fella,,, he's my only connection with my past.


ふーむ…… 少し外の空気を吸いに行って、動物やらを見たんだが…… 
Sidorovich は、頭の良い野郎だ―― 奴は、俺をタダ同然で使うつもりでいるらしい…、
だが… Sidorovich は、Strelok を探す時に役立つはずだ……
俺にとって Sidorovich だけが、過去の俺との唯一の接点だからな。

The first deep raid

So, I am going on my first deep raid into the Zone.
the target is the Agroprom Research institute.
I need to recover some documents belonging to a military expedition.
Apart from the mission the trader gave me some information about an area to the north,
on the way to the Zone's center,
where the "brains boil"... Probably more of a legend than a fact, but since there's clearly
something wrong with my head i probably should take a look at it and talk to some people.
You never know - maybe I've been there before... Also,
the trader told me that strelok discovered a way to get through the area and the traders want to know it.
their reasons are clear - they want to access untouched artifact fields. well, I'm going to help them, I guess.


さて、初めて Zone の深くに潜ってみる事になった。
目的地は、Agroprom 研究施設。軍調査団の書類を回収しなきゃならない。
任務とは関係ないが、トレーダーが Zone 中心に向けて北に続く地域について情報をくれた。
Zone 中心には、"Brains Boil" があるってんだが… 
トレーダーは、Strelok が Zone 中心まで抜ける道を見つけて、

The trader's useful information

Hmm... The trader didn't let me down and I'm grateful to him - he gave me a leg up in my search for strelok.
Apparently a stalker called Fox has shown up nearby and he's asking for help.
Sidorovich thinks Fox might know Strelok.


ふむ… Sidorovich は、俺を失望させなかった。Sidorovich に感謝している。
Sidorovich は、Strelok を探す為の支援をしてくれた。
どうやら Fox と呼ばれる Stalker が現れたらしく助けを求めているらしい。
Sidorovich は、Fox が Strelok を知っているかも知れないと言っていた。

Meeting Fox

I met up with Fox. It's that bad news, good news scenario.
The bad news is that he knows little about strelok. The good news is that his brother called seriy knows more.
It seems Seriy is in a hangar about 2 kilometers North of here, in some dump full of radioactive waste. My task is clear
get there before he leaves.


俺は、Fox と出会った。悪いニュースと良いニュースがある。
悪いニュースは、奴が Strelok に関して少ししか知らなかったという事。
良いニュースは、Seriy って名の奴の兄弟が、もう少し詳しく知っているという事だ。
Seriy は、ここからおよそ 2km 北へ向かった先にある。放射性の廃棄物で一杯のバンカーにいるらしい。
俺がやるべき事は、明白、Seriy が居なくなる前にそこへ行く事だ。

Meeting Seriy

My hopes of learning something about Strelok must be put on hold for a while longer: Seriy sent me to meet a stalker called Mole; who apparently knows the location of Strelok’s secret stash... Not much, but if he’s right, at least I would have something... Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something useful there.

■Seriy に会う

Strelok について何か分かるかも知れないと言う俺の望みは、
Seriy は、俺に Mole という Stalker に会えと言った。
どうやら、そいつが Strelok の秘密の隠し場所について知っているらしい。

Meeting Mole

Well, meeting Mole paid off - it seems that the group’s stash really exists and it’s located in the catacombs below the Institute... I’ll have to go there. I don’t know what I’ll find there... but I hope this stash helps me solve my own mystery...

■Mole に会う

Institute の地下の墓地にあるらしい…。
そこに何があるか分からないが、 行かなければならないだろう…。

Strelok's stash

Well, it seems that the stash gave me a new direction to follow. I found a flash drive with what appears to be a diary used by Strelok’s group. Despite the few entries, I could work out that the group had two other members; Ghost and Fang. The diary also mentioned a "mutual friend" but I don’t know whether he was part of the group. He definitely helped them out, that’s for sure. According to Ghost’s entry, Fang died when they were ambushed. So, at last, I have something solid: the name of someone who definitely knows Strelok - Ghost. As for Strelok himself, he may be somewhere in the North of the Zone.

■Strelok の Stash

Strelok のグループが日記として使っていたらしいフラッシュドライブを発見した。
そのグループは他に2人のメンバーが居たことが分かった。Ghost と Fang だ。
その友人とやらがこのグループの一員だったのか どうかまでは分からない。
ただ、そいつがグループを助けていた事は、 間違いないだろう。
Ghost の記述によれば Fang は、 待ち伏せを食らった時に死亡したらしい。
とりあえず、確かな事がある。 Strelok について確実に知っている人間の名前は、 Ghost って事だ。
奴は、恐らく Zone 北部の何処かに居るだろう。

Military documents

I looked through the documents found at the Institute. It appears that the Institute was used as a front for an unofficial lab called X18 in the years preceding the accident. This lab hosted a number of very usual experiments; its location is not clear from the documents and the military don’t seem to know anything about it either. Well, well... the plot thickens... But perhaps, this is the starting point which the traders need. Now I have to travel further North to a trader known as the Barkeep.


