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Unlike other companies, Falcom has its own policy that does not disclose individual composer/arranger credits for their music. So in principle, all Falcom songs are simply attributed to "Sound Team jdk", and the real artists are left ambiguous.

However, some credits have come to light through files on game discs, declarations from ex-Falcom staff, leaks, and so on. Based on these sources, the purpose of this wiki is to thoroughly elucidate the remaining soundtracks (Zwei series, Gurumin, Xanadu Next, Trails of Cold Steel IV, Ys IX, etc) and arrange albums (Symphony Ys -21st Century-, Ys Healing, Zwei!! SAV, etc), and provide accurate credits for these.

Since it's only a guess, I can't really provide 100% confirmation. But I've been listening to Falcom music for a very long time, so it should be close to 100%. In fact, I checked my own guesses that I had made in the past against the leaked credits from January 2019, and about a 85% of my guesses (651 out of 791) turned out to be right, proving that the recognition and analysis methods used so far were not wrong. My guesses are based on factors such as the melody, the overall sound, the instruments used, the position of said instruments, the arrangement, the composer’s style/personality, their enrollment status, etc. So it's never a simple guesswork.

It might be useless because we will probably never get an official answer. Regardless, there should be some significance in writing down the thought process. Hopefully these will be answered in the future through some kind of leak. I would also like to help people who are interested in Falcom music from a maniac perspective, just like myself.

日本ファルコムのサウンドチーム(Falcom Sound Team jdk)は伝統的に曲別の作曲者情報を公開しない独自のポリシーを持つ。なので原則的にどの曲も作曲者はSound Team jdkになり「All Music by Falcom Sound Team jdk」という漠然としたクレジット表記になっている。




Falcom Sound Team jdk とは?

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What is Falcom Sound Team jdk?

After Yuzo Koshiro (who succeeded as a composer with Ys I&II and Sorcerian) left the company, Mieko Ishikawa (who debuted with the MSX version of Xanadu) became Falcom's sole composer, and worked alone on Sorcerian's additional scenarios, Star Trader and Ys III.

The first mention of “J.D.K.” appeared in Star Trader, released in March 1989. According to the official book Falcom Music Chronicle, this unit was founded in late 1988, and all activity by Falcom's sound staff since then has been attributed to this new alias. This same unit was rebranded as “Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.” in 1991, in order to distinguish it from “J.D.K. BAND” – a freelance band that specializes in arranging and performing Falcom music. With the release of Revival Xanadu in March 1995, both “J.D.K.” units were renamed to “Falcom Sound Team jdk” and "jdk BAND”. The meaning of “jdk” and the reasons behind its formation are still shrouded in mystery.

Since the formation of the sound team unit, all internal composition and arrangement activities are credited to “Falcom Sound Team jdk”. Its integrants are mentioned during the ending credits, but whoever is in charge of each song is not disclosed at all. In addition, all soundtracks produced prior to the formation of Sound Team jdk (before late-1988) has been retroactively credited as such, including all of Koshiro's Falcom work.

Similarly, “J.D.K. (jdk) BAND” also exists as an unit with the name J.D.K (jdk), but they are essentially a separate group specialized in live performances. The sound team is made up of internal employees, while the band consists of a group of freelance musicians who are not Falcom employees. The songs intended to be performed by jdk BAND are arranged by the band's leader/director.
· The first generation of J.D.K. BAND (1990~1996) was led by Tomohiko Kishimoto. Kishimoto was the band's leader, lead vocalist, lyricist, synthesizer/drum programmer and in charge of all their arrangements, and also performed guitar and bass at times.
· The second generation of jdk BAND (2007~2015) was directed by Yukihiro Jindo, who also composed and arranged music for Falcom as a contractor, along with drummer Toshiharu Okajima and keyboardist Noriyuki Kamikura.
· The third generation (2015~Present) is directed by Mitsuo Singa, who also provides compositions and arrangements for Falcom as a contractor. All performers from the second generation were replaced by newcomers.

Falcom Sound Team jdk rules

  • Handles not only music composition and arrangement, but also everything else related to sound, such as SE production and voice editing as well.

  • Since Falcom is a small company, it is not uncommon for employees to work concurrently in other tasks and duties. Sound Team jdk members are no exception.

  • If an employee isn't enrolled in Falcom when a game is released, their name will be removed from the in-game credits, no matter how many songs they have composed.

  • In recent years, Falcom has often used previously rejected songs made in the past in newer games, including by former composers after they leave.

