To Visitors from foreign countries(来日された外国人へ)

in the beginning


This website collects various aspects of `anti-Japanese` activities and propaganda in order to recognize Japanese people.
However, we hope that foreign people who visit here may well understand different sorts of problems in Japan.
You will be able to find a lot of valuable facts that China and Korea has been strictly conducting censorship.


We would like you to know whether Japan is/was the 'evil' country or not.

Visitors from China or Korea might have been taught that "Japan is/was an evil country".
This website will help you to understand whether it is true or not.

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■韓国について Korea and Japan

Arabian, Spanish, French, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, English, Korean, Japanese
there is a thing translated, respectively -- please choose, view and listen.

◆朝鮮半島の捏造された歴史 True Korean history

In South Korea and North Korea, the history of a mistake is taught and many people trust it.

◆従軍慰安婦の真実 The fact of Comfort Woman (Sex Slave)

■中国人の方へ For Chinese people:

You must be aware of the realities of China that you can't see in your country.

◆中国の恐ろしい実態を報道しているメディア Frightening realities of China reported by the media

See articles of "大紀元" (an expatriated Chinese media webpage which cannot be seen in China).
''大紀元(Chinese version)''
''The Epoch Time(English version)''
''{大紀元日本(Japanese version)''


The Chinese Government has been commiting not only the invasions of other nations(like Tibet, East Turkistan, South Mongolia, etc.), but also the genocide against its own people.

中国の真実(The Truth of China)

The following recent massacres are directed to Chinese.
These are well known to the outside world...


(1)天安門事件 Tiananmen Square massacre ~数百人から数万人を虐殺 Millions of people were massacred~


(2)法輪功信者に対する残虐行為 Cruelty to Falun Gong practitioners

その他の詳しい虐殺の実態は''中国の虐殺史:Chinese Atorocites in detail''をご覧ください。
If you are interested in the details of the massacres, please look at''Chinese Atorocites in detail''.


We hope that you will be able to tell the information on the website to your families and friends.


During your stay in Japan, we recommend you to learn the facts that your country has been deliberlitely hiding.
Especially, foreign students from China and Korea have a good opportunity to understand the right approaches to deplomacy and domestic policies through this website without deceiving Chinese or Korean Government.


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