X18 研究所という非公式の研究所が隠れ蓑として使われていたらしい。
なるほど… 話の筋がややこしくなって来た。
今の所は遥か北にいる、Barkeep と呼ばれるトレーダーの所へ向わなければならない。



Barkeep に会った。
彼は研究所で奪った文書に目を通した。通称 Dark Valley と呼ばれる場所に X18 研究所があるという。
以前 Duty の偵察隊をそこの地下金庫室に送ったが、全員行方不明との事だ。
近くに基地を設けている Bandit に捕らわれたんじゃないかと Barkeep は睨んでいる。
もしそれが本当なら、Duty の者達が発見した物全ては、Bandit のリーダー、Borov の手に渡ってしまっただろう。
Barkeep は、俺に用心しろと言うが… 地下金庫室について俺に全てを語っていないのは明白だ。
まず第一に、Borov を尋ねて奴に償いをしてもらい、もし可能なら、なんらかの話を聞けるかも知れない。

Lab X18

Hell... Lab X18 wasn’t fun... and its current residents... I didn’t think things like that existed. I found some documents... I didn’t understand much of what was written in there except that they contained thechnical specifications for some components for Kaimanov emitters. What’s interesting is that the parts were destined for another lab with the codename X16 and it’s probably a secret one too.

■X18 研究所

最悪だ… X18 研究所は、酷かった… 
しかも、あの中にいた奴等… あんなのがこの世に存在するなんて思いもしなかった。
Kaimonov 放射器のいくつかの部品に関する技術的な仕様が書かれていること以外、
興味深かったのは、部品は X16 という他の研究所に送られる事になっていた事だ。

A strange dream

I had a strange dream. The colossal Chernobyl power plant emerges in the twilight. Everything looks peaceful. A lonely man appears. I see him from behind against the background of the plant. The wind starts to blow. Suddenly hordes of rats begin to skitter away from the station in all directions. The man, with his back still turned to me, shoots at the rats. There is an abrupt scream; "Strelok!". the man shudders, freezes for a moment, then starts to turn slowly in my direction, but... just an instant before I am to get a glance at his face, I wake up. What does this dream mean? I don’t know, but I think it’s something I have seen before.


だが… あともう少しでそいつの顔を見られる、という所で目が覚めてしまった。
あの夢はどういう意味だったんだ? 解らない。

So the Brain Scorcher is man-made?

Hmm... The traders have dug up a lot of information about these laboratories. The Barkeep wasn't surprised to find out about the emitters and X16. Now he's convinced that the Brain Scorcher is man-made. He thinks that Lab X16 is near the scientists' camp by Lake Yantar. It's interesting that they are studying emissions that resemble the effects of the Scorcher. So now I must pay a visit to the Zone's scientific community.

■Brain Scorcher は人の造りしモノなのか?

ふーむ… トレーダーは研究所についての多くの事実をつかんだ様だ。
X16 研究所とエミッターのそれを知っても、Barkeep は驚いたそぶりを見せない。
今や彼は Brain Scorcher が人の手によるものだと確信している。
X16 研究所は、Yantar 湖の科学者キャンプの辺りにあると彼は考えている。
面白い、Scorcher 効果に似た放射を研究しているとはね。
さて、俺は Zone の科学界へと訪問してみようか。

One step away form Ghost

So, here I am just one step away from one of Strelok's men. Ghost went to the underground Lab X16 with one of the scientists. There is only one "but" - I'm not likely to find him alive. The scientists was coming back from there alone and was killed when approaching the camp. The scientists gave me some kind of device to protect me against these obscure emissions. I hope it works. They want me to get inside and unplug the emitter - then they will be able to study it on site. God help me.