  • Contractors usually get an "Arrangement" credit on album booklets. Sometimes this is true, but others is not and the "arrangers" are actually "composers".

  • However, ever since Tokyo Xanadu (or more specifically: since Mitsuo Singa appeared), the "Arrangement" (Composition) credit for independent contractors has been lost (except for vocal songs).

(English text provided by Josep. I recommend the "Nihon Falcom (Sound Team J.D.K./jdk) Composer Breakdown Project" created by Josep and others to foreigners.)

「イース」や「ソーサリアン」で作曲者として大成功を収めた古代祐三氏が「イースII」で退社後、ファルコムのサウンドスタッフは「イース」でデビューをした石川三恵子氏ただ一人となる。ソーサリアンの追加シナリオなどで石川氏が一人孤軍奮闘したのち1989年3月発売の「スタートレーダー」のクレジットにて初めて『J.D.K.』の名前が世に出ることになりこのタイトルからサウンドスタッフは全員ひと括りにされチーム制度となる。1991年に曲のアレンジと演奏を専門とする『J.D.K.BAND』の発足を機にそれぞれのチームを区別するため『Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.』へ改名。1995年3月に発売された「リバイバルザナドゥ」以降から『Falcom Sound Team jdk』へさらに改名された。"jdk"の意味、結成した理由などはいまだ謎に包まれたままである。

左からjdkメンバーの萩生田朋克氏, 宇仁菅孝宏氏, 園田隼人氏, 籾山紗希氏 (情報源YouTube)
Voice and sound effects working in June 2013
From left to right, jdk members Mr.Hagiuda, Mr.Unisuga, Mr.Sonoda, Ms.Momiyama

サウンドチームが結成されて以降、ファルコム社内での作編曲は全て『Falcom Sound Team jdk』及び『J.D.K.』の名のもとにおこなわれるようになる。ただしエンディングクレジットなどでそのタイトルに関わったメンバーだけは最低限公表されるが曲別の担当は一切明かされない。またサウンドチーム結成以前の曲でも結成以降に出たタイトルやサウンドトラックなどは全て『Falcom Sound Team jdk』名義に変更されている。

同じくJ.D.K.(jdk)の名を持つチームとして『J.D.K.(jdk)BAND』が存在するが彼らは基本的に演奏を専門とするチームである。『Falcom Sound Team jdk』はファルコム社員で構成されるがバンドチームは社員ではないフリーのミュージシャンの集まりである。演奏をする曲は基本的にバンドチームのリーダーが編曲をおこない初代jdkBANDリーダーでは岸本友彦氏によって様々な編曲がなされライブなどが開かれた。さらに神藤由東大氏をリーダーとする2代目jdkBANDでは編曲だけでなくタイトルによっては作曲もおこなうようになり神藤氏、岡島氏、上倉氏が精力的に活動をした。3代目ではリーダーの真我光生氏のみが作曲をおこなうようになっている。

Falcom Sound Team jdk の慣習

  • 音楽の作編曲だけでなくSE制作、音声編集など音にまつわることはなんでもおこなっている。
  • ファルコムでは音楽スタッフを含めて社員が他の分野の仕事を兼任していることも珍しくない。
  • タイトル発売時にファルコムに在籍していない場合は採用された曲があったとしてもゲーム内のクレジットに載らない。
  • 現行・退社音楽スタッフが過去に作った曲の再利用をおこなっている場合が多い。
  • 外注の音楽スタッフは基本的に編曲としてクレジットされるが本当に編曲のときもあれば実際には作曲を行っていることもある。
  • 東亰ザナドゥ以降、さらに言うと外注の音楽スタッフ真我光生氏が参加し始めて以降は外注スタッフの編曲(作曲)クレジットは歌もの以外載らなくなっている。




よく勘違いされがちですが「Falcom Music Channel」というYouTubeチャンネルは外国人のファルコムファンが運営しているチャンネルです。日本ファルコム公式チャンネルは別にありますのでご注意ください(NihonFalcomSince1981)。
今はファルコム公式によってSpotify(Falcom Sound Team jdk アーティストページ)やAmazon Music、Apple Musicなど各種ストリーミングサービスによって最新のサントラから昔のサントラまでたっぷり音楽が聴ける状況です。なるべくならファルコムにロイヤリティというかたちでお金が入る(と思われる)ストリーミングサービスでお聴きください。

Special Thanks

  • 寅吉 / Josep / Arvin

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web拍手 by FC2

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