Procedure for Participation in Tournament

What’s Tournament?

The tournament is an event that each player gathers with their own team and fight for a championship.
However it’s difficult that we actually gather to transmit and receive data, and there are few possibilities that the developer of CHE plans an event to us.
So the tournaments begin under a form that someone of players hold it and that the others participate in it.

How to Transmit and Receive Data?

Fortunately for us, there is an official uploader managed directly by the developer. An organizer looks for participants with this uploader.
Moreover an unofficial uploader is given to us by volunteers.

How to Participate?

When you participate in tournaments, you should CAREFULLY read notes about them.
The following is an example of participation in a tournament.

  • 1. Acquisition of SATLOKE’s Account
You need to acquire previously an SATLOKE’s account before notice of tournaments because a man often gets pressed just before a deadline.
If you access and register, you can use all the SATLOKE’s systems.
In addition you should decide your owner name when you register so as to correspond with your player name used in CHE.
You can always vary your owner name and player name. Please be carefull so as not to forget or lose your ID and password.
Organizer’s Request
We want you to vary a default player name “Player” in order to avoid confusion.
Please name your player name as uniquely as possible.

  • 2.Making Your Team
You must prepare your team conforming to tournament’s regulations.
Please name your OKEs.
Moreover please name your team.
Moreover please register your team’s emblem too. (The ranking table becomes beautiful.)
Moreover please paste an emblem on your OKE as well. (The replay becomes attractive.)
Lastly please set the locked or unlocked of your OKE’s software.

  • 3.Saving Team Data Folder
First, please save your team data the folder for saving in order to copy it into a PC. (In CHE you can.)
Organizer’s Request
We want you to vary a default file name “TEAM + number” in order to avoid confusion.
Please name your file name as uniquely as possible.

  • 4.Upload Team Data onto SATLOKE
After you log in SATLOKE, please upload your team data according to a procedure.
I think it good for you to previously upload your team data when you are busy just before a deadline.

Please refer to the following if you don’t know how to connect PC to PSP or how to upload.
In addition if you attach SATLOKE tags to a template of tournament referring Explanation of SATLOKE tags(sorry, still untranslated),
you can express your policy how you want to deal with your team as owner.

In CHP a state that there is every time a debut man continued over 4 years. A state in CHE is similar to the state, tournaments is heating up due to them.
Participation is more important than winning. It’s not too much to say that participation in tournaments is a main part of this game.

Let’s participate without reserve!