■Ghost から一歩遠ざかる

さて、俺は Strelok 一派の1人から1歩遠ざかってしまった。
Ghost は、1人の科学者と共に X16 研究所の地下に行った。
答えは1つだが「しかし」 ― 俺は生きている彼に出会えそうも無い。

One more puzzle

I'm shocked! Ghost is the same person as the man on the photo from the file attached to the mission to kill Strelok. I'm thoroughly confused. There must have been some mistake. But who made the mistake? There is no answer yet. From Ghost's records I learned the name of their "mutual acquaintance" - the fourth man in Strelok's group - Doctor. He has been helping the group for a long time playing the role of their "headquarters". He can be found through a stalker by the name of Guide, who frequents Cordon. Alright, Guide, just don't go dying all of a sudden... before we meet. On Ghost's dead body, I also found documents regarding the "Psi-Brain" mechanism. The whole neighbourhood was under the influence of that piece of trash - it zombified everyone who came within range. I learned that there is another mechanism in Lab X19, and that's what is likely to be the Brain Scorcher. I also learned that these mechanisms are not always operating at full strength. There are periods when the power is lowered to cool down the apparatus.


Ghost は、「Strelok を殺せ」任務にある写真ファイルの男と同一人物だ。
俺は、すっかり混乱している… 何らかの間違いがあったに違いない。
だが、一体誰が間違いを犯した? その答えはまだ無い。
Ghost の記録から、俺は彼等の「お互いの知人」、Strelok 一派の4人目の男、Doctor の名を知った。
彼の事は、Cordon によく行く Guide という名の Stalker を通じて見つける事が出来るだろう。
また、Ghost の死体から、「Psi-Brain」装置に関する書類を見つけた。
その辺一帯が、そのクズの影響下にあった… それは範囲内の全員をゾンビ化した。
俺は、別の装置が X19 研究所にあるのを知った。そして、それは Brain Scorcher ではないだろうかと推測する。

The second dream

After turning off that horrible "brain in a tube" I fell unconscious. The pressure of the last few days must have taken it's toll. While I was out, I had a dream... a photograph. A gray-haired man is holding it in his hands and a huge dog is at his feet. The man is looking at the distance, but around him there is only a swamp; the landscape doesn't look at all like what's on the photo. In the fog I can see the silhouette of someone walking away. The man is talking to himself: "If it's so important, why didn't you tell me what this place is and where you got the photo"...then... on the side I see a smiling young man standing on the threshold of the cabin, who says cheerfully: "If only you knew where I was and what I saw there!" He extends his arm holding a marvellous device which lights up the whole cabin. The dog starts to growl and squeezes into a corner; the gray-haired man mumbles: "Some day these games will spell trouble for you."... flash... the same young man with his face covered in blood stumbles inside the cabin door and falls... Lightning flashed in the sky, heavy rain is pouring down... flash... The cabin bed with the young man covered in bandages. He is unconscious; the gray-haired man mumbles: "Hang in there, son". Some personal things are piled in a corner and among them there is that strange photo ...flash... the photo is now in the hands of the gray-haired man. The young man, now with scars on his face, is about to leave. The gray-haired man asks him: "Where are you off to now?" The gloomy answer follows: "The North" ... flash... then I woke up.


 そして… 小屋の入り口に立つ青年を俺は見る。彼は快活にこう言う:
 閃光… その青年が血まみれの顔で小屋に入ってきて、扉でつまずいて倒れた… 
 閃光… 包帯で巻かれた若者が小屋のベッドに横たわる、彼は意識がないようだ。
 閃光… その写真が白髪の男の手にあった。今や顔に傷跡が残る青年が立ち去ろうとしている。

After meeting with the Psycho

Well, I am ready to go to the Scorcher. I found out from Crazy the times when the emission levels decrease. He also told me about a safe place where I can wait for these periods. My psi-protection won't work at other times, anyway. I'll have to find a way into the underground bunker of Lab X19. Inside I should find the controls for the Brain Scorcher antennae.

■Psycho に会った後

さて、俺は Scorcher まで行く準備が出来た。
俺は、放出レベルが減少するタイミングを、Crazy の話から見い出した。
俺は X19 の地下施設に入る道筋を見つけ出さねばならない。
その中で俺は Brain Scorcher のアンテナ制御装置を見つけねば。


Guide said Doctor thinks he's being followed and will stay at Strelok's old hideout. Well, I guess I'll have to pay him a visit there.


Guide が言うには、Doctor は後を追われていて、
Strelok の古い隠れ家にいるだろうと言う事だ。さて、彼を訪ねに行こうか。

The Scorcher is done with

I turned off the Scorcher. For some reason, I lost consciousness just as I did it. Then, I had a dream: I saw again the massive Chernobyl power plant and the sarcophagus. Then a flash. The shining Monolith inside the sarcophagus. I understand that it is the [[Wish Granter|Wish-Granting Machine. A stalker, exhausted and in rags, reaches feebly out to it... a bright flash and i see a fragment of the first dream... A man stands with his back to me and keeps shooting. Someone shouts, "Strelok!". The man shudders, freezes for a moment and then starts to turn slowly... but the pictures slide past, as if a film was played backwards, and I see how he uses his weapon to force the rats back into the station... I realise that I was there. I must go to the Monolith.

