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Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes
(mit Eichenlaub I mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern)

The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross {"Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes". often
simply "Ritterkreuz") was Nazi Germany's order and recognized extreme battlefield
bravery or successful military leadership during the Third Reich period.
To qualify for the Knight‘s Cross. a soldier had to already hold the 1939 Iron Cross
First Class. Luftwaffe pilots could qualify for accumulating 20 "points" {with one point
being awarded for shooting down a single-engine plane. two points for a twin-engine
plane.and three for a four-engine plane. with all points being doubled at night}. It was
issued from 1939-45. with the requirements being gradually raised as the war went on.
The Knight's Cross was divided into five grades. excluding the Grand Cross of the
Iron Cross:
Knight's Cross I Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves I Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves
and Swords I Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves. Swords. and Diamonds I Knight's
Cross with Golden Oak Leaves. Swords. and Diamonds.


 騎士鉄十字勲章{"Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes". 略称は "Ritterkreuz")は、ナチス第三帝国で制定された、勇敢な、ないしは優秀なリーダーシップを戦場で発揮した者に送られるものである。騎士十字勲章の希少性維持のため、兵士は1939年制定の一級鉄十字勲章を持たねばならず、空軍パイロットは20点(単発機の撃墜で1点、双発なら2点、四発なら3点、夜間なら二倍)を先に授与されていなければならなかった。1939年から45年にかけて、大戦が進行するにつれて必要な行為が増やされつつ授けられていった。騎士十字勲章は、大鉄十字勲章を除いて5階級に分けられていった:騎士十字勲章、柏葉付騎士十字勲章、柏葉剣付騎士十字勲章、ダイヤモンド柏葉剣付騎士十字勲章、ダイヤモンド黄金柏葉剣付騎士十字勲章である。


Blitzkrieg {"lightning war") is a popular name for an offensive operational-level military
doctrine which involves an initial bombardment followed by the employment of
motorized mobile forces attacking with speed and surprise to prevent an enemy from
implementing a coherent defense. The founding principles of these types of
operations were developed in the 20th century by various nations. and adapted in the
years alter World War I. largely by the German Wehrmacht. to incorporate modern
weapons and vehicles as a method to help avoid the stalemate of trench warfare and
linear warfare in future conflicts. The first practical implementations of these concepts
coupled with modern technology were instituted by the Wehrmacht in the opening
theatres of World War ll.
The strategy was particularly effective to Germany in the invasions of Western Europe
and initial operations in the Soviet Union. These operations were dependent on
surprise penetrations. general enemy unpreparedness and an inability to react swiftly
enough to German offensive operations.

「電撃戦だ」(by トゥルーデ)



Wi I Iys MB / Ford GPW

The Willys MB US Army Jeep was manufactured from 1941 to 1945. The MB, along
with the nearly identical Ford GPW is the iconic World War ll Jeep.
With the advent of the gasoline-powered automobile, the United States Department of
War had been seeking to have a standard reconnaissance and transport vehicle to
replace the usage of horses and other animals during and after World War I. With
heightening tensions around the world, in September 1940, the American Bantam Car
Company, in collaboration with Army officials, proposed and then built what would
become the World War ll Army Jeep, later also known as the Willys MB and Ford GPW.

Willys MB / Ford GPW

米陸軍 Willys MB ジープは、1941年から1945年にかけて生産された。MB― Ford GPWとよく似た―は第2次大戦の象徴的なジープだった(訳注:当時ジープは多様なメーカーによって多くの種類が作られていた)。
世界中で緊張が高まるにつれ、1941年10月、American Bentam Car Companyは陸軍と共同開発を提案し、第2次大戦の開始後にジープを生産し始めた。後にはこれはWillys MBやFord GPWとしても知られるようになる。


Erica stealing Francesca’s panties
(The "Hat event")

March 1944, Erich Hartmann, Gerd Barkhorn, Walter Krupinski and Johannes Wiese
were summoned to Berchtesgaden, Barkhorn to get his Swords, the other three to
get their Oak Leaves. On the way, the four of them were drinking cognac and
champagne on stomachs that hadn't seen food in two days. Krupinski later said that
they were "holding each other up" when they got there and with all the snow that was
on the ground at that altitude, this group of the Luftwaffe's finest was hardly able to
stand. The first person they saw when they got off the train was Hitler's Luftwaffe
adjutant, Major von Below who was rather shocked at their condition. After all. they
were supposed to meet the Fuhrer in just a couple of hours.
When they arrived at Berchtesgaden Hartmann, who was still "feeling no pain" and
was having some vision problems, couldn't find his hat. "...so I took a hat on a stand
and put it on, and it was too large. I knew it was not mine at that time. Below became
upset and told me it was Hitler's, and to put it back. Everyone was laughing about it
except Below. I made some joke about Hitler having a big head. and that it must 'go
with the job,' which created even more laughter."





Volugrafo Aeromoto 125

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The Aeromoto was a paratroopers motorcycle produced by the Italian company Societa Volugrafo of Turin from 1942 to 1944(the factory was bombedby the ailles in 1944).
The Aermoto was designed to be dropped out of airplanes so that paratroopers of the Folgore Division could get to battne more quickly than on foot.
These mini-bikes were requisitioned by the German army in 1943 and used by the Luftwaffe.
Approximately only 2000 units were made.

Volugrafo Aeromoto 125

Volugrafo Aeromotoはイタリア・トリノのSocieta Volugrafo社によって1942-44年に生産された空挺部隊用バイクである。(その工場は44年に連合軍によって爆破)。


このバイクについて本スレでは当該の空挺部隊用バイクを検討した後、戦後イタリアで作られたMotoGraziella minibikeが妥当ではないか、という流れになっている。
Q.シャーリーの部屋にあったバイクは何?- FAQ/第七話
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