Direciton Order

Set Flying Altitude

Order the OKE to keep its flying altitude.
Invalid for OKEs other than flying-type OKE.

Activate Option

Order the OKE to activate its optional equipment.
Can be activated at any time, no matter what OKE is doing.


Lock-on to the target OKE.
Target lock will continue until a new target is set up.

Auto-Rotate Targ.

Auto-Rotate Targeting.
Turn Auto-Rotate Targeting on or off.

Change Sight Location

Select where to aim to shoot the target.
Target OKE when no weapon is specified or destroyed.

Counter and Lock-On

Lock-on using Counter value.
Lock-on not available when can’t find OKE in search range.

Cancel Lock-On

Cancel lock-on.

Change Camera View.

Change the camera view.


Select the setting for alert sound and display.