■Scorcher の終わり

私は Scorcher のスイッチを切った。
 疲れ切ったボロボロの Stalker は、弱々しく手を伸ばす…
 私を背中に抱えてながら撃ち続ける男、そいつは叫んだ、"Strelok!" と。

Pripyat stash

The stash contained a short report on how Fang and I infiltrated the underground galleries under the station sarcophagus and found a suspicious-looking door. Fang said that he'd put together a decoder for the electronic lock for our next visit. After that we had to run for our lives. There was hordes of Monolith patrols there. Well, I also found the decoder in the stash and directions for finding the door. However, it seems that approaching the Monolith is extremely dangerous - last time we avoided going under the sarcophagus above the destroyed reactor and it seems that's where the Monolith is.

■Pripyat の隠れ家

隠れ家には、俺と Fang がどうやって石棺へ通じる地下回廊に潜入したか、
Fang は、次回来る時に電子ロック解除機を使ってこの扉の暗号を解除しようと言った。
その後、俺達は死ぬ思いで逃げ回る羽目になった。Monolith のパトロール隊の大群に出くわしたのだ。

カットされた? personal note

何らかの理由でカットされたpersonal note。

The legend of the wish-granting machine

A bit of the local folklore I picked up: Legend has it there is a wish-granting machine deep inside the Zone... The exact location is unknown but it's somewhere in the center. Apparently, all you need to do is get to it and... all of a sudden your life becomes much, much easier. Hmm... How about finding it and saying "I want to remember everything about my past!" Then again, I wouldn't want to waste a wish - what if I remembered everything and it turns out I am a complete bastard? Wouldn't that be a bummer. I wonder how many wishes it grants.


Zone の奥深くには、どんな願いも叶えてくれる機械があるという伝説がある…
そこに行きさえすれば… その瞬間から残りの人生は本当に、何の憂いもなく、苦労なく過ごせる! って事だよな。
うーん… そいつを見つけて、「自分の過去についてどんな事でも思い出したい!」なんて言ってみるのはどうだ?


Meeting with the Doctor

I don't know what to say..Should I be happy or sad? I found out that I am the Shooter. A Shooter who lost his memory in one of the last passages leading to the center of the Zone. A Shooter who lost all of his friends except for the Doctor. A Shooter who found out something that made him be followed. What did I find out? Next question. The Doctor managed to save the key and the location of the secret stash of our group at Pripyat. It's located in one of the rooms of the old hotel in the center. He says that there must be something there that will shed some light on the "Granter of Wishes" or Monolith. He knows only one thing: after the second to last scouting expedition to the Cherbobyl NPP I kept on saying that there's something shady with Monolith. Well Monolith, we're going to try and deal with you. Who are you and what are you?

■Doctor との会談

何と言って良いか… 俺は悲しいのか、それとも幸福なのか?
俺は、俺が Shooter である事を知った。最後に Zone 中央に向かい、記憶を失った Shooter の一人。
Doctor 以外の、全ての友人を失った Shooter。
彼を衝動に駆る、何かを見つけた Shooter。
次の疑問だ。Doctor はなんとか Pripyat にある、俺達のグループの秘密の隠し場所の位置と、
彼が知るのはたった一つ:最後の二度目の偵察にチェルノブイリ NPP へ行った後、
ああ、モノリス、俺達はお前達を相手にする必要がある、お前達は誰だ? そしていったい何なんだ?

なお、SFPS Ver.3.30同梱の日本語化MODでは、このノートのタイトルは「医者との会談」となっているが、
俺は、俺が Strelok である事を知った。最後に Zone 中央に向かい、記憶を失った Stalker の一人。
Doctor 以外の、全ての友人を失った Stalker。
彼を衝動に駆る、何かを見つけた Stalker。

Turn off the Monolith

I am only a step away from the people who created this damn network of psi-units all over the Zone. The Monolith is just another zombifier it seems, with the exception that someone took the care to install a hologram in the shape of a huge crystal inside the sarcophagus. When the "lucky" ones approach it, it messes up their brains. Maybe it even makes them believe that their wishes have come true, who knows? Have I been affected by this shit before? I'm not sure, but whoever is behind this will soon be answering my questions. They even invited me... Well, here I come, you bastards!

■Monolith を“消す”

Zone の至る所に設置されたクサレPSI装置のネットワークを作った連中の所まで、
俺もこいつに以前、頭をやられたのだろうか? それは分からない。
わざわざ俺を招待してくれてる。…さあ、ついに来てやったぜ… このクソったれ野郎!

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