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bmson is a new notechart format, which aims to help authors create notechart easily.
It has many advantages:

Sounds will be automatically sliced by the player.
Authors don’t have to slice their sound files anymore.
This reduces the number of sound files in a package,
allowing for more efficient song loading.

It also allows different kind of slices for different difficulty.

Unlimited number of keysounds (when needed).

For developers, it is easy to parse, because it is a standard JSON format.

Extensible. Custom metadata can be added to JSON.

bmson format

bmson player

bmson tools

bmson files



  • ぺーじをつくりました -- (wosderge) 2015-08-29 01:32:17
  • ちょっとずつつくる、開発者向けなので見やすさは度外視、いろんな国の方が関わってるので基本英語で(と日本語でコメントしている -- ((゜ム゜)) 2015-08-29 20:46:42



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